How To Organize An Office Desk Without Drawers

If you are struggling with a messy desk this article will help. Learn how to organize a desk without drawers and add this to your home office organization fix list.

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

Does your desk look like a tornado hit it every time you try to organize it? It’s not surprising – without drawers, it’s hard to keep everything in its place. You may even have tried to organize your space only to have it a mess in just a few minutes. And let’s face it, an office usually has so many tools and papers and equipment that needs to be easy to get to. This can make it even more challenging to streamline.

Maybe your entire office needs to be fixed? If you have a messy office you can get step-by-step help so you can come back here and organize more easily.

No worries, today’s tips will have you streamlining your desk in no time so you can get back to working once again.

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How To Organize An Office Desk Without Drawers

Working from home can be a challenge when your desk is in shambles. Trying to complete tasks in a chaotic space takes twice as long, especially if too much time is spent looking for things.

How does one organize an office without drawers?

Containers are going to be your friend when organizing a messy office which is great news because there are so many options out there. From bowls to baskets, hanging organizers, and desktop drawers I know we can find a solution you will love.

Go Magnetic

For my own desk, this was a great option and is working so well for me. Magnetic organizers help to keep the things I use daily within arm’s reach keeping the surface of my desk free of necessary clutter.

magnet desk organizers holding pens, markers and office supplies

The biggest source of clutter next to paper is usually office supplies. If you can find a solution for that one area you will alleviate a lot of the surface chaos without too much effort.

DIY Cans

A cost-efficient way to control the pens and pencil clutter is to save cans. Cans such as soup or corn cans can be washed and upcycled. They are a great way to reuse and turned into writing utensils organizers. All that is needed is some paint or some nice scrapbook paper, and voila! Easy peasy pencil, pen, or scissor desktop organizer.

Image that shows: Cans painted and used to sort pencils, markers, and scissors

Mason Jars

If cans are something that doesn’t fit the decor of the room or is something that is not easily available at hand, then mason jars or pickle jars can also do the trick. Add a bit of spark by decorating the jars with some ribbon or string.

You can also add some fun labels to bring in more of your style as well.  

Image that shows: Recycled glass jars tide with string that hold pencils, markers, pencil crayons, markers and paint brushes.

Conceal Wire Clutter

Paper clutter is not the only clutter that can accumulate at a desk. Many people have printers, computers, phone chargers, and more that turn into wire clutter on a desk.  Wire clutter is real and if not managed or controlled it can take up the entire desk. 

How can you keep wire clutter off the desk?

You can do this by tucking wires out of sight. This wire organizer is a great way to hide the wires from electronics in a box. It looks great underneath the desk and works perfectly to keep wires out of the way of your feet.

Image that shows: a wood box open with slots on each side for wires or cables to go through.
Image that show: A girl watching tv and a box with cable and wires below it.

Sticky Notes

If you love post-it notes as much as I do then you may have quite a few on your desk right now. This organizer is a great way to keep them close by without getting lost on a messy desktop. Great news, there is plenty of room to hold even the largest stick note collection.

Image that shows: A small box that holds sticky notes and a pen in it with a clip that holds a picture.

Hidden Storage

This is a great tip to find extra space that is a bit out of the normal options you may be used to seeing. Using a chair cover with pockets is a genius idea! Not only is it easy to make it works great for papers, office supplies, journals, and even phone chargers.  No sewing is needed to create one of your own, a hot glue gun can do the trick as well. Just be sure you use fabric glue sticks.  

An Image that shows: A chair cover with pockets to hold folder or paper.

All in One

If you have struggled to find an organizer that you love the look off, why not check out Etsy? That is my go-to place for unique custom-made items. This desk organizer can be used to sort writing utensils, paper clutter, and electronics. I just love the little calendar addition which gives it a fun touch. That gets brownie points since many people do get carried away with their daily tasks and forget the date. 

Image that shows: A wooden organizer that hold pencils, mobile phone, and a notebook. It also has a small drawer and a calendar blocks.

If you are looking for a bigger all-in-one option, this may be a good fit for you. This organizer is perfect to keep in a corner of the desk having everything you need easily accessible. Pens, pencils, notebooks, planners, paper and more can fit and the look is so unique.

Image that shows: A wooden organizer that holds pens, planners, and paper
Source: Etsy: ZARAMAX

By following these simple tips, your desk will be easier to keep put away and you’ll have a more productive space that you love to work in. Stop office clutter for good and start enjoying your workspace again.

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