Cheap DIY Home Organization Hacks

If you are looking for Cheap DIY Home Organization Hacks this is the list you want to check out. Great ideas gathered from around the internet will help you with home organization.

When working on how to organize different areas in your home, DIY should always be an option you explore.

Cheap DIY Home Organization Hacks

DIY home organization hacks can help you achieve an organized home without spending a lot of money. Simply look around your home for items that can be repurposed into storage solutions, such as old plastic bins or boxes. You can also use upcycled materials to create custom organizers that will fit your specific needs and style. With a little creativity, you can easily transform your home into an organized and functional space.

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Cheap DIY Home Organization Hacks

Maintaining a home organized does not need to be expensive. Actually, you may have all the tools you need to create a magazine-worthy organized home. To know you will want to look at the area you are hoping to organize. Take a peek at the things you have and the space they are kept in now. This will narrow down the size just a bit making it easier to create an inexpensive solution.

And bonus, the more things you use to DIY organizers the more things you will get off the clutter list and onto the organized list.

How can I organize my home with no money?

Use upcycled items in the home to keep the house organized. Start by looking for any old plastic bin or box and decorate it with clothesline rope to make it custom to your decor. Some dye can help customize the bin to your home decor and voila a great container to store office notebooks or planners.

Image that shows a DIY rope basket used to organize notebooks.

Inside office drawers can also become a disaster zone if there is no organization. The items can be moved around easily and mixed together. A great way to organize and optimize the office drawer space is to use different size boxes and wrap them with gift wrap. The boxes will organize items in the drawer such as paper, cards, and more.

Image that shows boxes decorated with  gift wrap used in a desk drawer to organize office items.

You can also organize your linen closet easily. This DIY organizer only requires a box, some cloth, and rope for handles. These decorated boxes are not only great to hold folded towels but sheets, blankets, and more. It’s so much easier to find things now in the linen closet and all we needed was a diaper box or a wipe box.

Image that shows a box made with an old sweater used to organize towels.

Spice bags can be a big nuisance to store in a cupboard. Especially if the spices are all in bags or jars. Small mason jars can do the trick. This keeps all the spices in a consistent-sized jar. Painting the pop-out lid with black chalkboard paint is all that’s necessary. No need to sniff the herbs to find out or remember what is in each jar. Just use chalk and label the jars.

Image that shows a mason jar lid used a chalk board to label spices.

Bathrooms can be a challenge to organize if there is no vanity. The sink area can easily become cluttered with toothbrushes and toothpaste. DIY organizers are an easy way to solve this problem. A leftover piece of wood panel with some mason jars will help keep the sink areas neat and tidy. Assign each family member with a jar and lost toothbrushes and toothpaste will be minimal.

Image that shows a DIY wood panel turned into a brushing station sign using mason jars. The station is hung on the wall.

Storing kids’ clothes in a drawer can be a challenge if it is not strategically organized. Adding dividers made out of cardboard and decorated with gift wrap can help the clothes stay in their row. Placing kids’ clothes standing up in a row in the drawer helps add more space and keep it organized.

Image that shows a bedroom drawer with DIY dividers.

Shoes can also be a pile of chaos in the closet. A great way to organize shoes is to use curtain rods. Secure the rods on the wall in the closet and viola. Four pairs of shoes can easily be stored in the rack. This organization is great when trying to find matching shoes for an outfit. Depending on the space available multiple rods can be placed on top of each other to hold more than four pairs of shoes.

Image that shows a shoe rack made with curtain rods.

The above tips are just a few of the ways you can organize your home without spending a lot of money. With a little creativity, you can easily transform your home into an organized and functional space. So get creative and start organizing!

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