Storage Benches for Small Home Storage

Are you looking for more space in your room? This article will give you my top picks for storage benches. Whether you choose function or style, you can use a storage bench as another valuable decluttering tool to organize each tricky space in your home.


When living in a small home, it can be tricky to come up with additional storage ideas. There is only so much room, and even if you are an organizing Ninja, you might still be out of options after a while.

Sure, a pile of shoes in a mudroom may not be the best way to store your family’s footwear, but having dozens of pairs of shoes on a shelf is probably not a good solution either. 

Colorful kids shoes on floor

There is a little old-school trick that is quickly gaining popularity with families that are short on space.

Cue the storage bench.

Back in my day, this little beauty was called a storage ottoman. It might even still be called that today. No matter what the name is, the purpose is still the same.

To give families additional storage ideas in their homes.

Tucking storage into an ottoman or bench is quite brilliant. It’s a way to look at your home as a dual-purpose space.

Finding a way to use furniture as storage is just the tip of what you can do to keep things where they belong and put away. The best part is this space found hidden in a storage bench can be used for just about anything.

What can you keep in a storage bench?

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Hats
  • Gloves….. I could go on and on!
a whicker trunk with towels and clothes inside

The only limit is your imagination which is why this storage option is showing up more and more in furniture stores. Even if your home isn’t small, using benches can help you to streamline your home more easily.

Organizing things by family members is another great way to get control of everyone’s stuff and keep it organized by person, so you are not always searching for misplaced things. 

Let’s look at a few options so we can help you to find the perfect storage bench that will last your family for years to come.

Storage Benches and Ottomans for an Organized Home

Pick and choose the ones that are right for you. Remember to take into account the amount of space you have to put your bench along with what you hope to keep stored inside.

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Storage Bench With Cushion

Many homes today do not always come with a mudroom. Luckily, with so many storage options available today, you can quickly turn a part of a room into an entryway perfect for any family.

I love this bench and cabinet set because it is functional and looks great in a room. Use it to hold shoes, hats, gloves, or small sports equipment. There is plenty of room to sit comfortably, and once you hand the matching cabinet above it will only add to this bench’s functionality. 

Storage tip:

Take this bench up a notch and give each family member their own basket, along with a hook above that is just for them to use.

Help younger children by color coding each of their own areas. This will encourage everyone to be more proactive with their things.

This is a great way to keep coats, book bags, and shoes neat and organized, helping to calm some of the chaos that comes with a busy morning.

When your family has a specific spot to keep their things, they are more apt to put them in their home, and that means less clutter in your mudroom. 

Open Shelved Storage Bench 

If you are not a fan of baskets, this open-shelved storage bench is a great option for you. This more open approach gives a full shelf below for holding items up and off the floor, giving a neater appearance to a space.

I love this option for empty nesters or single folks, as it gives plenty of space without overwhelming a room.

If the thought of storing shoes on a slatted bench shelf like this one worries you about mud and dirt on the floor below, you can use a boot tray placed below your bench to keep the dirt and mud up off the floor.  

Don’t give up on baskets altogether, however, because they are a great way to organize and declutter just about any space in your home. Not only do they work on steps, but on tables, in drawers, bathrooms, and even bedrooms. Get some great basket organizing ideas to use in your own home.

Corner Entryway Storage Bench

Not sure you have enough space for a wide bench? You can always focus your storage by verticle. This hall tree storage bench is a great way to do just that.

With hooks for coats, anti-tip support keeping the bench safely in place, and bench storage down below, you have all you need for a smaller area in your home.

Remember to color code those hooks by assigning one to each family member to encourage everyone to put their things away. (Do you see a trend here?)

Leaving in the morning can be a bit of a mad dash, and by organizing things by each family member, you can avoid much of that.  

Best Shoe Storage Bench

I just love this bench and the farmhouse style of it. If looks and style are at the top of your list, this might be a perfect fit for you.

Let’s face it; not all storage solutions need to be only about function without any decor style at all. With that being said, I do feel this option is super functional.  

You can use this farmhouse sliding entry bench for more than just an entryway storage option for your family’s shoes. This would also look great in a family room as an entertainment center.

Use it for your TV stand, housing movies below organized by genre in baskets. Or you can purchase two and stack the benches in a dining room. Store dishes inside with the top, a great way to display your favorite pieces, or double as a buffet when you have guests over to visit. 

What is the best way to choose a storage bench?

  • Go into the room and look at your space.
  • Make a quick list of what you need to store.
  • Be sure to measure the space you have available.
  • Include the color and style as well.
  • Start shopping both online and in person, so you are sure to find the best deal at the best price.

Family Room Storage Bench

When our kids were younger, the number of toys and games that ended up in our family room was almost comical.

At first, I would spend quite a bit of time picking up things day after day, hauling the droppings left by my herd of kids back to their bedrooms. Finally, I realized instead of taking their things to the storage, why not bring the storage to where they love to play with them the most?

Even though this may sound like a good idea on paper, a plastic toybox in a family room may not be what you have in mind. 

The best solution is a stylish and functional storage bench like this pretty fabric storage ottoman.

I just love the look of this bench, which you can use to store more than just kids’ toys. You can also use it to store games, art totes, puzzles, books, and more.

No young kids at home? Then you can use this for holding extra pillows, warm winter blankets, and, yes, adult games too!

Toy Storage Bench

I just love this kid’s room storage bench/nook because it can create space where you may think there is none to spare.

Let’s face it, most kids’ rooms are short on space. This bench will allow you to utilize a corner efficiently, which is genius. With storage below, you have lots of room to keep some of the random toys put away.

Even more amazing is the padded surface giving a great space for reading or watching television.

You can use baskets set up in each cubby to hold clothes, toys, books, or art supplies. Remember, the trick to a cleaner space is to have an easy way for your kids to put their things away when they are done using them. And baskets in a storage cubby will do just that. 

Best Outdoor Storage Bench

One of the best storage solutions we made for our home was getting an

The best part is we now have extra seating whenever we need it without having to go looking for extra chairs. If I could choose my top pick from this list, this bench would be it.

Have one on your back patio, front porch, or even near your garden, and instantly setup a safe space to keep your things without having to worry about things getting blown or damaged. 


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Bedroom Storage Bench

When clients of mine complain about the state of their closets, more often than not, it is because they are keeping a full year’s wardrobe store inside.

By finding storage for out-of-season clothing, you will, in turn, free up valuable space in your closet and allow you to streamline things more easily.

Place a pretty storage bench like this floral fabric ottoman at the foot of your bed, and you instantly create room for extra clothing you may not have had the space for in your closet.



End Table Storage Ottomans

If you have a small family room, you may not have space for a large storage bench. That is why I just love these small cube ottomans.

Not only are they great for hidden storage, but they can also double as end tables. Oh, and did I mention they are great to put your feet on or even for extra seating?

Sometimes thinking outside of the box can allow you to see storage as furniture.

These small cube benches are great for holding blankets, videos, games, magazines, pillows, books, movies, and more—a great solution for small-space living. 

Go Custom Made

Wait, what if none of these options appeal to you? Then you can go for this amazing custom-made storage bench. This option is more of a cost investment, but this furniture will last for years and years, making the investment worthwhile.

Source: Habit Concept

I hope this list of fun storage benches gets your creative juices flowing.

With so many options available, I know you can find a solution for every room in your home in almost any style. These benches are perfect for a dual-purpose solution for your home, giving you extra space to hold items you may not otherwise have a spot for.

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite and how you use your storage benches to stop some of the clutter from taking over your home.

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