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If you are like me then you are here because you simply love to read. But with the business of our days and our never-ending to-do lists, finding time on how to read more often might seem like an impossible task. All those books you love are just begging to be opened, not to mention that wonderful stack of magazines and they all seem to be calling out daily to your word-loving soul. Unfortunately, without the time set aside to actually sit down and open a book, you may find days or even weeks passing you by without so much as one-paged turned.

Add to the problem the fact that I am an old school girl and love a solid book in my hands and you have a clutter-bug nightmare. Books tend to multiply like magic and if you are not careful you can have a problem on your hands. The problem of too many books and just not enough space. And although this hack will work for those Kindle lovers out there, it works the best with good old solid in your hands, books.

woman reading a book

For me, finding time to read was only half my problem, I also needed a way to read. Something that would allow me to have my favorite books and magazines all ready to go whenever I found a few minutes to dig in.

For many clutter bugs like myself, looking for things just comes with the territory. That is why I am always searching for a shortcut that will have me looking less and doing more or in this case reading more often.

After using my bedside table to hold my precariously tall stack of reading crack and then knocking it over a few times in the middle of the night while reaching for a drink, I finally found a way to do it. To hold my current and favorite books altogether so I could grab it, take it, and use it whenever I felt the need for a reading fix.

The Reading Bag – How to Read More Often

Yes, the reading bag. My super simple hack that has me finally, FINALLY, allowing me to fit in time for reading. For the longest time, I was putting books where I “thought” I would read them. By my bed, in the family room, even in the bathroom. I had them strategically spread out throughout my home for the off chance that location would be where the reading urge would hit. Instead, when a pocket of time would finally show up and reading was my first place to go, I would spend all of those precious minutes looking for my books and magazines running from spot to spot, looking for this book or that magazine.

Finally, I realized, it’s not the location that had me stuck it was the convenience that was holding me up. If I could just find a way to hold ALL of my current books so I could simply grab them whenever I wanted to read, that should fix everything.

Off I went to scour my house for a suitable bag. One that would hold a few books, maybe a magazine or two along with my pen and journal. I wanted this bag to be useful yet inviting. To be efficient yet a joy to look at and use. That way no matter where I chose to keep that bag I would not be an eyesore but instead an inviting bag full of my favorite things.

a bag of reading books next to a bed

How Does a Reading Back Help me to Read More Often?

It’s simple really, and sometimes the very best tips are just that…really, really simple. When I am heading on a trip I can just grab my reading bag and take it along for a more peaceful ride. Heading to a doctor’s appointment? My reading bag is there with me making the wait more enjoyable.

Hubby wants to monopolize the television yet again for another hockey game, seriously…another game.. tonight? My handy reading bag is there to make this mind-numbing hobby a bit easier to tolerate.

No more searching for something to read, no more hunting for my latest Farmhouse magazine, no more stressing about my library books being overdue. They are all there, in my reading bag, right where I can find them every single time.


Woman reading in the park. how to read more often

Where should you keep a reading bag? 

I found the best place is where you will look for it first. I know that sounds silly but honestly, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Ask yourself, “If I wanted to find this bag, where would I look first?” Whatever your answer is, that is where you should try out keeping your reading bag.

For me, the best place to keep my own reading bag is right next to my bed. This is usually the only time that I find I am able to read and by having that bag next to my bed I can find a book without having to get up.

A reading bag next to a bed. A tip on how to read more.

Want to find time in your day for how to read more often? Maybe all you need is a super simple reading bag. You might just be surprised at how well this reading hack works.

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find time to read with a reading bag


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