You worked hard to remove the clutter and excess stuff from your home. Let’s learn how to organize each space, so your home is streamlined and easy to keep put away.

Keep the clutter from coming back with home organizations tips from Declutter in Minutes.

how to organize

Organizing a home can be a little tricky but I am going to help make it easier for you to do with this list of how to organize each area in your home. Simple ways to keep your rooms organized and neat so the clutter stays away.

How to organize

When you are looking for ways on how organize a space in your home, it helps to know just what organizing is. Organizing is using containers to hold like items making it easy for you to find your things and easy for you to put them away again.

Best Organizing Containers

I love baskets for organizing, and with so many options out there now, I think they are the best container to use in just about any room, cabinet, or drawer in your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a busy space, and finding a way to streamline it in an organized way might seem tricky. This list of how to organize your kitchen areas will help you to create a room you love to cook in.

a kitchen drawer with silverware in whicker baskets

The Family Room

When it comes to organizing a room that the entire family uses every day, breaking things down will be helpful. Use containers to hold things that tend to cause clutter such as kids toys, magazines, games, or pet toys.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is one of those spaces that should always be organized. Keep things neat and put away so you can always get a good nights sleep.

Find Storage in Your Bedroom

If you are short on storage space, you may want to find a few ways to organize your bedroom, even if it is small.

The Closet

How is your closet looking right now? Let’s see if we can organize your clothes and make it easier for you to get dressed each morning.

The Bathroom

Such a small room but one that gets used more than any other. Organizers will really help to keep your bathroom neat and put away.

Your Creative Space

When working on how to organize a home, we tend to overlook certain areas. One of those might be your creative spaces. Use these ideas to keep your craft room neat and easy to keep that way.

Other Areas

You are doing great so far, and you are just about done organizing your home. Let’s talk about a few other areas you might need to streamline.

How to Keep a room organized

Last but not least let’s talk about things you can do to ensure your newly organized rooms stay that way!

When learning different ways on how to organize a home, it is important to give things a try. Use containers in an area and try it out for a few weeks.

If you find that space is staying free of clutter, then your setup is a good one. If you are finding things lying out again, that is a clue to try something new.

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