5 Tips to Clean Up Your Office

Having a messy office can be incredibly distracting, you need this space to be organized in order to help you to think more clearly. Nothing is quite as loud as clutter, so let’s talk about a few tips to clean up your office. I hope this will help you to create a space you love to be in while helping you with Home Office Organization at the same time. 

tips to clean up your office

A cluttered and messy office can lead to a cluttered and disorderly mind. If you want to be productive, it’s important to create an environment that is both comfortable and functional. I know I said it before but it bears repeating.

Clutter is loud and can be incredibly distracting.

By finding easier ways to clean out the distractions you will be able to organize what is left and, in turn, create a more inviting office space to work in.

Tips to Clean up Your Office

1. Start by Decluttering Your Office

One of the best ways to make your office more inviting is to remove the extra stuff. Let’s face it, a messy room can be not only distracting but stressful as well. That’s why it is so important to get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in this space.

Here are a few tips for decluttering your office:

Start by clearing off your desk.

Gather up any trash and recyclables that you see as you look at the items on your desk.

a messy desk in an office covered in papers, a laptop and trash

Next, gather up any items that belong somewhere else. Put these items into a box or basket as you find them. Once done, take the time to walk around your home and put anything inside of this basket all the way away.

Do not be tempted to set these items off to the side, saving this task until later. Our goal is to keep making progress and that means moving a pile of things from one room to another is relocating and not decluttering. Stop, put these things away, then come back to the office to continue on.

Three Steps to Take Before you Declutter

Finally, get rid of anything that you don’t need or use on a regular basis. This includes old paperwork, knick-knacks, magazines, books, and other office supplies.

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Go through each drawer.

To make this job easier, work on one drawer at a time. Just like in step one, remove any trash or recyclables and get them gone. Next, gather up anything that belongs somewhere else. Whether that be in another drawer or another room altogether. Continue working through each drawer until you touch them all.

When you are finished the only items remaining should be things that are going to be kept there going forward.

Once your desk is dealt with you can turn your attention to any shelves, bookcases, and storage areas in this space. Again, get rid of the trash first then anything that you don’t need or use regularly.

A shelf in an office of books and baskets

Take a look around your office as a whole. Are there any other areas that could benefit from some decluttering? If you have too much furniture, for example, see if you have another area where these pieces could be used more efficiently.

D/M Pro Tip: Rather than moving these heavy items yourself, I suggest putting post-it notes on each piece of furniture noting where you want it relocated to. Next time you have help you can move the rest of the heavy items.

3. Organize your office space

One of the best ways to make your office more inviting is to organize it. Having a specific place to keep your things is not only a good way to keep a room put away it is also a good way to make it easy to find things quickly when you need them.

The reason why a room becomes cluttered is mainly because the things found lying about have not been put away. To make this easier to do you will want to use containers to hold like items so you can toss things in as you are done using them.

  • A basket to hold paper for the printer.
  • A filing cabinet to hold important papers.
  • Binders to hold manuals.
  • A basket to hold receipts.

a basket on a wood table with a label that says receipts
  • A carousel organizer to hold pens, pencils, and markers that you love to use daily.

a container holding pens and markers next to a stack of notepads

Containers are meant to “contain” things so they do not get lost or misplaced. When you look at organizing in this way it will make it easier for you to streamline each space.

4. How to Create a Comfortable Office

Now that you have removed the clutter and organized what is staying you can now add a few final touches to make this space more inviting. A comfortable work environment is essential for productivity. When a space is a mess we tend to avoid it. So, if your kitchen is a disaster, for example, you may order takeout rather than cook your meals from scratch. The same is true in your office.

Having a neat and inviting space is a great motivator to use and it may help you to get busy cleaning things out.

Make sure your office is properly lit.

Ideally, you should have a mix of natural and artificial light. This will help you stay alert and focused throughout the day.

Make sure your office is at a comfortable temperature.

Some people prefer a cooler temperature, while others prefer it a bit warmer. Find what works best for you.

Clean the air.

Plants are a great way to keep the air in a room fresh. If you are not a fan of plants, you can always invest in an air purifier.

a wood desk in a white office with plants

5. Add Personal Touches to Your Office

1. Hang pictures or posters that you enjoy looking at.

3. Display your favorite quotes or sayings.

4. Use fun and colorful office supplies.

5. Keep a comfortable blanket or throw nearby for chilly days.

These are just a few tips to clean up your office and, in turn, make this space more inviting to be in. By decluttering, organizing, and adding personal touches, you can create an environment that is both functional and comfortable.

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