10 Best Closet Organizers

If you are looking for help with your messy clothes, then the 10 Best Closet Organizers for your bedroom are just what you need. See a different way to create space in your closet so you love this space once again.

How to organize your closet into one you love to get dressed in.

10 ways to organize your closets fast

Every closet needs a good refresh every now and then! However, before you can really organize it, you really need to clean out and purge what you don’t need anymore. I know for some people that can be hard, especially when you like to keep items for all of the “just in case” scenarios. Then, a year later realizing you still haven’t used that item… sound familiar? (I’m guilty of that, too!) 

Messy unorganized closet full of hanging clothes

Before you organize…

Cleaning out your clothes, shoes, and accessories is a great place to start before you even begin to organize it all. That way you’re not organizing everything and then having to clean it out, thus doing twice the work. Start with the clean-out so that when you begin organizing, all you’re working with are the things you’re actually going to keep.


First of all, look for items you never use anymore. Things you haven’t worn in years or, if you’re being completely honest, don’t even really like. Whatever “that” is, put it in a pile to either be donated or sold online. You can sell your used items through Facebook using your local FB Market Place.

Next, look for items that don’t fit anymore. I know, it’s so tempting to keep a stash of “skinny clothes” but let’s be real. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to be greeted with a closet full of things that you love and fit into? I think that is so much better than a closet full of clothes that are basically yelling at you for not losing weight. Why not give those skinny clothes to a friend or family member? For some reason when you pass them on to someone you know it’s easier than sending them to the donation center.

Once you have cleaned out the extra clothes you are ready for the fun part. Organizing.

10 Best Closet Organizers

I think one of the biggest struggles people have with their closest is space. There just never seems to be enough of it. That is another reason why I love these organizers so much. Not only do they help you to set up a closet that is easy to keep organized they create more space too.

See if you love these organizers as much as I do and use them to help transform your space into a neat, functional closet without the clutter!

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PAX Wardrobe

This is the perfect wardrobe organizer for your closet or bedroom if you don’t have a full-size closet. This would go well in an apartment bedroom or college living space. There are several drawers that are good for accessories, along with three sections for hanging clothes! (IKEA)

clothes in a room

Hanging Closet Organizer

This closet organizer is useful for hanging miscellaneous items that don’t have a spot but need a spot in your closet. From bras, towels, ties, and even a couple of pairs of shoes – this is perfect for your closet organization! 

I purchased a couple of these for my Grand Nugget’s closets and it really did give so much more space for the kid’s clothes and diapers.

If you love sweatshirts and sweaters as I do, then this “extra” organizing option is a great one to check out. Let’s face it sweaters are fun to have but can take up so much room in our closets, but good news, I found a great solution for organizing bulky sweaters.

Fabric 5-Drawer Organizer

This is a great drawer space organizer to put in your closet that could be in addition to your hanging space for your clothes. Having drawers in a closet is a great way to free up space in your bedroom. 

I just love to use bags as organizers especially when they have handles to help move them around more easily. Sure these storage bags may be meant for magazines but they work perfectly on a closet shelf!

Trapezoid Storage Bins

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE these Storage Bins. Not only are they great organizers but they look amazing on a closet shelf. If you do not have a dresser in your bedroom as we do, then having organizers that double as drawers is super helpful. You can use them for clothes, sheets, even towels. They will work great to keep your things organized and create a closet that feels neat and clean. 

Stackable Shoe Bin

I love this shoe bin because it really works great to add in extra space where you might think there is none left. Not only is it inconspicuous but it doesn’t take up much room at all. The best part is it can still house 8 pairs of shoes which is perfect.

shoes in a closet

6-Compartment Hanging Sweater Organizer

You can find this hanging closet organizer at just about any store like Walmart and the cost can fit in just about any budget. I love how these organizers will work in any closet all you need is a rod.

Use it to hold shirts, pants, shoes, and even workout clothes. It also works great in a linen closet to hold towels, toiletries, and extra bedding.

Hanging Purse Organizer

Another thing we tend to have a large number of is purses and handbags. This organizer will work great to showcase your favorites so you are using them more often. The see-through sections help you to see just what you have, making it easy to match your bag to your outfit. Add this purse file to your closet and streamline another area.

Closet Mirror with Jewelry Storage

I love how this organizing mirror is so elegant and soft but has tons of jewelry organization inside. When you can find a jewelry organizer that has more than one purpose, a mirror, then you can really add more to your closet. Pretty on the outside and super functional on the inside makes this a win-win for an organized closet.

ClosetMaid Shelf Track Organizer

Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet, you can still organize things efficiently and bring some order to the chaos. These adjustable shelving and hanging units are a great way to do just that. Customize the closet of your dreams from floor to ceiling with this all-in-one setup.

Shoe Storage Organizers

This shoe organization bin is great because it can go just about anywhere. Underneath your shelving, in a corner of your closet, even on a shelf. Use it to provide more space for your shoes and accessories. Just like with the purse file, this type of organization won’t only make your closet look cleaner, but it will help preserve the life of your shoes and help keep the quality. 

Cleaning out and organizing your closet can seem like a daunting task, but it’s oh so worth it! Start with cleaning out what you don’t need or use and give it to a friend, sell it, or donate. Once you do you’ll be able to start maximizing your space and creating an area that is clutter-free, and functional. The best part is you will now know where everything is with these best closet organizers.

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