How to Declutter A Family Room 

If you’re like most families, your family room is the place where everyone gathers to hang out and relax. But when it gets cluttered, it can quickly become a source of stress and frustration. While it might seem overwhelming at first, deciding to declutter a family room will give you many benefits. 

So with some organization, dedication, and patience, you can get this project started on this how to declutter project.

Declutter a Family room

Decluttering your family room not only makes life easier but also positively affects both physical and mental health.

Clutter has been found to increase stress levels while having an organized home environment helps reduce anxiety and promotes feelings of ease and relaxation.

It also reduces distractions from important things like spending quality time with your family and friends. 

young woman sitting on the floor of a messy family room

In this blog post, I will show you how to declutter a family room, its benefits, and ideas for storing extra items after the job is done.

After following this guide, you will be able to enjoy a clutter-free family room that is not only pleasing to look at but a fun space to hang out with family and relax.

The Benefits of Decluttering a Family Room

Decluttering a family room has many benefits. Firstly, it can create a more inviting and relaxing space for everyone in your family.

Think about this; when a room is cluttered, it can feel cramped and busy, making it uncomfortable to unwind after a busy day.

On the other hand, a decluttered room can provide a sense of calm and peace.

And that is the biggest benefit to work towards—a room in your home where everyone enjoys relaxing and hanging out.

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How to Declutter A Family Room 

Decluttering a family room may seem daunting, especially if the room is full of toys, movies, games, and other belongings. But, we will make the process easier by doing it one task at a time.

To start, here are the three core steps you can follow to make decluttering easier.

Step 1. Collect all the trash in the room.

The family room is prone to clutter as it is where the family spends most of their time at the end of each day. Arm yourself with a garbage bag and look around the room for any trash you could eliminate.

Some examples of the trash you may find lying in your room are:

  • Empty food containers
  • Napkins
  • Crumpled tissues
  • Junk mail
  • Empty food bags

Everything that is not reusable anymore must be tossed away. Gather everything up and take it to the trash can.

Step 2. Pick up the recyclables.

Like the first step, you will also need a bag that you can use to gather up any items you recycle in your area.

Some examples of the recyclables you may find lying in your room are:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Empty bottles
  • Empty cans

Stroll around your family room and collect things you can recycle, and take the bag to your bin.

a womans hand putting an empty water bottle into a blue bag

Step 3. Put away items that do not belong.

Many times the things we find lying out in a room are simply items that need to be put away. By gathering up things that belong in another room, you will remove a majority of the clutter. For this step, arm yourself with a basket.

Gather up anything that is not meant to stay in the family room, such as:

  • Clothes – Put these items away or take them to the laundry room.
  • Shoes – Keep shoes in the closet or in your mudroom.
  • Mail – Make separate storage for mail, such as a basket or bin in your kitchen.
  • Toys – Help and teach your kids to organize these items in one basket and keep them in the area where they usually play.

Keep going until you have collected all the things that do not belong in your family room and put them all the way away.

Step #4. Put away things that do belong.

Next, put away any items you see that have a home now. You can always give these items a new home later on, but for now, your goal is to make it easier for you to see what is actually clutter.

Step #5. Set up sorting basket.

To make this project easier, set up boxes or baskets that you can sort items into. You will want to have a basket for the following areas.

  1. Toss – any trash you may have missed.
  2. Donate – any items you no longer need or want.
  3. Put away – any items that belong in another room.
  4. Keep – any items that belong in this room.
white laundry baskets labeled keep and give away copy

Step #6. Sort and Declutter

Now that you have done the 3 core steps and put away anything that has a home, you can work through any items that are still lying out.

Go through each item you see and decide where it will go, referring to your sorting baskets for help.

Keep only the things that belong in the space and are used by you or your family.

Things you can keep in a family room.

  1. Movies
  2. Games
  3. Pillows
  4. Blankets
  5. Remotes
  6. Reading material
  7. Toys – if you have young children
  8. Pet toys – if you have a pet

As you find items you no longer want or need, put them into the donation basket. Keep working until you feel your room is in a state you are comfortable with.

You can always do this step again as you feel you are ready to remove more of the excess.

Step #7. Clean your newly decluttered space.

Once you’ve finished decluttering, it’s time to start cleaning, and the good news is now that the clutter is gone, cleaning will be a snap!

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How do I deep clean my living room?

• Start by dusting all surfaces working high to low. This includes any shelving, electronics, furniture, and decorative items. 

D/M Pro Tip: While you are dusting, declutter as you go. This is a great clutter-free habit to use when dusting any room in your home.

• Next, clean the floors, either mopping or vacuuming, depending on the surface that you have. If you are physically able, move furniture to get the floor underneath each item. Remember to ask for help if anything is heavy or hard to move.

• Vacuum any furniture removing cushions to better get underneath.

• Wash any throw blankets, curtains, or pillow covers to freshen them up.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, you can begin to put things back into their place. If you feel especially motivated, take this opportunity to create a new layout that is both stylish and functional. 

If you find this is a room that is hard to keep clutter-free, you may want to create a system that works better for your family. Your goal is to keep it easy to put things away and encourage them to do just that. Remember, the more you and your family put things away, the less clutter you will have lying out.

Next, we will talk about shortcuts you can set up in your family room that will help everyone in your home keep this space neat and organized going forward.

Organizing Ideas for the Family Room

To help keep your family on board with putting their stuff away, you will want to incorporate different organizers to make this easy to do.

Here are a few ideas:

• Large Basket – Great for holding blankets or extra pillows.

a brown basket filled with pillows and blankets in a family room

• Large Plastic Bin – Great for holding any toys that end up in the room.

• Table Top Basket – Great for holding newspapers, magazines, or books.

• Standing Organizer – Great for holding craft projects or supplies.

• DVD Binder – Great for holding movies.

• Large Plastic Tote – Great for holding board games or puzzles.

• Table Caddy – Great for holding tv remotes.

• Whicker Basket – Great for holding pet toys.

By using any or all of these ideas, you will create a room that is not only inviting but easy to keep organized and free of mess and clutter.

How to Keep the Family Room Tidy in the Long Run

One of the best ways to keep a family room free of clutter is to clean it regularly. This means eliminating items that are no longer used or needed.

Decluttering can be done gradually, over time, or all at once, whichever approach works better for you and your schedule.

a man in a green shirt putting a pillow on a couch

Let’s talk about each approach quickly.

Declutter Gradually

Gradually means a little at a time. This is a great approach, especially if decluttering a space is overwhelming to you. Keep a box in the family room that you can quickly toss in any items you want to donate as you see them. When the box is full, take it out to your car. The next time you are out, stop at the donation center and drop your box off.

The best part of gradual decluttering is you can do it any time throughout the day.

donation box next to a brown chair in the family room

Declutter All at Once

Set aside a week or two to tackle this room. Start on one wall and work your way clockwise until you are done.

The best part of all at once means you can get this room done and finished quickly.

In addition to decluttering, regular cleaning will also help keep the family room tidy for good.

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By vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces routinely, you can prevent the build-up of dirt and grime and make the family room a more inviting space for all.

Finally, encourage your children to put any toys into the basket or bin you have set up in the room themselves. This will help your children be a part of keeping this room organized for everyone to enjoy.

Always remember that a decluttered family room can provide many benefits for both children and adults. It can help reduce clutter headaches and promote a sense of calm for everyone in the family.

Young woman in winter clothes sitting on window sill at home

So if you’re unsure where to start, try following this guide and remember that the key to keeping your family room tidy is establishing simple rules and routines that everyone can follow.

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