Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

If you are looking for Kitchen appliance storage ideas so you can remove the extra clutter from your kitchen you are in the right place. Get tips on kitchen organization and take another step closer to creating a room you love to cook in.


Are your kitchen counters hiding under a massive collection of appliances, tools, and kitchen gadgets?

Get unique and efficient storage ideas that will help you clear the counters and make cooking a breeze. Use what you have, purchase extra options, or incorporate a few of our DIY solutions to help you store small appliances, gadgets, and tools so they are neatly tucked away and out of the way.

Imagine having a spacious kitchen where you can easily cook your favorite meals without being hindered by clutter. With our storage ideas, you can make your dreams a reality.

Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

Where to store kitchen appliances?

When thinking of where you would like to keep the appliances you use in your kitchen you will want to start where you use them. Remember, a system that is easy to keep up with is, well, easy. That means storing your smoothie maker in your pantry on the other side of the kitchen when you use it daily may not be the best idea. You can, instead, put your mixer on a shelf near where you make your daily smoothie. This will keep the appliance put away yet close enough so it is easy to get to it.

Storage Cart

These carts can be incredibly helpful by providing extra storage space that you can move around with you. You can use a kitchen appliance storage cart to store small appliances such as a coffee maker, blender, or toaster.

Sturdy Shelf

When short on space be sure to look at your walls. A sturdy shelf can work great to store appliances such as a mixer, food processor, or grinder.

Deep Drawer

If you have a newer kitchen then you probably have a few deep drawers in your setup. These work great to store pots, pans, and other large cooking utensils.

Opened drawer with pots and pans inside in beige kitchen with marble countertop

Purchase a Cabinet

If you have extra room in your kitchen you may want to consider purchasing an appliance cabinet. With super sturdy shelves, you will be able to store a variety of appliances. Items such as a crock pot, instant pot, air fryer, indoor grill, or extra plates, bowls, and glasses.

Roll Out Shelves

When looking to store appliances you will want to be sure to keep things easy to get to. This is especially true of anything you tend to use frequently as in a few times each week. A pull-out shelf in a cabinet will work great to hold just about any items that you want out of the way but still close by.

I like to have my indoor grill stored this way. A large pull-out shelf keeps my grill out of sight yet easy for me to reach and place on the counter above which is where I use it when I cook. For me, quick and easy is crucial with any new system I set up. One step is the key to me keeping up with putting my things all the way away when I am done using them. And this setup checks all of those boxes.

indoor grill on a pull out drawer in a kitchen

Kitchen Pantry

So many times folks get stuck in rules and nowhere is that more true than with our pantries. Food is not the only thing that you can keep in your pantry, appliances, paper supplies, holiday items, and even tools, and gadgets all can be stored here.

When storing appliances in a pantry you will want to put things where they will be convenient for you to get to. Heavy items can be stored on a cart that is parked in your pantry whereas lighter items can go on a lower shelf. If you have appliances that you use sporadically you can put those on an upper shelf utilizing all the space you have available.

Themed Cabinets

If you have more than one option of appliance you may want to consider setting up a themed cabinet. For example, if coffee and tea are something you love then a cabinet above your coffee maker can be transformed into a “Hot Drinks” cabinet.

You can store:

  • Coffee mugs
  • Coffee pods
  • Ground coffee
  • Flavored creamers
  • Teacups
  • Tea bags

By keeping all the tools you need in the same area you will keep the mess of that task to a minimum. Not only that, cleanup will be a breeze as well.

coffee maker, coffee basket and cup organized in a kitchen

Appliance Garage

If you have a corner on your kitchen counter you can transform it into a storage area for your smaller appliances. This is a simple DIY project and a great way to create storage that is out of sight yet conveniently close by.

Appliance Sliders

If you have deep counters then keeping appliances on them may be a little tricky. With these helpful sliders, you can now keep appliances out of the way and simply slide them out when you need to use them.

toaster appliance sitting on a slider shelf in a kitchen

Kitchen appliances can take up a lot of space, but with a little creativity, you can find a place for everything. By using a kitchen appliance storage cart, shelf, or drawer, you can easily organize your kitchen and make it more functional. With a little bit of planning, you can streamline your kitchen and make it more efficient. And with a little bit of creativity, you can turn your kitchen into a theme park. So get organized and have fun!

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