How to Declutter a Room in a Day

Sometimes it would be so much easier if there was a fast-action way on how to declutter at the snap of our fingers, but unfortunately, there is not. But good news, I still have help to send your way. Simple, quick action tips that will help you to get a room cleaned out and cleaned up fast.

This is my unique approach to how to declutter a room in a day that will help you to get your home guest-ready when you are limited on time. 

How to declutter a room in a day

Before we dive in, let me just say this topic goes against everything I teach here on Declutter in Minutes. Slow and steady is always my approach when it comes to cleaning out a room, but I also totally get it when it might be necessary.

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Out of the blue situations that might pop up needing a full room quick clutter cleanout in record time. Let’s say, for example, your mother-in-law is coming tomorrow for a visit. Yes, that would make it absolutely necessary to get that clutter picked up and put away just as quickly as possible. 

A neat kitchen with bar stools and a clock on the wall

In that case, I have seven clutter quick tips that you can use to get that cluttered room guest-ready in a single day.

How to Declutter a Room in a Day

I hate hard things, don’t you?

The good news is, I have an easy list, not hard at all, and that means you can slide down this list one at a time and make progress in your home.

But before you get started, I want you to do a favor. Don’t look back. Look ahead only. This is day one of a neater, more organized home. And every day, you can take a step towards that goal; you are one step further than you were yesterday.

Progress is progress, and that is something I want you to remember starting today.

Yes letters hung up with clothes pins on a string c

Clutter Quick Tip #1. Do the Three Core Steps

If you are new to this approach, this concept might seem a bit foreign. But get ready to have your world blown.

More often than not, what we think is clutter is just stuff that needs to be put away. If we went into the room that you are looking to clean up, about 90% of all that stuff that may look like clutter is just things that need to be put away.

But wait, how will you know what can be put away? You use our 3-step checklist called the 3 core steps.

Three Core Steps are 3 easy things you can remove without freaking out. Let’s break them down one at a time. 

  • Core Step 1. Remove the trash
  • Core Step 2. Remove the recyclables
  • Core Step 3. Gather up anything that belongs in another room. 

To be fair, step # 3 is probably where you will see the most impact. I like to use my favorite laundry basket for this step. I love this basket because it is small and flexible. Not only is it easy to carry it can hold a vast array of the most random items.

Just what you need for a job like this. 

a clothes basket labeled "put away" full of random items

This one step works so well that I use it throughout the week to keep the clutter down and under control as much as possible.

It takes just a few minutes and can easily be worked into a room reset, making a huge impact with minimal effort. It is what I call my secret clutter-free weapon. Putting things all the way away. 

Wait, what does “all the way away” mean? 

It means putting things back into their home as soon as you are done using them. Let’s see it in action.

  • Instead of putting the dirty glass next to the sink, you put it in the dishwasher. All the way away. 
  • Instead of leaving the remote for the television on the couch, you put it into the holder on the coffee table. All the way away. 
  • Instead of leaving your purse on the kitchen counter, you put it on the hook in the mudroom. All the way away. 

It might just be the easiest way to keep your home looking neater. 

A quote written over a neat and tidy office: What's the secret to a clutter free home? Put your things all the way away.

Action Task: Walk the room and gather up any trash and recyclables. when you are done, walk the room again and gather up anything that belongs in another space. Finally, take those “put away” items and put them where they belong. 

a woman taking out the trash in her kitchen

Clutter Quick Tip #2. Focus on What is Out

Visual clutter can give a bad first impression of an otherwise great and comfortable room. Even if it is supposed to be “out,” it can still give an appearance of a mess. What is the quick fix to this dilemma? Create a landing spot for the things you would rather have out so it is easier for you and your family to use them. 

A few ideas are:

Extra Bathroom Supplies – A basket on the back of a toilet. 

Hats, Gloves, Mittens – A closet door organizer works great to hold these items. 

Vitamins and/or Supplements – A pretty glass tray on a counter works great. 

Mail or School Papers – A shallow basket is a good solution.

Remote Controls – A coffee table bin or organizer.

Bread, Snacks, or Rolls – A bread basket on a kitchen counter. 

Extra Cozy Blankets – Use an oversized basket to toss them in. 

Throw Pillows – A large basket works great to hold them. 

Basket with blankets and pillows near sofa indoors

When you can set up baskets, trays, and even bins to hold things you use daily, it allows you to leave your items out for easier access while eliminating that cluttered look. 

Action Plan: Grab a few baskets to hold the things you want to stay out and put them closest to where you use them. 

Clutter Quick Tip #3. Do a Quick Clean

Let’s face it; dirt is the worst kind of clutter there is. Dust on a table, lint on the couch, crumbs on the floor. It can give a messy feel to a room with just one glance. 

If you want to unclutter a room in a day, cleaning is essential. But don’t worry; now that you have removed most of the stuff lying out, cleaning will be a snap.

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Using gravity on my side makes cleaning a much simpler task. Start high dusting where you can and work your way down to the floor, finishing up with a good sweep or vacuum. 

What can take 20-40 minutes in a cluttered room should take a fraction of that once the clutter is put away and gone. 

Action Task: Clean your clutter-free room by dusting and sweeping for a visual spruce-up. 

woman vacuuming a carpet in a family room in her socks

Clutter Quick Tip #4. Brighten Up Your Room

Now that you have tackled the biggest issues in your room take it one step further and let in the light. Open up the curtains and pull up the blinds. Check the bulbs in your lamps and replace them if needed. Put out a fresh candle or a vase of flowers. Just a few quick things that can make a huge difference in a room. 

Action Task: Brighten up the room and give it a more inviting feel in just a few minutes. 

A woman opening curtains and looking through the window

Clutter Quick Tip #5. Now Keep it That Way

One of the biggest issues when cleaning a room is keeping it free of clutter going forward. If we are not careful, our newly cleaned-out areas may be messed up again in just a few short days. But what can you do to keep that from happening to you? 

” Be sure to always put your things all the way away. “

If you adopt only one new habit in all of this, I hope putting your things away…all the way away…is it.

Each time you do, you will have one less item left out. And the fewer items you have left out, the neater your rooms will be going forward. Every new habit will give you the motivation you need to keep decluttering.

When it comes to decluttering a room in a day, it can be quite a daunting task. But with these five tips, you might find yourself doing what you once thought was impossible. Keep your eye on the goal of keeping your things put away, and you will see your entire home transform before your eyes. 

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