Things to Declutter in March

If you are looking for an easier way to get rid of the extra stuff out of your home, then you might love this list. Get our list of 25 easy things to declutter in March and work your way towards a home that is organized and mess free.

How to declutter using easy lists that help get the extra stuff gone for good.


Warmer weather is almost here, so it’s the perfect time to start spring decluttering. March marks a perfect opportunity to clean out your rooms and start fresh. From closets to pantries, here are some items you should consider removing this month.

DM PRO TIP: Not all clutter needs to be donated. Sometimes the things we think are clutter are just items that need to be put away or thrown away. The more you put away the less you have sitting out giving our rooms a messy look.

Easy Things to Declutter in March

How you use this list is up to you. Do it in one clutter-busting weekend or spread it out, removing something every day or so. Either plan will work great at downsizing some of the clutter in your home.


Clothes are one of those items that can be hard to declutter. This list doesn’t tackle clothes but they will free up space where you keep them!

Belts – Remove any that you haven’t worn in a while or that no longer fits how you like.

Hats – If you have a spouse that has a large collection of baseball hats, encourage him to select 1 or 2 that he no longer wears.

Socks – Toss any that have holes or lost their mates. Donate any that you no longer wear or do not like the feel of.

Scarves – Start packing up your winter scarves and sort them out as you do. If you did not wear them in the last few months, that is a clue that you no longer need them.


If your counters are getting a little cluttered this is a good area to put your focus on this month. Let’s break it down to help make this room easier to streamline.

• Potholders – Toss any stained, torn, or burnt potholders. Pare down on trivets if you have more that you actually have the room for.

• Small appliances – If your counters are covered with kitchen appliances that you are not using, Gather them up and find space in your pantry to store them. The extra space will be more helpful than keeping out your ice crusher that you only use in July.

• Medicines and supplements – Toss (safely) any expired medicines and supplements. Add to your shopping list anything that you are running low on.

• Spices – Check the vitality of your spices and replace any that are stale or have lost their potency.

• Floor rugs – Rugs are not made to last forever and if you have a few that need to be replaced, now is a good time to do so. Consider investing in a padded mat for a more comfortable cooking experience.

A striped rug on the floor of a white kitchen.


The family room is one of those areas that gets a lot of traffic every day. That may also mean that it needs a bit of attention this month.

• Pet toys – Go through your pet’s toys and remove any that they no longer play with. Toss any that are broken or damaged and donate the rest.

• Reading material – Donate any books, magazines, or other reading items you no longer want. Toss any junk mail or old newspapers. Put current papers in your bill paying area.

• The coffee table – Use baskets that match your room to help organize this busy furniture piece. Put away anything that belongs somewhere else.

• Photos – If you have framed photographs on your wall, consider changing them out. By bringing in new photos, you will bring with them new memories that will bring joy to your family room.


If you live in the states, then March is crunch time for finances and taxes. If you have not started to gather up your papers yet, this section will give you a jump start.

• Receipts – Put last years receipts in a large manila envelope and label it with the date. Set up a basket or bin to toss this year’s receipts into so you have them ready to go next year.

• Pens, markers, and pencils – If you have a large supply of writing tools remove enough to make your collection more realistic. Toss any broken items or ones that are dried out or close to drying out.

• Files and folders – If you are a visual person that loves things to look nice in an organized room, then you may want to use this month to update your file folders. Use colors to code different categories for easier filing.

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I like to give our bedroom some decluttering love every month because this is an important area to keep neat and put away. Clutter is loud, and nowhere is it less welcome than in a bedroom. Less is more in the space where you sleep.

• Throw pillows – If you love throw pillows on your bed, keep them, but if they are a frustrating step that you dread each time you make your bed consider removing them altogether.

• The top of your night stand – Keep this space organized holding only the items you need to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

• Reading material – Pare down your collection of books, magazines, and newspapers to only what you can reasonably read in a week or two.

a stack of books next to a bed.

Declutter the bathroom

I love how the smallest room in the home is also the room that is used the most. Streamlining what you keep in your bathroom will make this room easier to keep organized.

• Makeup – Toss any dried up or outdated makeup.

• Face cream and lotions – Keep out only what you routinely use. Donate what you no longer want and set up a basket for the extras. You can store that basket in the linen area or your bedroom closet.

• Bath toys – Toss stained, broken, or mildewed toys. Remove extra toys so you have just enough without too many.

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Declutter the distractions

Finally, removing outside distractions in different areas of your life will help eliminate some of the stress you face daily basis.

• Email newsletters – Hit the unsubscribe button on any newsletters you no longer read and remove the stress that a full inbox can bring. The unsubscribe button is at the bottom of every email, usually in gray, blue, and italics.

• Phone apps – If you find yourself wasting time on apps you have downloaded onto your phone, consider removing them.

• Commitments – Set aside a day each week that is commitment free. Use this day to do something fun, visit friends, or reset your self emotionally.

Having a list of things to declutter in March will get you on track to creating a home you love. Easy things to get rid of so you can streamline each room in your home.

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