Where to Start Decluttering a Bedroom

If you are looking to fix your messy bedroom but have no idea where to begin, then this article on Where to start decluttering a bedroom will help. Know the best place to start so you can learn another effective way to declutter your bedroom and clean up another room in your home for good.

Where to start decluttering a bedroom

Are you looking around your bedroom and feeling overwhelmed at the amount of mess and clutter? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Most people tend to overlook this room when cleaning up their home. The problem is that the bedroom can be the messiest, making it a pretty daunting task to clean out. The good news is it will definitely be worth it in the end. So where do you start? Read on for tips on getting started and turning your bedroom into a space you love to sleep in.

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Where to Start Decluttering a Bedroom

Step #1. The 3 Core Steps

If you are new to Declutter in Minutes, this step might be new for you but it is the first step we always start with because it can change the entire state of the room you are working on. More often than not, what we think is clutter is really just things that need to be put away. The 3 core steps will remove the most common and hopefully make a huge dent in the stuff that you will have to deal with at the same time.

How the 3 Core Steps Work

Always do these 3 steps before you begin decluttering an area in your home.

  • Remove the Trash – Arm yourself with a trash bag and walk your room. Gather up anything that can be thrown away. Empty food bags, napkins, tissues, paper, etc. Take the trash immediately to your trash can.
  • Remove the Recyclables – Arm yourself with another bag and gather up any bottles, soda cans, papers, etc. Take what you have to your recycling bin.
  • Put Away – Finally, use a laundry basket to gather up any items you see that belong in. another room. Look for dishes, toys, tools, papers, shoes, mail, and anything you know that belongs somewhere else. Once you are done, take the time to walk your home putting everything you have inside of your basket all the way away.

Please do not overthink these steps, they are meant to be easy so you can declutter your kitchen counters without freaking out. Use them to get a quick win and let that motivation drive you as you work through the clutter.

Step #2. Surface Clutter

When you walk into a room usually whatever is lying out hits us with a negative feeling. This is just what we do not want to happen. We want to love our rooms and enjoy being in them. That means any clutter that is lying out should be one of the first areas you work on when decluttering a bedroom.

Since you have already done the 3 core steps what you have lying out should be a fraction of what you started with and that is good news. Take some time now to sort through what is left.

Clothes – if you find any dirty clothes put them into your laundry basket. If you find any clean clothes put them in the dresser or your closet.

Shoes – gather up any shoes you find and put them into your closet.

Towels – if you see any towels take them to the bathroom.

Bed – make your bed all the way. If you have a large collection of throw pillows you may want to remove some to make this daily chore easier to do.

Nightstands – If you have things all over your nightstands work on those areas. Put away what you can and use a basket to hold what is left.

bedside table that is free of clutter next to a bed

Floor – if there is anything left on the floor take the time to sort through what you see. Remove anything that does not belong in your bedroom to work on later. Once you are done, go through what you have left putting things away, where they belong.

Step #3. Clothes

Besides sleeping one of the most common tasks that happen in a bedroom is getting dressed. Take a look at your bedroom. Do you see clothes lying out? If so, gather up everything and take them to your bed. Sort them out making a few piles.

  • Current clothes you are wearing actively now. Put these clothes away into your dresser or closet.
  • Clothes that are out of season. Put these into storage containers until they are back in season.
  • Clothes that you no longer want or need. Set these aside to be donated.
white baskets labeled keep, give away, donate, maybe to sort clothes

Step #4. Bedside Tables

Also known as nightstands these may be the most valuable furniture in your bedroom. The purpose of these tables is to help you to sleep more peacefully. If yours are buried under random things you will want to do a bit of work to set them up a bit more efficiently.

Remove everything both inside and out of your bedside table. Sort out the trash as you go along with any items you find that belong somewhere else. Keep going until the only things you have left are what will be staying.

Next, you can streamline your table with a section for reading, a section for journaling, and a section for what you need or use while you sleep. You can use a small basket to hold your sleep aids so you can access them even in the dark while you are half asleep.

A few ideas to have in your sleep aid basket.

  • Tissues
  • Hand lotion
  • Lip balm
  • Bottle of water
  • Essential oils
night stand drawer organized to hold aids for better sleep

Step #4. Extra Furniture

Finally, the last area to declutter in your bedroom will be the furniture. Remember the purpose of this room, to help you to get a good night’s rest and to get ready for the day ahead. If you have things in the room that do not support those two tasks you may want to rethink them.

Exercise equipment is commonly found in a bedroom but they tend to end up buried under piles of clothing rather than used for improving health. If this sounds like your room, you may want to consider moving these things to a basement, garage, guest bedroom, or another area where you can use them for what they were intended for.

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Having a desk is another common thing to find in a bedroom. Paying bills can be a stressful task so having it in your bedroom where you are hoping to set up a serene area may not be the best idea. Take a look at your kitchen, family room, or even a corner in a hallway that may work better.

Less is more especially in a bedroom and if you have a claustrophobic feeling when there you may want to remove a few things to free up more of that space.

Step #5. Your Bed

Last but not least take a look at your bed. Is it an inviting place to lay your head? Does it make you smile whenever you see it? Do you feel relaxed just at its site?

If you answered no, then see what you can do to improve your bed. This is the main part of your bedroom so having pillows that you love, soft sheets, and cozy blankets are really important and something you may want to invest in. Find out what pillows work best for you. Do you like soft or would you prefer firm?

The best money spent for me was when I invested in really good cooling pillows. They really did help me to sleep much more comfortably.

Next are your sheets. Do they fit snugly or do they tend to come off during the night? Do you prefer silky or flannel? Have a few sets so you are ready for each season.

Finally, your mattress. This can get pretty expensive so before you invest in a new one try out a few toppers to see what you respond better to.

Our days are busy full of errands, tasks, chores, and events. Getting a good and restful night’s sleep is so important to be rested and healthy every day. If your bedroom is not inviting to you take the time to fix the mess. Now that you know just where to start decluttering your bedroom you can get started creating a space you love to sleep in today.

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