Family Command Center Wall Ideas

If you are looking for ideas on how to set up a family command center on your wall this post has just what you need. We gathered up ideas from around the internet to help create a command center in your home.


A family command center is a great way to keep your family organized and efficient. By setting up a hub in your home where everyone can easily access important information, you can help make life run more smoothly. But not everyone has the room to do an elaborate setup. No worries, we have some fun and unique ideas that will help you turn a bare wall into an organizational piece of art.

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What should be in a family command center?

One of the most important things to consider when creating a family command center is what information you want to display. Family command centers can be used for a variety of purposes, so it’s important to tailor the content to your family’s needs.

Some ideas for things to include in your family command center wall are a family calendar, a list of family chores, contact information for family members, and important phone numbers.

What do I need to set up a family command center?

All you need is a bare wall in an area in your home that is easy for your entire family to see. Once you have that you can work on the layout.

young family coming into a home

You’ll want to choose one that makes it easy for everyone to find what they’re looking for. A good way to do this is to create different sections for each type of information. For example, you might have a section for the family calendar, a section for family chores, and a section for family contact information.

Once you’ve decided what information to include and how to lay it out, it’s time to start decorating your family command center wall. This is where you can really let your creativity shine!

Here are some examples of family command center wall ideas:

Many families have a lot of things going on throughout the day and trying to keep everyone in the family on the same page can be a challenge. Double booking or forgetting to attend a child’s performance can happen to the best of us. A family command center can help teenagers remember why they are coming home late.

This family hub not only helps the teenager but the entire family too. The front of the fridge is a great place to add printables such as a calendar and each family member’s to-do list.

Image that shows printables on the front of the fridge. A calendar, daily to do tasks for each family member is on the fridge.

The side of the fridge is another place to have a command center. A notepad on the fridge will help keep important notes like a grocery list. After all how many times has one come back from the grocery store and cursed when they noticed they forgot something.

Another item to add is a calendar. The calendar helps remind the entire family of those important dates and it allows everyone to add events that the entire family needs to attend.

Image that shows a calendar, bins, magnets on the fridge as a command center.

Some people dislike the paper clutter that accumulates on the fridge and having limited space can be difficult. Sometimes the only space accessible for a family command center is an area on the kitchen counter.

The best way to maximize this space is to use the fridge to hold plastic containers such as a paper/file sorter and a pen or pencil holder. The daily planner helps eliminate paper clutter on the fridge and can be tucked away easily. The planner helps keep track of daily and monthly tasks, appointments, or events.

Image that shows magnetic file sorter on the fridge, a magnetic pen holder on the fridge, a planner on the counter and an iPad.

If the fridge is not a feasible place an alternate is a magnetic whiteboard on the kitchen counter. What should be in a family command center? The current month’s calendar needs to be on a wall command center. This is where you would jot down the family’s important upcoming events, appointments, or reminders to pay bills. A daily to-do list that will remind the family of the day’s events.

This daily list can easily be switched to a new one on a daily basis. A checklist reminding you to pay the monthly bills. A daily menu planner with a grocery list helps keep track of the healthy meals the family need. On the whiteboard, you can also write important notes.

Image that shows a white board used as a command board on a kitchen counter.

Family command centers do not necessarily have to be on the fridge or on a counter. Space availability can be taken into account when setting it up. The family command center can also take up a wall. Wall space determines how many frames or boards can be added. If space is not limited, multiple boards can be used.

There can be a magnetic whiteboard to write quick last-minute messages for the family. Corkboards with clipboards for each member of the family help members organize their personal schedules as well. Paper sorters attached to the wall below the corkboard can be a bonus. In the paper sorters, files, papers, or mail can be sorted.

Image that shows a magnetic white board, bulletin boards with clipboards, and mail/file sorter.

Small wall spaces are a challenge when it comes to trying to set up a family command center. A corkboard with a twelve-month calendar will do the trick. After all, a twelve-month calendar is the most important item in a family command center. It helps keep track of what is going on that month and reminds you of any bills that need to be paid.

Below the corkboard put a small shelf to hold a pencil holder or scissors. This way time is not wasting time looking for a pen. Something simple like this helps keep the entire family on task.

Image that shows a bulletin  board with a calendar pinned to it and a wall shelf that holds a pen holder.

If there is a hallway available for the family command center, then space may not be a challenge. The command center can be made more visible by adding multiple boards and multiple frames. Inside the frames, you can have a chore chart for each child, and a daily menu chart with school lunch menus, or a cleaning schedule.

You can also have three months calendar spread out and schedule things three months out. Metal file envelopes attached to the wall help sort mail and shelves help hold the pencil holders. A file box can also be added to the wall to hold files and more. Unlimited space allows unlimited possibilities.

Image that shows a hallway wall converted to a command center.  Bulletin board, frames, shelves, and file sorters all on the wall.

Small wall spaces may need more than a corkboard with a calendar. In this case, using frames with corkboards can make it easy to have a place for a monthly calendar, a frame for a daily to-do list, or a menu board.

Using the frames can make it easy to customize it to your family’s needs. It also makes it easy to adjust the frames if something is not what you thought your family needs.

Image that shows frames used as cork boards and checklists.

Great Resources to Have:

When setting up a family hub you will need to have at least some of the following parts to help things flow smoothly for everyone in your home.

A calendar – This will keep your family’s schedule front and center so you will know just who needs to be where and when.

A bulletin board – This will allow your family to put notes, reminders, permission slips, and other important reminders where they will be able to find them whenever needed.

A weekly menu – This will help to keep the chaos out of dinner time prep.

A wall organizer – This works great to hold office supplies, takeout menus, outgoing mail, and more.

A family command center is a great way to keep your family organized and efficient. By setting up a hub in your home where everyone can easily access important information, you can help make life run more smoothly. Use the tips and ideas in this article to get started creating your own family command center wall.

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