Brilliant Ways to organize your family room

Use this helpful list of brilliant ways to organize your family room to set up shortcuts to keep this busy space neater and more organized. Easy tips your entire family can chip in and use that will keep the stuff corralled and easier to keep put away.

Keep things easy when working on how to organize a space in your home so your entire family will be on board with a clutter-free space to live!


Are you tired of walking into your family room and feeling overwhelmed by the clutter?

Do you struggle to find a place for everything in this busy space?

In a room that is used by the entire family, keeping an organize hang out area can seem like a tall order. To help we reached out to friends from all over the internet to put together a list of easy and brilliant ways to organize your family room.

These tips will help you keep this popular area in your home easier to keep neat and put away and that means you can relax and enjoy spending time with your loved ones without any unnecessary stress.

If your family room is still a mess, you can jump over and get our easy stress free approach on How to Declutter a Messy Family Room fast! Once you’re done, come back here for some great organizing ideas to keep that room put away.

Woven Baskets

I love baskets.

I think they are the easiest way to organize any space in your home especially in the family room.

Bigger is better when using these organizing solutions so you can toss bulky pillows and comfy blankets in one spot keeping the room neater.


DIY Solution

Add more of your family’s personality by creating containers for your family room. This easy project allows you to make bags that you can use for dog toys, kids toys, remotes, videos, or even games!


Activity cabinet

Not everyone has the space for a dedicated craft room, art space, or game area in their home. That is why I love this tip because it allows you to customize your family room without give it a chaotic look.

You can create a cabinet to hold all those extra items while keeping the supplies behind closed doors.

The perfect solution if you live in a smaller home.


Plastic BAskets

Not all baskets need to be woven whicker. You can use plastic to hold just about anything as well.

This style of basket works great, is much more affordable, and it easy to keep clean.


DIY Rope Basket

I love this diy option as it allows you to really bring in a fun rustic look to your family area.

You can make a shallow version to hold remotes, a paper sized version to hold magazines or books, or a large version to hold toys or games.


DIY Couch Caddy

This idea is great especially if you family has a claimed area that they routinely sit in. Make one of these super fun organizers that tuck into a couch between the cushion and the base. Use it to hold books, tissues, handheld games or puzzle books along with a pencil.

Now your family can keep their things close by and off the coffee table giving your family room a much neater look.


Laundry Baskets

Another favorite organizer of mine is laundry baskets. These containers work great for just about anything and really are quite durable as well.

Great uses for laundry baskets:

  • Pet toys
  • Kids toys
  • Blankets
  • Extra throw pillows
  • Shoes
  • Put away items that belong in another room.

DIY Canvas Storage

If you like to hide clutter, then this DIY project is perfect for your family room. Create a canvas zipper bag to hold soft items such as stuffed animals or throw blankets. Once full you can use the bag as a cozy spot to enjoy a family movie.


DIY Lego Table

Let’s face it, if you have kids then you have toys all over your home. Rather than fighting this never ending battle, why not give their toys a dedicated space.

This fun lego organizer is a great way to let your kids enjoy your toys while allowing you to enjoy an organized family room at the same time.


DIY Cardboard Box

I love cubbies so much we have them all over our home. They work great at keeping things put away and double as a side table giving more room.

Be sure to use labels so your family knows what items belong where encouraging them to take part in putting their things all the way away.



You can also use a cubby without baskets to set up a family library. This tip is super helpful if you are short on space for a dedicated reading room in your home.

With so many folks homeschooling now, this tip is a great way to give your family room double duty without giving a chaotic look to the room.


When working to organize a family room that the entire family enjoys using, any of these easy and amazing tips will help.

Remember there are no rules as to what needs to go where. Set things up that will compliment the age of your family along with the activities they enjoy doing most.

I hope you found this list of Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Family Room the help you need to finally streamline a room your family loves to hang out in!

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