Filing Ideas For The Home Office

Paper can be quite tricky to keep organized. Having a list of filing ideas for the home office will help you streamline your papers so you never lose a bill again. Another great tip to use for your own home office organization.

When you have more papers coming in every single day, finding a way to keep it under control might just be on everyone’s top ten list. Luckily there are many options out there and that means all you need to do is find what works best for you. 

A image of an organized desk with the words Awesome filing ideas for the home office

The key to organizing papers is to be sure you are taking action in a reasonable time frame. You can do this with a weekly planning basket. This is a dropping place for any papers that come into your home that you know need to be dealt with. As an important paper comes in, you toss it into your weekly planning basket.

On the same day each week, you will go through each item found inside taking action as needed. This will ensure you never have a missed date, late payment, or lost document again. 

Remember, the trick to finding a paper system that works is to set up things in a way that will ensure you are taking action. This is crucial to keeping papers organized. Lost papers can lead to lost money, and that means finding a style that you can stick with is the key to making this all work. 

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Filing Ideas For Home Office

Many people have been working from home for the last two years, and finding a space in the home to work was a challenge. Whatever the reason may be, paper clutter may have or has gotten out of control. It is time to take back control of the desk and the paper clutter and find a filing system that works for you.

Hidden Storage for Papers

Some people need to think outside the box because living in a small space does not allow them to allocate space for a home office. Martha Stewart has helped us creatively manage and control the paper clutter by using a bench for additional storage. This is great for those small spaces, and it is a great filing idea for the home office.    

Image that shows the inside of a bench being used to file papers, an insert to hold office supplies such as pens, and a cork board on the top part of the bench.
Source: Martha Stewart   

DIY a Storage Solution

This easy DIY mail sorter helps organize the mail so it doesn’t accumulate on a table or desk. A mail organizer gives you a place to put the daily paper so you know where everything is going forward.

Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives. By having a streamlined solution for incoming paper you can relax knowing things are no longer getting lost or falling through the cracks.

Image of a sewn mail sorter

Easier Tax Prep

Doing taxes can be stressful, especially when you spend precious hours looking for important papers like receipts for that new computer or the business trip you want to expense out. This DIY solution is simple and takes just minutes to set up.

I love using coupon sorters to keep our own receipts together and actually, we have been using this system for years.

Get a step-by-step on how to set up an organizer using this idea and get a handle on your receipts starting today.

Image of a coupon holder used to sort receipts.


If you are a person that still pays bills by mail this simple organizing idea is a great one to try out. Setting up pouches to hold bills to file and bills to pay will ensure things get dealt with in a timely manner.

A bit of pretty paper, nice bold labels, and tape is all you need to get this system started in your home. Perfect for offices that are in out of the normal areas such as a cabinet in a kitchen.

Image showing file folder cut in half. Turned into envelopes and taped inside a cupboard to sort mail.

Office Supplies

Having a system for your office supplies will help you to find things quickly as well as save you money. Knowing exactly what you have will prevent duplicate purchases. This cute desk organizer is an easy way to hold the things you use every day.

Image showing a metal desk organizer for paper clips, sticky notes, and envelopes.

Daily Action Setup

Not every home has the room for a full office, and if this sounds like you, finding unique ways to set up additional storage can be helpful. I love hanging wall organizers because they help you to keep the papers out that are important. This visual reminder will help you to take action on the things that have due dates or projects that need routine attention.

This tool is also great for a Home Hub keeping kids’ papers organized in a specific location. When you have a place for things to go it will eliminate searching for papers going forward.

Image of a metal paper organizer with five slots and is attached to the wall .

Desk Top File Setup

If you are looking for an action file this is a great solution I love. A plastic vertical file holder. is a great solution that you can use for so many other things! Take menus, kid’s papers, bills, statements, even tax papers.

Image of a table paper sorter with five sections and holds file folders.

When it comes to finding easy ways to organize your papers, I hope this list of filing ideas for the home office gives you the inspiration you need to create a system that works for you. 

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  1. Thank you for this post. Paper seems to be my worst enemy! I really needed this, and hope to be paper organized very soon.

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