How to Find Hidden Bedroom Storage Space

Here is some help on how to find hidden bedroom storage so you can help keep your room and home uncluttered and organized.

When working on how to organize, the more tips you can learn to store your things the better you will be at organizing a home that stays neat and put away. 

clever hidden storage ideas for the bedroom

When my kids were little they used to love to hide their favorite things in their bedrooms. For some reason, they felt super protective over their shoebox of Pokemon cards or their coffee container that was crammed full of army men. And because they were so fearful that someone would sneak into their rooms in the middle of the night to snatch away their prized collections, they worked hard to find a place to keep their things tucked away and hidden out of sight.

Modern Gray tone bedding and bedside table and lamp in black

So maybe that is why I have a smile on my face as I’m writing this because I am helping you to also find hidden spaces in your bedroom. Space, where you aren’t necessarily, looking to hide something valuable of your own, but instead, you are looking to find a way to keep your things organized sorted, and put away.

Which in itself is a treasure all its own.

Walking into a bedroom that is free of clutter, free of chaos, free of messiness can be the best treasure in the world.

Where we live, we are lucky to have plenty of storage options with both an attic and basement available to us. Maybe that is why most cluttered homes are found up north…because we do have so many storage options. But not everyone has these spaces so finding room is the key to keeping things from getting out of hand in many homes.

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Unfortunately, storage can also be a good reason to keep as much stuff as you want for as long as you want.

I remember when I was a little girl going on treasure hunts in my grandparent’s attics. We found so great things up there and I loved looking around just exploring what they had. The funny thing is I don’t remember many boxes or bags or random piles. Sure, there were a few things but not entire corners filled to the ceiling with all sorts of stuff. Just a few here and there and most of them were labeled so you knew just what was inside.

Fast-forward to my own home and I think, I alone, renamed the attic and basement to catch-all rooms. We took keeping junk and stuff to an art form and at one time I had so much stuff in our attic it cracked the ceiling that was below our attic in our garage. I kid you not.

messy cluttered attic

Since then I have worked really hard to pare things down in our attic and I am happy to say, it is much better. Before when I would go into that space to retrieve an item I would see that room and just cringe at the sight of it all. Now, when I go in I simply find what I need and walk right out. No bad feeling of guilt or frustration. And yes, feeling that way is so much better than the stressed-out guilt-ridden way.

clean and organized attic

What if you do not have this much storage at your disposal? What if you have a small home with little storage to work with? Or what if you live in a home with roommates? Causing you to really make the most of the space you have.

Whether you are in a small home by yourself or with others, getting tips on how to stay organized can go a long way to creating a space you love to be in.

You will need to get a bit creative with what you do have. You will need to find some hidden storage space in other rooms of your home. And the best place to begin looking is in the bedroom.

Finding Hidden Bedroom Storage

Hidden Bedroom Storage Under the Bed

I think the most logical place to find hidden bedroom storage is underneath the bed. And maybe you are already using this space to hide, or what I meant to say, store things. But ask yourself this, are you using it in the best way? What I mean by that is, are you using the area below your bed to hold things that make the most sense to this space?

What to store underneath a bed.

Seasonal clothes – this is a great place to keep out-of-season items freeing up space in your closet so what you wear more frequently right now isn’t competing with what you only wear in another season.

Seasonal shoes – winter shoes and summer sandals can really take up quite a bit of space in a closet. Storing them under the bed is a great option. 

D/M PRO TIP: Do not be tempted to fill in space in your closet once you clean things out. It is so much easier to keep a pared-down closet organized than a crammed full one. 


Bed linens, extra pillows, or electric blankets – it is nice to have these things close by so you can get to them in the middle of the night if needed. 

It’s true I’m not the type of organizer that tells you to go shopping as soon as you need a container, I would rather encourage you to DIY something from your home. But when it comes to under-the-bed storage, purchasing sturdy and durable totes really is the best way to make the most use out of this area. And by using the best organizers you will keep your things from getting damaged by dust or dirt. 

Plastic totes – These are great to hold seasonal clothes or warmer blankets. They tend to work best on floors that are carpeted and are easy to pull in and out as you need them.

Clothes bins – These bins are sturdy yet not as hard as the plastic ones. They have a bit more give and may be easier to maneuver in cramped spaces.

Totes on wheels – If you have hardwood floors or tile, a tote with wheels may be easier to get in and out. The wheels, I have found, do not hold up as well on carpeting.

Organizers – Specific organizers can be helpful for keeping things better contained below your bed. Shoe organizers are a popular option.

Storage Baket/Cart – I love these carts and they are great to use for things you are needing more frequently. Toys in a child’s room or shoes you wear often. Since these carts do not have lids I do not recommend them for longer storage.

Hidden Bedroom Storage on Top of a Nightstand or Dresser

More often than not most people use open surfaces to toss their things. And maybe that is why clutter is such a big issue in the bedroom. Think about it, when you come in after a long day and you are looking to get ready for bed, you usually empty your pockets. Instead of putting things away, you toss them wherever you can looking for a free spot. 

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What if instead, we found a place for you to put those things, pocket clutter is what I like to call them until you have time to go through them piece by piece putting them away. And what if instead of random things cluttering the top of your nightstand we could find a spot for you to keep tissues in journals in water bottles while you sleep.

It may sound like a tall order because after all there’s only so much room in the bedroom. But actually, you may be overlooking a few common areas that you can use to store your things and keep them out of sight yet right where they are whenever you need them.

Dresser top organizer  – This is great to use for jewelry, coins, lipgloss, car keys, a wallet, or glasses. 

Nightstand top organizer – This is a great place to keep lotion, chapstick, phone charger, or an eye mask to help you sleep better. 

Bedroom interior with bed and flowers on nightstand

Hidden Bedroom Storage Next to Your Bed

When my children were younger I used to make quilted organizers that they could use while they were sleeping. I sewed them up with excess scraps of fabric and used a piece of plexiglass to secure them in between the mattress and box springs. There was a pocket to hold tissues, a pocket to hold a water bottle or a flashlight, and a larger pouch for a book or magazine. They really were nice and helped to keep them quiet and in bed instead of out looking for something in the middle of the night. What I thought was a unique invention actually is now a thing and a great way to keep the top of your nightstand cleaned off while keeping middle-of-the-night supplies close at hand.

Bedside caddy for men

Bedside caddy for women

Bedside caddy for kids

Another option is a bedside table caddy. Using the same technique as the organizer, this actually is hinged so you can bet it up or down again. This is great for a small bedroom that doesn’t have room for a bedside table.

Hidden Bedroom Storage on the Side of a Dresser

Command hooks – These are my go-to secret weapon when organizing my house, and nowhere is this more true than in a bedroom. If you are short on space then a few Command Hooks on a hidden side of your dresser is a great place to hang extra purses, totes, even belts, and other accessories.

Hidden Bedroom Storage Inside of a Cabinet Door

Using the same idea with the Command Hooks I mentioned above, this is a great way to organize your jewelry. Hang necklaces off one hook, bracelets off another, and anklets off of 3rd. A simple and inexpensive way to keep your jewelry up and tangle-free so you can see what you have more easily.

 Hidden Storage at the Foot of the Bed

I love furniture that doubles as storage, and a storage bench at the foot of the bed is a great way to create extra space in a bedroom. If you don’t have the money for a storage bench, you can always use a regular bench and place baskets underneath.

 What you can store at the foot of a bed.

  •  Extra blankets
  •  Extra pillows
  •  Shoes
  •  Scarves
  •  Hats
  •  Miscellaneous accessories


Beds That Double as Dressers

If you are really short on space then maybe a bed that has drawers in the base will be more help of for you. This will eliminate the need for totes and wheels but the ease that you can get to your things may be worth that trade-off.

Bed with dressers

Bed with dressers

Did you know that you can purchase beds that lift up creating an entire closet inside? I stumbled on this idea a few days ago and it’s seriously mind-blowing to see how much space can be hidden away. This is a great option for anyone that is extremely short on space. Even though it’s a pretty hefty financial investment, if you are able to create room for clothes that you would normally store in a dresser giving yourself more area to move around in a very small bedroom, I think this is a great use of your money. See it here!

Hidden Bedroom Storage Going Verticle

Another great way to find storage in a bedroom is to go verticle. You can put a series of shelves on an out-of-the-way wall to hold things that you simply do not have room to store in your bedroom. Think of it as another form of art by using bins and baskets that are decorative and functional.

Sturdy wall shelving-wide and high

Sturdy wall shelving-narrow

Be sure to choose shelving that is listed for “storage” to ensure the shelving is wider than normal. This will allow you to use baskets and bins to hold your things more easily.

What you can store on shelving.

  •  A basket of scarves
  •  Small tote of seasonal shoes
  • Winter hats and gloves
  •  Seasonal pajamas
  • Bathing suits and cover-ups
  • Extra blankets
  • Bed linens
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 Hidden Bedroom Storage a Table in Disguise

When my husband and I first moved into our very tiny apartment, we had to get extremely creative with our storage space. What I like to do was use two totes stacked on top of each other and covered with a pretty tablecloth. Top it with the lamp next to a chair and just like that, you have an end table that doubles as storage.

This will work great in a bedroom giving you a little bit of hidden space if you are in need of some.

When you are forced to think outside of the box you might be surprised at all of the hidden storage you can find in a bedroom. I like to start in the spaces that are not visible when you walk into a room. The side of a dresser that is facing the wall, underneath the bed, or a table made out of totes covered by a table cloth with a lamp on top to disguise your storage. These are all unique ways to create storage that is hidden out of the way. You may find that your small bedroom has more storage than you once realized.

Whether you have a large home or a small one, finding hidden storage can help you to maximize what you have but remember there is a fine line between storage and keeping clutter hidden away. Use these hidden gems to keep items that you use seasonally to better help free up space in your home that is needed for more frequently used things.

Have you used hidden storage in a bedroom to keep your things?

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