How to Organize a Bedroom Step by Step

If you are looking for tips on how to organize a bedroom step by step then the help you need is here. See what you can use to keep your things put away in an organized and streamlined way.

How to organize the room you sleep in so you get the best rest possible by having a room that is neat and easy to keep that way.

How to Organize a Bedroom Step by Step

Do you feel like you’re constantly tripping over clothes and shoes and coats and more when you walk into your bedroom?

Is your bed hiding under more stuff than you care to admit?

My goal today is to help you fix all of that with the steps you need to organize a bedroom you love to sleep in. I’ll give you tips and tricks on how to make the most of your space while giving everything a home so keeping it neat and put away is a breeze to do.

Use these simple steps and soon your bedroom will be transformed from a chaotic mess into a serene sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a long day. And bonus, you’ll love falling asleep in a beautifully organized bedroom – it’s like a breath of fresh air for your home.

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How to Organize a Bedroom Step by Step

If you’re a busy woman, chances are your bedroom is the last place on your mind when it comes to organization. There are so many other things that need your attention that the room where you sleep tends to be the last on your list.

But here’s the thing. If you are tired then your days will be anything but productive and that will only put you into a cycle of frustration. Let’s back up and work on the clutter and chaos in your bedroom. Once you have a room that is organized and easy to keep that way you may just find your days are more productive and enjoyable.

a dog sitting in a messy and cluttered bedroom

Step #1. Remove the Stuff

Start by decluttering your bedroom of all unnecessary items. This would be any trash, old magazines, water bottles, food wrappers, junk mail, or empty bags.

Next, gather up anything that you can put away. Put your attention on any surfaces gathering up anything that you see.

  • Dresser tops
  • Nightstand
  • Any additional furniture
  • The foot of your bed
  • The floor

I like to use a laundry basket for this part as you can more easily load up all the stuff then turn around and quickly put it where it belongs.

  • Dirty laundry – take to your laundry room
  • Dishes – go into the dishwasher or kitchen sink
  • Paperwork or receipts – go into your weekly planning basket or your office
  • Shoes – go to the closet or the mudroom

Continue walking your room with your clothes basket picking up any items that need to be put away.

basket of random things with a put away sign on the front

Step #2. Clean

Now that you have the clutter gone, take a minute to do a quick clean-up of your bedroom. Organizing a clean room is so much easier than trying to streamline one that is dusty and dirty.

Do not spend too much time on this step. You can do a deeper clean in your bedroom later on. Your goal is to give yourself a bit of a clean slate to help motivate you to organize it.

Bedroom Cleaning Quick List

  • Dust the furniture
  • Make the bed
  • Sweep the floors
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Step #3. Clothes

One of the areas we tend to have so much more than what we need is with the things we wear. By removing the extra things we no longer wear or love we can organize our clothes more easily.

a woman sorting through clothes in a bedroom

No time to declutter your clothes? Set up a gradual way and remove the overwhelm.

How it works.

  1. Hang a bag on the handle of your dresser
  2. Every time you are getting dressed, look for 1-3 things you can put into that donation bag.
  3. If you do this every day for a month you will have over 100 things removed from your cluttered dresser!

This is called gradual decluttering and it is how I cleaned out my entire home without stressing out.

Once you have only the clothes you wear in your dresser you can organize them making it easier to get dressed each day. If you work outside of the home you can keep those items in your closet where they will stay neat and wrinkle-free ready to wear.

Set up each drawer with a different theme using organizers inside to keep items where they belong.

  • Jeans
  • Tops
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Personal items
  • Pajamas
  • Sweats
  • Shorts
  • Activewear

Step #4. Open Surfaces

A common hotspot for clutter is any open space. This can be the top of a dresser, at the end of your bed, on a nightstand, or even on the floor.

If there are items that you want to have out all the time, you can use baskets to keep like items together making an area look less cluttered and more put away.

A few ideas are:

  • Tray on your nightstand to hold creams, lip balm, tissues, and a water bottle.
  • Bowl on your dresser which you can empty your pockets into each night.
  • An organizer for your spouse where he can put his watch, keys, and wallet.
  • Hooks on the side of your dresser to hang your purse, tote, belt, or scarf.

Your goal is to give a home to each item so you can keep it put away and eliminate the messy clutter.

Step #5. Organize what’s left

If you want a bedroom that is free of clutter and mess all you need to do is put your things away every time you are done using them. This is where organizers come into play. When you can make it easy to put something away, like tossing an item into a basket on a dresser, you will find it easy to live clutter-free.

Organizers are basically shortcuts and the best organizers are the ones that are super easy to use.

A few bedroom organizer ideas are:

  • Put hooks to hold pajamas, robes, belts, or scarves.
  • Have a large basket on the floor to toss in pillows from your bed.
  • Have a hamper nearby for any dirty clothes.
  • You can invest in a mirror that doubles as jewelry storage.
  • Use bins to hold lotions.
  • Have organizers under your bed to hold seasonal clothes or extra blankets.
  • Use a reading bag to hold books or magazines.

Be sure to label each of your storage containers so you know where everything is. This will make it easier to put things all the way away when you are done using them.

Step #6. Furniture

When it comes to organizing a bedroom, the layout is key. You want to make sure that your bed is the focal point of the room and that everything else is arranged in a way that makes sense.

You can place your bed in the center of a wall in your room. This will allot it to be the focal point of the space and will help you to organize everything else around it.

You can then arrange your furniture in a way that makes sense and helps you to get a good night’s sleep. Have a nightstand on each side of the bed and a bench at the bottom.

woman sleeping in a bedroom next to an alarm clock

Try to avoid these pitfalls when organizing your bedroom.

1. Avoid having a dresser blocking a window. This will limit sunlight that can really help bring calm to a bedroom.

2. If you can try not to have exercise equipment in your bedroom. Keep the activity for sleep so you can create a more relaxing space.

3. Brighten up a room with a lighter paint color. Colors can affect moods and lighter colors can help you to wake up with a more positive attitude for the day ahead.

couple painting a bedroom light green

Step #7. Get Creative

Make sure that you have enough storage space. This is important for keeping your bedroom tidy.

Remember your goal is to be sure you have a home for everything you have in your bedroom. If you do not have the room you may want to rethink keeping it. If donating is simply not an option just yet, is there another room where you can keep this item?

If you are short on storage space here are a few ideas to help.

1. Hang shelving that you can then use to hold items you routinely use in your bedroom. A shelf near the ceiling is a great way to hold books you love to read before going to bed.

2. Hang a basket sideways for a unique way to hold bulky items.

3. Get creative by using a bed caddy for extra storage space when you are sleeping.

Bed caddy filled with books on a bed
source: MyleAus

3. Installing a floating shelf with bins to hold socks, pajamas, scarves, and even sweaters is a great way to add additional storage to a smaller room.

4. Hang as many clothes as you can in your closet and remove a dresser or two in your bedroom. This will really open things up and help to keep your bedroom tidy and free of clutter.

a cozy bed in an organized bedroom

No matter what you do to organize, remember to label each container so that you know where everything goes. This will greatly eliminate clutter if you are always putting your things away.

Step #8. Accessories

Clothes may not be the only thing you have too much off, accessories can quickly take over as well if we are not careful.

Things like scarves, belts, purses, totes, and jewelry can all become too much if we are not careful.

First soft out each collection only keeping what you love. Donate the rest to someone that will love this item and wear it often.

Next, use organizers to keep things in good condition while allowing you to put them away without too much effort.

Organizers for accessories

  • Jewelry – use a door organizer, dresser stand, or mirror storage.
  • Belts – use hooks or hangers.
  • Scarves – use hooks, a large bin, or keep them in a dresser drawer.
  • Purses and totes – use over the door hooks, closet organizer, or a tote under your bed.
  • Hats – use a wall organizer, a shelf in your closet, or over the door hanger.

How can I find more space in a small bedroom?

Let’s face it. Not all bedrooms are large with plenty of room for just as many dressers as you need. If you’re struggling to find storage in your bedroom, here are a few tips:

Tip #1. Get rid of anything you don’t need. The less you have the less you will need to find space for. Minimalistic wardrobes are great for organizing and help you start your day with less stress. We will talk more about this in a bit.

Tip #2. Look for unused space. Check under the bed, on the wall, on the side of a dresser, and even behind your bedroom door.

Tip #3. Utilize creative storage solutions. You may be surprised to find more storage when you think outside of the box just a bit.

  • Baskets on a shelf are great to hold accessories or seasonal items.
  • Hooks on the side of a dresser are perfect for hanging belts, scarves, or purses.
  • A door organizer can give you loads of extra space.
  • A dresser top organizer is great for smaller items.

Be creative with your furniture. Use a dresser as a nightstand, put a shelf over the bed, purchase a mirror with interior storage or invest in a bed that has drawers below.

Step #9. Minimalistic Clothing

Finally, one of the best ways to organize a bedroom is to keep it minimalistic. Yes, this can be a scary word but also a life-changing approach to an organized bedroom.

Minimalistic means getting rid of any unnecessary items and only keeping the essentials. Not sure what those are? Use the hanger trick to find out!

How the hanger trick works for decluttering clothes.

  • Turn all the hangers in your closet in the opposite direction, AKA backward.
  • Each time you wear an item, turn the hanger in the correct direction.
  • At the end of the month, any hangers that are still backward are things you haven’t worn in 30 days and a good sign you do not love them.
  • Repeat this tip every three months for a clutter-free closet.

Here are a few more minimalistic tips for your clothes.

  • Have 2 pairs of great quality jeans rather than 20 cheap options.
  • Have 2 hooded sweatshirts that you love to wear instead of 20 that you don’t.
  • Have 2 sets of pj’s that are cozy and soft.
teenaged boy holding a large piles of jeans

I adopted a minimalistic approach to my clothes a few years ago and even though it was an adjustment at first it helped me to keep a room that is organized, tidy, and super easy to keep it that way.

How to set up a minimalistic wardrobe.

First, you will want to pull out any clothes you wear often. The pieces you tend to reach for each time you are in your closet or dresser. Sort them out onto your bed paying close attention to what you have.

Your goal is to have a few key pieces in each category with supporting items allowing you to change things up.

  • Casual
  • Athletic
  • Work
  • Formal
  • Bedtime

You will want to have more pieces in the category you wear most often. For example, since I work from home casual is my go-to style just about every day. That means I have more options to choose from compared to formal ones.

Know what you like, and what you wear most often, and cut way back on the rest.

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Don’t let a small or messy bedroom hold you back from having an organized and tidy space. By following the tips above you can easily organize your bedroom without sacrificing style or storage.

Think outside of the box for storage options, downsize what you have, and create a collection of things you absolutely love and you will create a bedroom you love to sleep in.

Now that you have an easier way for how to organize a bedroom step by step you can get started today!

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