Tracy Lynn is the founder of Declutter in Minutes. Through her blog and membership group, she has helped thousands of women learn how to clean out the clutter and organize their way to a home they love and deserve.

Using techniques that help her readers learn how to take large overwhelming projects and break them down into small and actionable steps she is helping folks make progress. Some for the very first time.

She lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania with her Hubby that is near to her children and grandchildren.

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D/M is a great place to promote your product or business. Our site has over 14,000 monthly page views and 14,000 email subscribers.

The readers here at D/M are primarily women ages 35-70. They are interested in getting the help and support they need to remove the mess and organize a home they love to be in.


Tracy Lynn is active on many forms of social media, including Facebook and Pinterest. She is currently working on her YouTube channel which is new but growing quickly.

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“Tracy’s writing is engaging, focused, and easy to read (so important in today’s mobile world). She writes content that anyone would be happy to publish!”
“I was lucky enough to have Tracy guest post on my blog a few months ago. Her steps for my readers were so helpful and engaging that the post drives consistent traffic and gets regular social shares. I absolutely love her writing and am honored to host one of her pieces on my site!”

This blog is solely written and edited by Tracy Lynn and all opinions expressed on this blog are her own. She gives full disclosure on all forms of paid advertising and giveaways.