25 Easy Things to Declutter in May

If you are looking for an easier way to get rid of the extra stuff out of your home, then you might love this list. Get our list of 25 easy things to declutter in May and get your rooms ready for the warmer weather.

How to declutter using easy lists that help get the extra stuff gone for good. Don’t forget to grab your FREE checklist below!

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Spring is a time of opening up the house and letting out some of the stuffiness that winter can bring. To air things out and let the sunshine in. And if you are struggling with clutter, then a simple checklist might be all you need to get a hard start on cleaning things out.

It’s true that clutter can take over a room sometimes without us even noticing it is happening; by doing a bit of decluttering every day, you will stay on top of the excess and keep what you love – put away.

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The number one tip I love to give to folks that are struggling with clutter is to do a bit every day. Just like you make your bed each morning you want to incorporate decluttering as part of your daily routine. Then you can more easily keep things from piling up and getting out of control.

25 Easy Things to Declutter in May

Another simple way to keep on top of the clutter is to have a monthly checklist. Something you can follow along with and put this sometimes annoying task on autopilot.

Consider this your autopilot checklist for May.

Declutter Your Closet

If you are living in a wintering area, then May might get you in the mood to clean out the closets in your home.

There is nothing I love more than to get the sweaters all packed away, and the tank tops and shorts moved in. A great mood booster if there ever was one.

• Anything that feels uncomfortable when you put it on. Seriously, if you hate the feel of it, it is time to let it go.

• Socks with holes or missing mates.

• Sweaters that are stretched out or are not comfortable to wear.

• Stained clothes or torn clothes. Keep a few to use as rags and toss the rest.

D/M PRO TIP: Please do not donate anything that is torn, stained, or stretched out. Only give away clothes there are still good to wear. This is a great way to be helpful to those volunteers that will be going through your things at the donation centers.

• Shoes that have seen better days

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Declutter The Kitchen

This is an area that can quickly get out of hand. Let’s face it; there are quite a few tools that we need in the kitchen, it’s the duplicates and triplicates that we can sometimes get a bit carried away with.

A good tip to keep in mind. If you use an item daily, you may want to have a few on hand. Things like spatulas or potholders, for example. The less frequently you use a tool, the fewer duplicates of that tool need to be kept in your kitchen.

Kitchen Declutter List:

• Triplicates of items that you use only sporadically.

• Chipped or cracked mugs, glasses, or tea cups.

• Chipped or cracked dishes, bowls, or plates.

• Stained plastic or partially melted food storage containers.

DM PRO TIP: Begin replacing your plastic with glass. It’s true that glass food storage containers are a cost investment upfront, but they last so much longer.

• Cookware with peeling Teflon. It is always a good idea to replace any pots or pans where the Teflon coating is peeling for safety reasons.

• Bent silverware

Declutter The Family Room

This is one of my favorite spots in the home because it is where families relax and hang out together. Setting up a space everyone loves to be in will keep your kids out with you instead of locked up inside their bedrooms.

Family Room Declutter List:

• Cracked or scratched DVDs. If you see only a few surface scratches, you can try to repair them with eyeglass cleaner and a good buffing with a soft rag.

• Extra throw blankets. Store the ones you are keeping in a large basket.

• Extra throw pillows.

• Any toys in this room can be gathered and either put away or donated. Keep a small toy bin to hold your favorite toys for your kids or grandkids in this room.


Blanket put in a straw basket by the couch. The interior decor of living room..

Declutter the Front Closet

Since we are stoke for spring and talking about what to declutter in May, we might as well get those winter things sorted out and then packed away. (Happy dance!)

• Out-of-season clothes – If you have a place to store these off-season items and out of the main closet, now is a great time to pack them up. You can use a tote to store these things in the attic, a canvas storage container that you can keep under your bed, or zipper bags that will store nicely on a closet shelf.

• Coats that no longer fit anyone in your home.

• Gloves that are missing their partner (and have been for years now).

• Extra hats

• Boots or shoes that are no longer being worn

Declutter Your Car

Not many people think of their cars when decluttering, but it amazes how even our car can quickly turn into a storage container on wheels. While you are at it, you may want to check the fluids in your car to be sure everything is good.

• Tissues that seem to find a home in the door panels, center consoles, and seat folds. Set up a trash bag to keep things easier to toss.

• Toys – you can keep a few for travel emergencies. Use a car toy organizer to keep things neat.

• Books, magazines, misc papers. Get into the habit of bringing all papers in every time you leave your vehicle.

• Snow brushes and ice scrapers. Now that winter is over, you can store these items away.

• Clothes, shoes, and sports clothes that would wake the dead just from their odor.

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Declutter The Garage

With the weather warming up, you might be spending more time outside very soon. So, we will be rounding out our things to declutter in May list in the garage.

You can go through some of the clutter in your garage and get a head start on cleaning out this area of your home.

• Old cleaning supplies and dried-up car cleaners.

DM PRO TIP: I like to have a car wash bucket set up that holds all the supplies I need to wash my car. This not only keeps things all together so I can grab and go, but it also helps me to see what we are running low on more easily.

• Garden tools can be sorted through to be sure what you have is ready for the spring projects ahead. Replace any that have broken handles or bent ends. You can organize things quite neatly with a gardening system.

• Old paint and cleaners. Before you toss anything here, be sure you know what the disposal guidelines are for your area.

When you break down any decluttering project into simple steps like this, you might find cleaning out your home is a bit easier than you thought it would be. Never underestimate the power of a baby step!

Keep this list of easy things to declutter in May close by and follow it each time you are looking for a quick win clutter list to work from.

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