Drawer Organization Ideas

If you are looking for ways to keep the clutter out of your kitchen then these drawer organization ideas are just what you need. A great way to streamline your kitchen organization plans.

Drawer organization ideas

Are the drawers in your kitchen a total and chaotic mess?

If you’re like most people, your drawers are probably crammed with all sorts of things – from pots and pans to utensils and spices. It can be tough to find what you need when everything is just thrown in together. But it’s not impossible! Follow these simple tips and your drawers will be neat and tidy in no time.

And great news! Once everything is organized, it’ll be so much easier to find what you need when you’re cooking. You’ll save time and frustration by being able to quickly grab the right pot or pan without having to search through a pile of dishes. And your kitchen will look a lot nicer too.

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How to organize a messy kitchen drawer?

Before you get started organizing you will first want to deal with the mess. Follow a few tips to clean out the clutter in your kitchen drawers so you can streamline things more easily.

  • Remove any trash from the drawer.
  • Gather up anything that belongs in another space and put it away.
  • Declutter what is left.
  • Leave only the things you need and use on a regular basis.
  • Every month try to remove any extra clutter from your kitchen drawers to ensure you keep things organized.

Drawer Organization Ideas

Idea #1. Premade Organizers

This is probably the most common type of drawer organizer and you might just have one already. Premade organizers allow you to streamline a drawer instantly. Think silverware drawer organizer. This option has specific areas to hold certain items. This is a fast and easy way to organize a drawer in your kitchen.

silverware drawer organizer filled with utensils

Idea #1. Tension Dividers

Drawer dividers are a great way to keep things organized and in their place especially if you have a deep or very large drawer. Use dividers to section off different areas allowing you to store misc items together more efficiently. You can find these at most home goods stores or online. They’re easy to install and come in a variety of sizes to fit any drawer.

Idea #2. Baskets or Trays

Use baskets or trays to corral smaller items like silverware, utensils, or spices. This will help keep them from getting lost in the shuffle and makes it easier to grab what you need when you’re cooking. Plus, it looks a lot nicer than having everything just thrown in haphazardly.

Snack drawer filled with things to eat in drawer containers

Idea #3. Tiered Organizers

Tiered or stadium organizers are great for more shallow drawers. Use these to organize your spices in a drawer and free up extra space on your kitchen counters. This setup will also work great for cake decorating supplies.

Idea #4. Tension Rods

If you are looking for a DIY solution that is useful and super inexpensive then you may want to give tension rods a try. These are great to use where you want vertical storage. Use them in a deep drawer to hold lids for pots and pans or cookie sheets.

Where do you put things in kitchen drawers?

When it comes to organizing the drawers in your kitchen you will want to set up a workflow that makes sense to you and how you cook. You will have 2 different types of items in your kitchen. Things you use often and things you use every now and then.

Try this tip to help. Go into your kitchen and look at it as if you are interested in purchasing this home. You are now seeing the kitchen for the first time. Notice where the stove is, the sink, and the open counter space. What activities will you do there? Visualize yourself cooking or baking. Now, notice the drawers that are nearby. What tools can you store there that will help you to perform that tasks more efficiently? In other words, how can you cook with the least amount of walking around to gather up tools?

The answer to those questions will help you to determine what should be stored where.

If that is too much then you can do the easy approach.

Frequently Used Items

Keep frequently used items within reach by storing them in lower or middle drawers. This way you won’t have to dig through a pile of things every time you need something simple like a spoon.

A hand is Grabbing the big wooden fork out of the top drawer with the container in the kitchen utensils is neatly arranged

Infrequently Used Items

Use the top drawer for infrequently used items or things that you don’t need quick access to. This could include things like holiday dishes or special occasion silverware.

How can I keep my kitchen organized?

Use labels.

If you want to be sure everything stays where it belongs it is important to label everything.

Labeling is the key to maintaining a well-organized kitchen. This will help you know exactly where everything goes and make it easier to put things away. You can use simple labels or get creative with chalkboard paint or washi tape.

Put things away.

If you want to banish clutter for good, then this clutter-free habit is one you will want to adopt. Whenever you are finished using an item or doing a project, such as cooking, be sure to always put your things away. Not near to where they belong, but all the way away.

This will stop the surface clutter from collecting giving a cluttered look to your room.

One in/One out.

I love new kitchen gadgets but I love a clutter-free kitchen even more. I enjoy having open counters where I can cook without having to move a lot of things. If you feel the same then try this tip out next time you are looking at a new item for your kitchen.

Whenever you bring something new in you must donate something old this will ensure the number of items you have in your kitchen will never be more than they are now.

When it comes to setting up a streamlined kitchen drawer organization ideas like this will get you closer to your goal. Try one or more and see which ones work best for you. Remember to label any new area so you remember what belongs where and before you know it you will have a streamlined kitchen you love to cook in.

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