Hello there!

My name is Tracy Lynn. And if we were meeting in person I would totally give you a hug. I can be a bit much for some people, and my family will absolutely confirm that.

I don’t usually share my story with someone I have just met in person but I do think it is helpful online. There is something comforting when you know there is a real person behind the words and I am can absolutely confirm without a shadow of a doubt that I am an honest to goodness real person.

Let’s start again….


(Insert awkward overbearing hug here.)

My name is Tracy Lynn, and I am a mom to 4 grown boys and an incredible grandson. I am married to my BFF for just over 30 years now and I am shocked that he still finds me endearing rather than annoying.

I am a city gal gone country and you can find me spending most of my days hanging outside with my goats and chickens.

If you want to learn more about homesteading and simple living, head on over to my other blog called Simple Living Country Gal.

I am also a reformed clutter bug and the author of Declutter in Minutes my little eBook that simplifies decluttering in a way that is changing lives.

I’ve been there. I have totally been where you are right now—functioning in chaos. And trying to dig my way out was, I found, was next to impossible. I tried many different systems but nothing worked.


Because each system believed in a “one size fits all” approach to decluttering. And you and I both know that when you are dealing with clutter a cookie cutter solution is just not going to work.

Trust me on this. I was the queen of clutter. I had so much stuff at one time we paid to keep it in a storage unit just to keep it out of the house.

You read that right, I was PAYING TO STORE MY CLUTTER.

How’s that for dysfunctional?

I also used to stuff my dirty dishes in the oven.

No lie.

Are you seeing a trend here? Out of sight was definitely out of mind.

It took a long time for me to get where you are right now. Ready to change. But when I was ready to make that change, there simply was no help to be found.

After treading water in a turbulent ocean of mess, I finally had to rescue myself because no one else was going to do it.

Since I could not find what I needed, I decided to create it.

And that is how Declutter in Minutes was born.

This is not your mama’s decluttering blog.

Declutter in Minutes is different. It’s not just a site on the internet, it’s an incredible community.

A place where folks just like you go to find a step by step approach to cleaning out, cleaning up, and organizing their home.

It’s all here in one place. No reason to jump around trying to find what you need. I have done that and it takes way too much valuable time.

Decluttering and organizing can be overwhelming.

I am not here to get you started only to let you make the journey alone.

What’s the fun in that?

I am going to tag along cheering you on and lifting you up when you are frustrated and stuck. Decluttering and organizing is a team effort and if you find yourself doing this alone then come on over to Facebook and give me a shout. I will totally be your team. 🙂

How to eat an elephant.

I am sure you have heard the old saying, “What is the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Funny, silly even, but completely true. Especially when it comes to a project like decluttering your home.

Try not to look at the big picture, that can be just a bit terrifying. Instead, focus on just the next 15 minutes. That is how we eat the decluttering elephant. In small and doable 15 minute bites.

Hmmmm, is this a pep talk or an about me page? 

Well, it’s both actually. Sure I can tell you my story of how I was a mess and now I am neat and tidy. How my days were filled with stress and I would eat my way through them rather than own up to my clutter. How at one time I actually forgot one of my kids at the baseball field because not only was my home a mess but I was a mess too. (Yep, totally not kidding there. And yes we did eventually get him back home.)

But what is the fun in that?

I would much rather tell you what you can expect to happen once you dip your toe in the decluttering and organizing waters.

Big, BIG change my new friend!

How to use Declutter in Minutes.

I told you earlier that this site is meant to guide you from cleaning out to cleaning up to organizing things one area at a time. And that is the way I encourage you to travel through this blog.

Start with decluttering. Read the steps that are set up to guide you through the process and work your way slowly and intentionally. Once you have things clutter free head over to the cleaning portion of that same area.

Why clean?

Because it’s easier to clean an emptied (or almost emptied) space and there is no time like the present. Besides a cleaned room holds the promise of a fresh start. And that is what I want for you. A fresh start.

Finally, learn how to set up your neat and tidy space so it functions as a fine old machine. That right there is the trifecta of a clutter-free home.


It really is that easy.

But what if it’s not? What if you need even more help?

Then my membership group might just be for you. You can find out more HERE, but know doors only open the last few days of each month. So check it out and mark your calendar so you don’t miss the next start of class.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome, we are going to have some fun!