Storing Appliances in a Pantry

If you are struggling to keep your kitchen counters clear of stuff then storing appliances in a pantry might be the answer you have been looking for. Get pantry organization tips that you can use to streamline this extension of your kitchen. 

Kitchen gadgets might be something I have a weakness for. I don’t know what it is but just seeing that there is a new way to open a can is enough to have me reaching for my wallet. And, seriously, can you ever have too many cooking gadgets? If so, don’t tell me.  

Store appliances in your pantry

If you love to cook then I am sure you have a pretty impressive collection yourself. But don’t worry, I am not one of those people that forces folks to declutter things they love, not at all. If you love it (or them) and you have enough room for storage, then you have met the criteria needed to keep them. by all means, hang on to them. You love all those kitchen gadgets but you do not have the space to store them. That’s the rub. 

If you are short on space you will need to make some decisions. Decide what will have to go so you can make room for what you want to keep.

I love my indoor grill and I use it several times throughout the week, but it’s big. Huge actually and not something I want to have out on my counters all the time. That meant I needed to find room in my kitchen so I could keep it put away but still make it easy to get to whenever I wanted to grill. To do so, I needed to declutter my collection of bakeware, paring down on my rather large collection of cookie sheets, loaf pans, cake, and brownie pans.

Once done, I was then able to free up enough space to hold my indoor grill. 

Declutter what you do not use, need or love so you can make space to hold what you do.

When it comes to appliances, there are three areas where you can choose to keep them.

  1. On the kitchen counter.
  2. In a cabinet or cupboard. 
  3. In the pantry. 

I am pretty selfish when it comes to my kitchen counters. I only keep out what I use several times a day. That means in our home, our coffee makers and toaster are all you will see sitting out. Why? Because having open counters is more appealing top me than having a collection of appliances lined up in a row. 

A kitchen with bare clutter free counters

A few options for appliances you can keep out at all times.

  • Coffee maker
  • Toaster
  • Toaster oven
  • Can Opener

The next best spot for storing small appliances is in a cabinet or cupboard in your kitchen. This will allow you to keep your appliances close by without sacrificing any of that beloved counter space. This is a great option for things you use a few times a week. 

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A few options for appliances you can keep stored in a kitchen cabinet.

Finally, you have your kitchen pantry. The last best spot for storing your kitchen gadgets and appliances. This is a great option for appliances you use every now and then, whether that be weekly or monthly, or seasonally. 

A few options for appliances you can keep stored in a kitchen pantry.

If you have not considered a pantry as a good option for extra storage, stick with me a bit as I try to change your mind. 

Storing appliances in a pantry

Most folks may think a pantry is meant only for storing food, and you would be correct for a majority of the space, but not all of it. Cleaning supplies, paper products, seasonal items, and even small kitchen appliances are all great options for your pantry. The trick is most appliances are rather heavy, so you will want to choose a location that is easy to get to without risking injury to your head or your back.

I made the mistake of storing my heavy stand mixer on an upper shelf in my pantry, and the first time I tried to get it down, the weight of it took me off guard. I can’t tell you how close I was to knocking myself out cold with that mixer. Lesson learned, I now keep my heavy mixer closer to the floor, making it so much easier for me to get to 

There are a few areas that are perfect for holding appliances that you may want to try out.

  • A lower pantry shelf.
  • The pantry floor.
  • A deep corner. 

It’s true that these areas are a bit awkward to get to, and this is why they are so perfect for appliances. Prime real estate is a term I often use when speaking about organizing. This is the area that is easiest for you to access and the best location for keeping anything you use frequently. Think waste to shoulder. That is your sweet spot, your prime real estate, and in a kitchen pantry, the items you want to store here are any food supplies you use often. 

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What appliances should you keep where? 

The answer to this question all depends on you. If it is heavy for you to lift, keep it where it is easiest to pick up like a sturdy shelf that is near your waist. If it is a lighter appliance, you have a few more options as to where you want to keep it.  

Remember the goal of organizing any area in your home. To make it easier to access the things you need to perform a task and to make it just as easy to put those items all the way away when you are done. This means if bending over so you can get to your lower shelves is not an option, then you may have to add a bit of help. 

An appliance caddy is a great tool to invest in as long as you have room in your pantry for it. The great part about these caddies is you can fold them down when you are not using them. This makes them a great organizing tool that you can use in a number of rooms in your home. 

Another option is a pull-out shelf with a heavyweight capacity. You will want to do your research before investing in a pull-out shelf. Not all will work in your pantry, take into consideration the type of shelving in your pantry, the weight of what you hope to store on it, and if you have the room to not only install it, but open it as well. 

Another option for storing appliances in your pantry is a deep corner. These can be tricky to organize making them another candidate for holding appliances. Remember to keep the heavy low so you do not hurt your back while getting them. If you have a deep corner, a label reminding you what you have stored there may be helpful for you. You may want to invest in an extra pantry shelf to really make the most of this awkward area. 

Setting up extra shelving in a pantry corner where you have none. I love this option as it creates space where you may have none. A corner shelving unit can magically give you so much more storage. 

No matter what option you choose to invest in, I want to encourage you to have things set up before you start moving appliances in. Move a few things to your pantry and see how you do. If you love the move, then you can relocate a few more later on. It took me a bit to get used to the change, but once I did, I loved it. Having those bare counters greeting me each time I came into my kitchen was worth the extra few steps a few times a week.

And the funniest outcome was I found myself using those appliances more once they were gone than I was when they were out. I think the clutter keeps all motivation away, causing us to lose our love for doing things we once used to. If you love to cook but haven’t been doing so for a while, it might be the state of your counters in your kitchen. 

Another reason to try this tip out and see how it fits. 

When storing appliances in a pantry, it is important to set things up with sturdy shelves, drawers, and carts. Invest in tools that will help you to keep your kitchen and pantry streamlined, and you will set up a system that will benefit you for years to come. 

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