Declutter Bedroom Hacks

If you are looking for easy Declutter Bedroom hacks you are in the right place. These tips will help you to remove the clutter the easiest way so you can get closer to creating a bedroom you love. Use one or all to help you declutter your bedroom today.

declutter bedroom hacks

We all know that feeling of being so overwhelmed by our belongings that we don’t even know where to start. But don’t worry, I have some pretty awesome help for you today. From tips on how to organize your closet to getting rid of those pesky clothes you never wear, I have everything you need to get your bedroom decluttered in no time.

Imagine walking into your room and taking a deep breath without feeling like the clutter is going to suffocate you. It’s definitely possible with these Declutter hacks.

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Decluttering Bedroom Hacks

Hack #1. The Bed is Off Limits

Don’t let the bed become a catch-all for clothes, shoes, and other items. Make a rule nothing can go onto your bed other than yourself when it’s time to sleep. By making this area off limits you will keep the focal point of your room always neat and free of clutter. This will give you a great first impression every time you walk into your bedroom.

Young girl sleeping in bed

Hack #2. Dirty Clothes

Always be sure to put any dirty clothes in a hamper or other storage container as soon as you take them off. This will prevent them from piling up on the floor and give another large area in your room a neat and tidy appearance.

Hack #3. Use Storage

If you live in a 4-seasoned area then you probably have more clothes than the average person. To help keep things more reasonable and less overwhelming be sure to make use of your bedroom storage. Under-bed storage containers work great to store out-of-season clothes. You can also use this area to store extra bedding or other items that you don’t need to access on a daily basis.

woman holding a stack of winter sweaters in her hands

Hack #4. Put Clothes Away

More often than not much of our bedroom clutter are things that simply need to be put away. If you can adopt one clutter-free habit, let it be this. Always put your things all the way away when you are done using or wearing them. This one tip will keep most of your problems resolved and, in turn, give you a room you love to be in.

To make this habit even easier create a system that keeps things you wear routinely easy to get to. Socks in a top dresser drawer or pajamas on a hook on your door for example.

Hack #5. Use Hooks

I love organizing with hooks and find them a game-changer when working to keep a space neat and clutter-free. They work well in just about any room of your home, especially in the bedroom.

  • Hooks on the back of doors to hang robes, towels, or other items that you want to keep close at hand but out of the way.
  • Hooks on the side of a dresser work great for storing belts.
  • Hooks in a closet are perfect for scarves or hats.

Hack #6. The Nightstand

Many pieces of furniture have a specific job to do and this is true with the nightstand or bedside table. The job is to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Keeping this in mind work to declutter your nightstand aiming to keep only the essentials on it:

  • A reading lamp
  • Alarm clock
  • Charging station
  • Few books or magazines
  • Journal and pen
  • Bin of lotions
  • Lip care

Hack #7. Use baskets and bins

This is another of my go-to organizing tools, baskets, and bins. Not only do they come in all different shapes and sizes but can be used to store anything you can think of in a neat and tidy way.

What to store in baskets and bins.

  • Extra pillows or blankets
  • Slippers
  • Jewelry
  • Lotions
  • Pocket clutter
  • Hair care items

The more you can find to keep in a container the less surface clutter you will have lying about.

Hack #8. Don’t let dust collect on surfaces

Dirt and dust are side effects of too much clutter in a room. When you have less to move you might find it easier to keep up with the cleaning. Keep a weekly schedule so your bedroom is always neat and tidy.

What you can clean weekly in a bedroom.

  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor
  • Empty the trash
  • Empty the laundry bin

Hack #9. Stop trash

A simple tip but one that can make a huge difference. Keep a small trash can in your bedroom for wrappers, tissues, and other items that you want to get rid of quickly. When looking for a spot to keep a trash can see where trash tends to land now. If it’s on your dresser then that is your target for where to keep a trash bin.

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Your goal is to make each hack an easy one to keep up with. The closer you can put a trash can the more likely you will be to use it each time you have something that needs to be thrown away.

Hack #10. Clothes

Be sure to declutter your closet routinely. This is an area that most folks think once and done is all you need to do, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Clothes are something that tends to multiply quickly and routinely. A stop at a store to purchase milk can end up with a bag full of new tops and jeans. This can result in a cluttered room in no time.

To keep a handle on what you have to wear make it a habit to always be aware of what you are not wearing. You can do this easily by adopting the hanger trick.

Different clothes on hangers close up

Here’s how it works.

  1. Turn the hangers in your closet backward on the rod.
  2. As you wear an item, correct the position of the hanger it was on.
  3. At the end of the month, any hangers that are still backward are things you haven’t worn.
  4. These are the things you can donate to a local charity or consignment shop.

Decluttering your bedroom can be easy and fun when you know a few hacks to help you get started. Use hooks to hang items that you want to keep close at hand, use baskets and bins to store extra items, and declutter your closet on a regular basis to keep it from getting cluttered. A little bit of effort goes a long way to keeping your bedroom decluttered and looking great.

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