Messy Craft Rooms

If you struggle with messy craft rooms I am here to help. I too once had a horribly messy craft area and struggled for the longest time. I wanted to find a way to keep things neat and put away but it felt impossible.

Today we will talk about an easier way on how to declutter a space that you deserve to have neat and easy to keep that way.

Do you have a craft room that has become a total mess?

Let’s face it, it can be so frustrating when your craft supplies and projects are everywhere except where you need them to be. Spending time looking for things might just be the biggest frustration of an unorganized space.

The good news is you can finally have a space that is organized and a joy to create and craft in. With just a few simple changes, you can turn your messy craft room into a beautiful and productive space.

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Fast Fixes for Messy Craft Rooms

No matter how big of a mess your craft room is there are a few quick things you can do to turn the corner. Turn these tasks into clutter-free habits that you use going forward and you will never be faced with a severely messy and cluttered craft room again.

Step #1. Evaluate the problem.

Knowing where the issue is that is keeping your space messy will help you to create a plan that you can more easily stick to. Go into your room and take a good look around. What are the issues you can see right off?

  • Is it a lack of organization?
  • Too much clutter?
  • Not enough storage?
Woman with question mark on blackboard

Step #2. Make a plan.

Once you know what the problem is, you can begin to make a plan on how to fix it.

  • If you lack organization – different or new organizing containers may help.
  • Too much clutter – getting rid of unnecessary items is your main goal.
  • Not enough storage space – start with adding more storage solutions.

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Step #3. Break it down.

I love the saying, how do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time.

The same is true with a big decluttering and organizing project. Trying to tackle the entire space in one go can keep us stuck, making no progress at all.

By breaking things down into 4 areas, you can then just work on one section at a time and remove the overwhelm that an entire mess room can bring with it.

For a messy craft room, you can break it down into 4 sections using the corners as your guide. Each week put your focus on just one corner working from high to low.

DM Formula on a clipboard with a pen copy that you can use to fix messy craft rooms

Step #4. Take action.

Now it’s time to put your plan into action! This may involve a bit of work, but it will be worth it in the end when you have a neat and tidy craft room.

Choose a section to work in giving yourself 5-7 days as a reasonable timeline.

Set up a sorting area where you can go in and toss things whenever you find a few minutes of time.

Will that help? You might be surprised at how much you can sort through in five minutes. The trick is to be focused and work quickly, being confident in your decisions.

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How do you declutter craft supplies?

As a fellow crafter myself it can be hard to get rid of anything. From a pack of card stock down to a 3-inch long piece of ribbon. You just don’t know when you might need that piece or that scrap, and this turns us into craft supply hoarders.

When you are sorting things keep the supplies you know you will be able to use in a reasonable time frame.

  • Toss any scraps.
  • Donate anything you will not need for upcoming projects.
  • Give away anything you think a fellow crafter may enjoy using.
  • Set up a maybe box for anything you are not sure you are ready to get rid of.
a stack of sticker sheets in a messy pile

Step #5. Organize what is staying.

If you want to know the secret to keep a room from getting cluttered it’s this. Put your things all the way away. And in order to ensure you do just that you want to make it easy. Because the easier it is to put things away the more likely you will be to do it.

Organizers for Craft Room Supplies

Brads, buttons, embellishments – Magnet organizers on a metal board.

magnet containers filled with craft supplies to fix messy craft rooms

Stamps and die cuts and misc supplies- See through shoe boxes.

see through storage containers filled with craft supplies

Ink and stamp pads – Wall organizers

Ribbons – Tension rods or mason jars

a set of mason jars full of ribbons for craft projects

Material – Plastic drawers

fabric in a plastic drawer in a craft room

Buttons – Tackle boxes

buttons in clear containers

Threads – Mason jars

sewing threads in large jars

Current projects – Plastic containers or sleeves

Step #6. Maintain

Once you’ve fixed your messy craft room, it’s important to maintain it so it doesn’t become messy again. This may require setting aside time each week to declutter your craft room and organize, or simply being more mindful of how you use and store your craft supplies.

Whenever you are tempted to drop a tool or supply on the table and go remember the more you put away the less mess you will see the next time you are in your craft room.

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As you can see, there are a few steps involved in decluttering and organizing your craft room. But it is definitely doable! And the results will be worth it. By following these steps and being mindful of how you use and store your supplies, you can keep your craft room tidy and organized.

Say goodbye to messy craft rooms and hello to finished projects!

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  1. This helps, I think I can do it!
    Going one step at a time, one corner a week, is how I will make my space usuable again.
    And while reading your article I reminded myself how unimaginative I am, so why am i hanging onto scraps? I’m very unlikely to create something without instructions.

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