Things to Get Rid of in Your Bedroom

If you are looking for a list of things to get rid of in your bedroom you are in the right place. A list is a great way to turn a big job into one you can do without overwhelm. Another great tool you can use to declutter your bedroom once and for all.


Do you feel like your bedroom is just too cluttered and messy? Are there too many things taking up space, creating chaos, and preventing you from relaxing at the end of a long day? If so, it might be time to do some serious decluttering. But that can be easier said than done.

Knowing what to get rid of in a bedroom can be a little tricky, especially when it all looks like one big mess from where you stand right now. Instead of us talking about how to declutter let’s instead talk about what doesn’t belong so you can more easily move it out. In the end, you will be able to more easily get rid of the extra clutter and stuff in your bedroom to create more space and peace.

How can I make my bedroom easier to sleep in?

The answer to that question can all be summed up in one word. Declutter. Falling asleep in chaos is nobody’s idea of relaxing. Clutter is noisy and that is the last thing you need when winding down at the end of a long and stressful day.

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Things to get rid of in your bedroom

More often than not the things we tend to have in our bedrooms really don’t belong there. This is a good scenario where zones are going to help. A zone is a tool I like to use to help folks more easily identify what belongs in a room and what does not.

You can read more about zones here, but in a nutshell, zones are simply areas in your home that serve a specific purpose. For example, you might have a zone for cooking, a zone for relaxing, a zone for working, and yes, a zone for sleeping.

Keeping in mind what activities happen in a bedroom let’s go over a list of what you can declutter. If you find something you are not sure you want to keep in this room ask yourself if you use it there.

  • If the answer is no – find an area to keep it that makes more sense. Closer to where the activity (zone) occurs.
    • Bills – in the office
    • Purse – in the front closet
    • Shoes – in the mudroom
    • Dishes – in the kitchen
    • Tools – in the garage
  • If the answer is yes – you can set it up in an area where you can keep this item stored going forward.

Things to Get Rid of in Your Bedroom

1. Clothes that you no longer wear.

We all have them, clothes we don’t wear. More often than not we move them to the side to find the things we do want to wear. And even more routine, you may find. yourself moving them every single day. This is a clue that you are sacrificing space in your dresser or closet to hold things that you simply do not wear anymore.

Gather up anything you know you have not worn in a few months and free up space in your dresser drawer. If you are not sure you are ready to donate them, put them into a large box labeled maybe and test drive living without these pieces.

A maybe box that is filled with clothes from a bedroom

2. Old textbooks or other books that you no longer need.

Reading in bed is something many of us do but having too many books can take up quite a bit of space. I suggest keeping just a few options to choose from in a bag hanging from your bed. Having a reading bag will help you to know where your books are and storing them this way will take up little to no space in your bedroom.

reading bag hanging in a bedroom

3. Newspapers, mail, bills, or other random papers.

If you do not have an office, a large collection of papers in your bedroom might be a clue that you need one. Rather than setting up a room as an office, you can instead, set up an office in a drawer in your kitchen.

This will help you to keep up to date with your household bills and budget and keep the papers out of your bedroom for good.

4. Anything that is broken or damaged beyond repair.

This is an easy one to declutter and may make an impressive impact on your messy room in just a few short minutes. Take a box or bag and gather up anything you see that is broken, stained, torn, used up, or damaged.

You want to be selfish with your bedroom and that means used up bottles of lotions or makeup no longer have room there. Gather them up and toss them and, in turn, create space for things that do belong.

makeup in a trash can

5. Knick knacks or collections.

I love to collect things. Looking for new pieces to add to what you have now can be a fun adventure. The problem is not so much in the collecting but in how much you are gathering and storing in your home. Sometimes less is more when you have pieces you love to see. Instead of buying all the things only to be forced to store them in boxes never to be enjoyed. Why not keep a few of your favorites and donate the rest? One or two items on a shelf in your room is a nice way to bring in a few pieces of something you enjoy having around.

If you are worried about no longer having your collection, you can take a picture to keep instead. Unless what you have is worth a large sum of money, freeing up space will be so much more valuable. If you are still a bit hesitant to get rid of a collection, look for another area in your home to display your items.

For example, I love Disney and before I had so many things that were stored in my attic tucked away in a corner. Later after stumbling across them I realized I was missing out on enjoying them. I let a majority go and brought out the pieces I was keeping. I made a small display in our spare bedroom and now each time I am in there I get to see them and enjoy the memories I have.

collection of disney figurines in bedroom

6. Furniture that is no longer needed or used.

Take a look at your bedroom and what you have. Most folks think they need to have many dressers to hold their clothes all lined up along the walls taking up every inch of available space. The honest truth is you do not. Take our bedroom, for example, the way it is built does not allow us room for much furniture at all. For that reason, we keep all of our close in our shared closet. Yes, we had to purge a lot of what we had in order to downsize, but it ended up being the best decision we ever made.

Getting dressed is actually much more enjoyable when you have fewer things to choose from. Having less also allows you to invest in higher quality pieces that will last longer and stand the test of time.

7. Exercise equipment.

If you have exercise equipment in your bedroom, are you using it? If not this is probably a sign that you may want to keep it somewhere else. A basement, guest bedroom, garage, or another area where you will be more apt to use them. Or you can let go of them altogether and let someone else put them to good use.

8. An overabundance of bed pillows.

Hey, I used to love pretty pillows on my bed as well, but then one day as I was taking the time to make my bed I thought, why? would it be better to have fewer pillows so I can make my bed more easily each morning? I decided to give it a try several months ago and I have not missed all those bed pillows once.

If you want to keep the pillows you may want to set up a basket to toss them in when you crawl into bed at night.

a basket of throw pillows

9. Nightstand clutter.

Knowing the purpose of the furniture you do have in your bedroom will help you to better determine how to more efficiently set things up. Nowhere is this more true than your nightstand or beside table.

The purpose of your nightstand is to help you to get a better night’s sleep that means you will want to only have items inside and outside that do just that. Help you to sleep. A few ideas of what to keep in your nightstand are:

  • Lip balm
  • Lotion
  • Water bottle
  • Tissues
  • Sound machine
  • Phone charger
  • Journal
  • Magazine

To help to keep things neater, you can use small bins to hold items so you can more quickly put things away each morning before you leave the room.

10. Anything that causes tension or stress.

This is quite possible the most important item on the list and what applies to this for you will be different than what applies to this for me. More often than not, work related items may be stressful even if you love your job. For this reason, it is best to keep your work tools and papers in another room in your home. Designate a home office or other piece of furniture where you can store these things and work on them when needed.

No desk? No worries, you can use a table as a desk that will work quite well yes, even without drawers for storage. See tips here. A small desk in well lit corner of your family room would make a nice home office.

Creating a calm and restful bedroom environment is key to getting a good night’s sleep. All it takes is a little decluttering and some mindful choices about the items you bring into your sleeping space. By following these tips on things to get rid of in your bedroom, you can create an oasis that supports better sleep and relaxation.

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