Organization Ideas for Your Sewing Room

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your sewing room? Are there more supplies than room to work? If so, don’t worry. Today we will help you love your space again with organization ideas for your sewing room.

How to organize a room that you love to create in.

how to organize a sewing room

If you love to sew then you probably have a pretty impressive collection of material, patterns, and sewing supplies. You also probably have a hot mess on your hands because there is just so much and such a large variety of tools and things that go with sewing.

Today we are going to help you fix all of that by streamlining your workspace one area at a time. We are going to look at a few organization ideas for your sewing room that will not only make it easier to work on projects but might just turn this room into a favorite in your home.

Sewing machine and colorful thread rolls, scissors, fabric and accessories for sewing on white background, Sewing

When you are looking to set up an organized sewing room your goal is to create a space that is both beautiful and functional. I am sure you are wondering if that is even possible and I am here to say, yes, it is! When you choose organizers that turn your supplies into artwork you will transform your room into a beautiful aesthetic space that will fuel your creativity. 

What is the best way to organize a sewing room?

Before you start to organize it is important to know just what items need to be stored and where the best location will be. To do this you can make a list of your most common supplies and the ones you use most often. This will better help you to narrow things down and chose a system that works best. Remember to keep in mind what ideas you are drawn to from the list below.

If you are someone that needs things to be simple and easy to use, then you may want to look for functional options that use bins and baskets. If you are someone that is drawn to looks, then pretty is probably going to catch your eye first.

By knowing what makes you smile and still motivates you to use a setup you will better create a space with systems you can more easily stick to.

Some of the most common options for organizing your sewing room are:

  • Pegboards
  • Jars
  • Baskets
  • Bins
  • Totes
  • Shelves
  • Magnetic 

When all else fails go the common route. That is my motto, but we are also going to look at a few uncommon and unique approaches as well. No, not all of these ideas will work for everyone so pick and choose the ones you love and get to work!

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Pegboards for Sewing Supplies and Tools 

I love using pegboards to keep tools and supplies organized because the sky is the limit when it comes to options. Another bonus is when you use a system like this one you are not stuck with a setup. The holes allow you to move things around as you add in more supplies or different organizers as your tastes change.

a pegboard of organizers for organization ideas for a sewing room


Let’s face it, pegboards are both functional and beautiful with all the different accessories and colors available to organize your sewing supplies. What I love about them most, is by adding in a bit of trim to frame your pegboard in, you will turn this organizing system into a bit of wall art. My favorite way to organize a space in any home! 

Most pegboards can be accessorized with a few fun options

Once you start testing out pegboards in your sewing room, your eyes will be open to so many possibilities! 

When choosing where to hang your pegboard you will want to keep it as close to your workspace as possible. The goal of organizing is not just to keep things put away but to also streamline your workspace more efficiently. I like to use zones to help with the layout.

A zone is where you perform a certain activity. In a sewing room, for example, you may have a work zone, a cutting zone, a sewing zone, and a finish work zone. If your pegboard is going to hold sewing tools then putting it near your work zone and/or table will be your best option. 


Hanging Fabric Storage

If you are short on space, then this next option might be the perfect solution for you and your fabric collection. Let’s face it, when space is tight looking for out of the ordinary organizing solution is the key and this option really proves that point.

hanging material in an organized sewing room


By utilizing a closet in a room and a few pant hangers, you can easily hang your fabric and really set up an efficient system for your material. If you do not have a closet you can use a curtain rod to do the same thing on your wall. This option will also serve as a decoration piece that will bring a pop of color to your room. Another bonus when you organize this way, by getting your fabrics up and out where you can see them it really helps you to use them before the patterns go out of style. 

Cookie Jar Thread Organization

I absolutely love using jars as organizers and this is another great way to add a bit of color and fun to a sewing room. If you have a few mason jars or cookie jars you can use them to sort out the threads you have by color. Display on a shelf or other surface and keep them close to your work zone for easier access.

By using jars you will make it easy to find the threads you need quickly. Jars are really affordable especially if you find a box of them for pennies at a yard sale and are a great organizing option for just about any room. 

green and blue threads in cookie jars

I have said it so many times I risk sounding like a broken record, but when you can make art out of your organizing setup you are creating a win-win situation. And, if you ask me, nothing is more artful than a jar full of colorful threads. 

D/M PRO TIP: You can also use thread-filled jars to hold up books in your sewing room as well. Sewing how too books or quilting books are another item that can get lost in piles. Get those books up and out where you can see them and use the jars of thread to divide the subjects out. 


Organizing Buttons in Your Sewing Room

I love having buttons to the point where I may have more than I should. They not only work great for sewing projects but for paper crafting projects as well. I have tried many ways to organize my buttons and I have found that fishing tackle boxes work the best.

buttons in fishing tackle containers

If you have a large collection of buttons you can organize your buttons by style, by color, or by use. Whatever fits into your organizing personality.

To know, ask yourself this question. If I wanted to find a button for a sewing project what would make it easy for me? This will help you to sort things out in a way that will make sense for your future self. Remember the easier the organizing solution is for you, the more likely you will be to stick with it for the long haul. 

buttons in clear containers

Material Organization with Cinder Blocks

Another thing I love to do when organizing my sewing room is to reuse items in a different way. Creating what you need out of what you already have on hand and this option is a great example of that in action.

When you sew there is one thing you have a lot of and that is fabric so the hanging option above might not work for you especially if you have a rather large collection. If that is true then this idea might be a better fit.

cinder block material organizing system for a sewing room

Thread Organization:

You may not have thought to use cinder blocks and random boards as storage but this is a great alternative especially if you have a pretty large collection of material. When looking for solutions in your sewing room always shop your home first to see what you have. You might just be surprised at what you can find in one area that might work out great in another. 

The goal for organizing in a creative space is the same. Get your supplies up and out where you can see them. When you do this you will not only use up what you have more efficiently but you will no longer buy supplies thinking you need them when you actually have more than is necessary. “In plain sight is in mind” and will make you more aware of what you have so you keep your supplies in check going forward.

thread on the wall

Wall Organizers for Threads

If you need to have your threads easier to access then you might want to opt for a simple store-bought option. These wall organizers specifically for thread storage work out perfectly and really are a great way to keep your entire thread collection out where you can access it easily.

They not only come in different sizes but in different finishes as well so you can definitely find a style that will work for your room and the collection you are hoping to organize.

Go one step further and sort your threads by color so it is even easier to grab the ones you need while working on a project. Sorting threads this way will also help you to more easily see where you need to fill in on colors and where you have much more than you may need.

Sewing Pattern Storage Boxes

I just love this idea because it is super simple to make and works perfectly for any organizing style. Patterns are another one of those things that can quickly get out of hand. Having a way to keep your projects sorted and stored that is easy will get those patterns out so you use them rather than forget you have them.

boxes used to sort out sewing patters

Sewing Pattern Storage Box:

When setting up organizing solutions for your sewing room you really do not need to go crazy expensive. Sometimes simple is best and this option proves that idea right away.

Molly Sews suggests using 6×9 envelopes to hold your patterns as they will last longer than the original package will. You can either purchase boxes to hold your patterns or reuse what you have already in your home. Color up an old shoebox with some fun contact paper and really let your personality shine through. 


Fabric Drawer Storage

drawers with material and jars with thread on top

I have many organizers in my home that just didn’t work out as I had hoped and the plastic drawers are one of them. I bet you are in the same boat and maybe you already unloaded your supply but if not, this is the answer. What did not work at all in one area of my home is now the perfect solution for my material collection.

Here’s how it works. Each drawer has a different “theme” of fabric, such as holiday, spring, geometric, Disney, etc. Rather than just label the drawers and be done with them, I used a sample of the material to color up the front and tell me at a glance what is inside. This is another example of using my supplies to double as a bit of art in the room.

Another perk of storing fabric away in drawers is the material stays neater and dust-free until you need to use it. Something you will not get with the other options listed above.

The only downfall is your fabric collection will not be out where you can really see what you have, so you will want to keep this in mind before you chose the option that works best for you.

spring fabric in a drawer


Organizing Your Sewing Space is Easy

Organizing your sewing room is not only easy but fun as well. By utilizing items you may already have in your home, like a curtain rod or mason jars, you can easily contain your sewing supplies while keeping them easily accessible. Since this is a room meant just for you and sparking creativity look to find functional solutions that add a bit of fun and color to your room. This will help to create a space you love and one you truly enjoy working in. 



  1. Wow this couldn’t have come at a better time since I am about to start organizing craft supplies! I have a wall in schoolway where I can hang peg board & attach lids for jars under shelves & cabinets! I also have a metal decorative plate holder that holds 3 plates that will be perfect for coloring books & folders of worksheets. At Christmas, I bought a Big box of Baklava that has sturdy sections as well as big box of jelly belly beans that has several little sections. I’m going to cover them with schlaque decoupage pictures & organize small craft items in those! A stand up towel holder is perfect for rolls of ribbon & the idea of hanging material inspired me to roll up fitted sheets with pillowcases inside neatly folded flat sheets & clothespin to hanger in bedroom where they go since my linen cabinet can only fit blankets.

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