85+ Easy Things to Declutter Your Home Fast

If you struggle with decluttering and wish there was an easier way, then this is an article written just for you! A list of 85+ things to declutter your home fast. Broken down room by room so you can quickly work your way through your entire home decluttering as you go.

Once the clutter is gone you will be on your way to organizing each space so it is easy to keep neat and put away. Print this article out and take it with you. Use it as a guide on how to declutter without freaking out.

things to declutter your home fast

Let’s face it. Decluttering can be an overwhelming and stressful project for just about anyone. Hoarder or not, letting go of things can be next to impossible. Partner that with our own internal struggles and you are facing a mount of a climb.

Thoughts like:

  • I paid good money for this.
  • What if I need it?
  • My mother-in-law gave this to me, I can’t get rid of it.
  • I can sell this and make a fortune! 
  • One can never have too many spatulas. (Don’t even get me started on this one!)

And sometimes you just wish there was an easy way to remove the stuff. A declutter your home checklist of simple things you can remove without freaking out. 

Quote: Happiness is a place between too little and too much.

If that is something you are looking for you are in the very best place. I hope to give you today, an easy way that will help you to declutter, then turn on that printer grab and yourself a pen.

I hope to give you the lifeline you need to create a home you love and deserve.

Woman in a jean jacket and orange shirt carrying a box with a lamp and a dotted pillow in it.

Before we dive in on where to start, I want to give you a few action tips.

  1. I have this list broken down by room to make it less overwhelming.
  2. Work on one room at a time checking off things as you go.
  3. Do not think about the final finish line, an organized home. Instead, put your focus on the list and work your way through it.

No more excuses. No more paralyzation. No more being stuck wishing more than anything that you could just get started already.

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The list is ready all it needs is you and your commitment to work your way through things one by one. This way, not only are you allowing yourself time to do things correctly, but you are learning how to more easily see what is clutter and what is not.

woman gathering up trash and clutter in a family room

Sure this is easy and maybe you are thinking that it won’t even make a dent in your home. But as you work your way through it you will begin to see the true value of the things you have in your home. And as you do, you will begin to learn a new set of decluttering skills that you can use every day in every room.

I have totally been where you are now and this list is meant to not only get you started but to also show you just how easy it is to, as Elsa would say…

Let it Go! 

85 + Things to Declutter Your Home Fast

Baby steps are the key to cleaning out and organizing your entire home. Think small and get huge results.

Decluttering the Kitchen

The kitchen can be the worst and most cluttered place in our homes and with good reason. For most families, it is the heart of the home. Where all the action takes place. It is where we drop our bags and cook our food. Where we pay our bills and plan our days. For some, homework happens here and for others, laundry is folded. (Isn’t that what a kitchen table is for, after all?)

And because so much happens in this room so much stuff ends up there. Let’s see if we can fix some of that with our first list. 

  • Empty boxes of food 
  • Stale boxes of food 
  • Cracked or chipped dishes
  • Bent silverware
  • Rusty or dull knives
  • Take out containers
  • Any food storage containers with cracked or missing lids
  • Cookware that has lost its Teflon
  • Stained and torn potholders
  • Travel mugs without lids
  • Worn rubber spatulas
  • Condiment jars you may be saving
  • Bread bags and bread ties
  • Cookbooks you do not use or love

Decluttering the Family Room

The family room is a simple one to keep organized yet one that can quickly get cluttered with things being brought in from other rooms. I think this is a great room to work on when you are looking for things to declutter your home fast.

  • Old movies both VHS and DVDs that are scratched (trash) or no longer watch (donate)
  • Torn or stained throw pillows
  • Ratty blankets
  • Magazines
  • Chipped nick-nacks you no longer love
  • Newspapers
  • Anything that belongs in another room
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Decluttering the Bedroom

I am a firm believer in keeping our bedrooms completely free of clutter. Sleep is the key to a stress-free life and if your bedroom is a hot mess no matter how hard you try, getting stress-free rest is just not going to happen.

Clutter equals chaos and the absolute worst place for chaos is in a room that is meant to help you rest, relax, and recharge. And once you remove the clutter you can bring in bedroom organizers to keep your room neat and tidy.

  • Earrings that lost their match
  • Broken jewelry or pieces you no longer love
  • Torn or stained throw pillows
  • Old books
  • Old magazines
  • Stretched, torn, or stained bedsheets
  • Items on your dresser top such as receipts, junk mail, bobby pins, used-up chapsticks
  • Newspapers
  • Used up notebooks/notepads

Decluttering the Closet

Now that we have some of the excesses out of our bedrooms, let’s focus on our closet. If there was ever a place where the “one in – one out” rule was effective, it’s here. But it can also be impossible when you think of the amount we paid for some of those items. And don’t even get me started on emotional attachment.

I firmly believe a closet is the most emotionally difficult room to clean out. So, today let’s forgo all of that and just focus on the easy. The things you can declutter without stressing out.

  • Panties that have seen better days
  • Socks with missing pairs
  • Clothing that is beyond saving. Torn, stained, stretched out
  • Old hats, gloves, scarves
  • Shoes you no longer wear or are worn beyond use
  • Wire hangers
  • Cloth bags, totes or purses you no longer use
  • Yellowed or stained white clothing


Decluttering the Bathroom

It still amazes me how a space this small can get cluttered up. And since this room is a utility area at best cleaning it out should and will be a breeze.

  • Old magazines or newspapers
  • Empty shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • Ratty washcloths and/or towels – transfer to your cleaning closet or donate to the local pet shelter
  • Outdate makeup 
  • Toothbrushes that are past their prime. They should be replaced every 3 months.
  • Dried up nail polish or polish that you hate and no longer use
  • Travel toiletries and hotel soaps
  • Stretched out hair ties and scrunchies

Decluttering the Garage

Even though our home is mostly clutter-free and organized our garage most definitely is not. This is the holding area for most of our items between seasons and a storage area for just about anything that is in a box.

Broken anything. For some reason, broken items can end up here in the hopes they will be fixed. If they have been here waiting for repair longer than 3 months, consider tossing them and starting fresh from today on. Set up a “repair bin” for new items that come in and only add items that you know are worth your time and effort to fix.

  • Dried out paint
  • Old cleaners
  • Damaged boxes
  • Old shoes or boots
  • Broken outdoor toys
The interior suburban garage with car parts.

Decluttering the Laundry Room

Funny how a room that is specifically meant to be for cleaning can get so messy and cluttered. Let’s see if we can find a few things to get rid of so you can better streamline this space into a functional area. Take things one step further and create a laundry routine that will help you stay up on laundry so it doesn’t consume your entire weekend.

  • Used up dryer sheets
  • Empty detergent containers
  • Random piles of lint
  • Buttons, collar tabs, and other misc items that gather here
Basket with laundry and washing machine in bathroom

Decluttering the Car

There is nothing that drives me crazy more than a cluttered vehicle. Before we dive into your clutter list, here is a simple tip that will help you keep your car from becoming cluttered again. The “Hands-full” tip is a great way to keep your car clean and tidy. Here is how it works.

Every time you leave your car to come into your home be sure your hands are full of things. Trash, tote, mail, misc items. Gather up what you can and carry them in. This one tip will go a long way to keeping your car clutter-free.

  • Trash – Anything found on the floor or in the door.
  • Old maps
  • Used food containers
  • Excess blankets
  • Scratched unused sunglasses

Decluttering the Office

Whether you have a full room dedicated as your office or just an area in your home, keeping the clutter out is essential in this space. This is especially true if you are working remotely from home, something many of us are doing. By creating an organized office you will be more productive and have an easier time keeping your workspace and your family space separate.

  • Old and outdated receipts
  • Owner’s manuals for things you no longer own
  • Junk mail
  • Expired coupons
  • Sales flyers
  • Old books
  • Used up notebooks
  • Dried out pens and markers
  • Old glue sticks
Woman relaxing with her hands clasped behind her head and feet on the desk wearing denim jeans, close up view from behind

Declutter the Kids

No, I do not mean remove the kids 🤣 but instead, the things that tend to come along with having them. By teaching your kids a healthy way to look at their things you will raise them into clutter-free adults.

  • Broken toys – if you haven’t fixed them by now, odds are they are not going to get fixed
  • Puzzles with missing pieces
  • Books that are torn or colored in
  • Used up coloring books
  • Toys they have outgrown
  • Games that are missing crucial pieces

Brilliant Organizing Ideas for Kid’s Toys

Declutter the Pets

From toys to tools learn to keep just what you need so as to not take up valuable space with unnecessary duplicates.

  • Untrustworthy leashes and collars
  • Worn out or broken toys
  • Clothing that no longer fits
  • Treats your pets will not eat
  • Outdated medicine

More Pet Care Resources:

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Declutter Cleaning Supplies

It is amazing how quickly cleaning supplies can migrate to all rooms in the home. I have learned the easiest way to keep control of these items is to keep them in a central location organized by the room I use them in.

This means I have a tote of cleaners in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one for the rest of the house. This is a great way to keep your cleaners from getting lost or cluttered as we purchase more cleaners that we already have simply because we forgot we had them.

  • Old cleaners you no longer use
  • Old rags that are too ratty to keep
  • Spray bottles that do not work
  • Excess brushes or sponges
  • Cleaners that do not work well
Blue bin with many different color cleaning supplies and cleaning tools. Pair of yellow clenaing golves. Blue dust pan and broom brush.

D/M Pro Tip: Set up auto-delivery of your cleaners and never overstock or run out again! I love Grove and have been using them for years. They have a great collection of natural cleaners along with mix-your-own options.

Decluttering the Extras

Let’s face it, everyone’s home is different and that means the rooms I have may not be the rooms you have. For that reason let’s go over a few of the extras that you may have lying around that you can let go of easily.

  • Old suitcases or travel bags that are outdated
  • Old batteries
  • Chords or wires that you do not know what they are for
  • Old light bulbs
  • Baseball caps you no longer wear
  • Umbrellas you do not need
  • Outdated medicines
  • Unused tools

I hope you find this list of things to declutter your home fast as the inspiration you need to continue decluttering your entire home and even your life. When it comes to clutter the hardest part is just starting, after that it’s all in your mindset.

And always remember what your goal is. To create a home you love to be in.

Also, what your finished home will look like and more importantly “feel” like when you are done. If you can keep that in your head at all times it will help to motivate you to keep going each day. Doing a little at a time all without the overwhelm or the stress.

Young woman drinking hot tea at home, closeup

Slow and steady wins the race and nowhere is this truer than cleaning out and cleaning up your home. And this list of things to declutter your home fast will get you off to a great start!

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  1. Thanks for this list. I like it cuz it is broken down in room to room for easy decluttering.
    Will try it out since others have not given me the motivation to declutter.

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