Organizing Ideas for Your Linen Closet 

Create a linen closet that doesn’t drive you crazy or have you dodging from falling pillows stuffed inside. Maximize your closet space with these linen closet organization ideas no matter how narrow it is.

Once you’re done reading, you will have created a whole different space that looks bigger than before. How to organize your tiny linen closet so it can hold all your things neatly.

how to organize a linen closet

Do you find yourself frustrated with your linen closet being constantly messy and stuffed full of large items? You’re not alone! Linens and towels and other bathroom supplies can be tricky to keep organized and let’s face it, not all homes have a separate area just for housing these things. Some homes, like ours, for example, need to double up with another space and that can make keeping bathroom and linens neat and organized a bit tricky.

Stack of fresh towels on table in bathroom, closeup

It’s true some folks are lucky to have a big separate space for linens and to those folks, I envy you! For others, you may be struggling to find a way to fit everything in the small space that you have. 

Here is some good news, you can make it work!

I’ll show you how you can maximize your closet space and fit everything you need inside and in an organized fashion. And better news! Your linen area, after we are done, will somehow look bigger once it is streamlined, free of clutter, and organized. 

Essential tips to follow when organizing a linen closet:

  1. Use bins or baskets to keep things together more easily. 
  2. Don’t try to stuff everything in. Be aware that some of it just won’t fit. 
  3. Fold your linens in a way that gives you more space. 
  4. Don’t keep unnecessary items. Decluttering is crucial to creating a streamlined area for your linens. 
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You will also find these tips below along with some steps on how to start organizing your linen closet. There are a few unique approaches to fitting blankets, sheets, and towels into one small space. 

Pick and choose the best ideas that you can then incorporate into an organized linen closet that is easy for you and your entire family to stick with.

D/M PRO TIP: When possible stick to bins that are easy to see just what is inside. This is especially helpful if you are looking to get your family on board with your new organizing system! Keep it easy for everyone to see just what is inside so things stay where they belong and another space in your home stays neat and clutter-free! 

linen closet with baskets of towels and bathroom supplies

Modern Chic Linen Closet 


Prep Your Closet Space

Step #1. Sort and Declutter

Go through your linens and clean out any items that haven’t been used in a while or that are stretched out or worn down. They will only take up more space and if you don’t use them, it is time to let them go. You can donate worn items to your local pet shelter or pass on better items to a friend or family member that may need them such as a new homeowner, or college student. 

Step #2. What is Staying

Take all of your towels and linens out of the closet and fold them each nicely setting them off to the side in your “KEEP” pile.

D/M PRO TIP: For this project, it is best to have a large area for sorting. I like to use a bed for this. There is plenty of room for piling up and sorting the pieces that will be going back in when it’s time to organize.

If there are any linens that are dirty or haven’t been washed in a while, throw them in the washer so they are fresh and clean. It’s always best to organize with clean and fresh smelling items, do a quick smell test to help you know what to launder and what is good to put back. 

Step #3. Prep Your Area

Keep in mind the type of shelving you have. This will determine the supplies you’ll need for this project. Take a few minutes to measure the space between each shelf along with the depth and length. This will be helpful as you are looking for organizers to hold and keep things neat going forward. 

towels folded on a shelf. laundry basket on the bottom

Small Space Organization

Organizing Supplies for Your Linen Closet

What are some organizers that will work great in this space?  

  • Storage bins for holding towels, sheets, or blankets. These can be whatever size you prefer depending on how you decide to organize the closet. 
  • Plastic totes to hold cleaning supplies.
  • Baskets to hold soaps and other miscellaneous items.
  • Shelf liners to make a more decorative space. Use the peel and stick liners for solid shelves and use the plastic liners for wire shelves. (You can put shelf liner on top of the plastic liner for decor)
  • Add in closet scents to freshen up your closet and make it smell great all day long. 
a linen closet of organized shelves with folded towels and baskets of soap

Beach Themed Linen Closet 

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

Now that you are done with the sorting, let’s get to the organizing! 

D/M PRO TIP: Before you start to put things back, this is a great time to do a quick clean of the space. I find it is always easier to clean an area that is empty and takes just minutes. Wipe the walls, shelves, door and sweep the floor to ensure you are starting with a clean slate. 

Step 1: Take a look at your “keep” pile. The items you are going to keep in your linen closet. Take a few minutes to sort things out by type.

  • Towels
  • Washcloths
  • Sponges or loofahs
  • Sheets
  • Bath supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
white basket labeled keep and give away

Step 2: If you haven’t done so yet, give your closet a quick clean. Vacuum, sweep and throw some good smelling scents. Check to see if you need to update anything such as the lighting or the door. 


Step 3: Put on your shelf liners. If you have wire shelves, use plastic lining or sheets to keep things sitting evenly.

D/M PRO TIP: To keep shelf liners folded down securely on the front, you can use double-sided tape to hold the liner down on the shelving. 

Step 4: Make sure your linens are folded to save space. You can fold them nicely to lay flat or roll them up and place them in the bins. Wrap your pillowcases into the sheets or place all smaller linens inside of appropriately sized baskets. 

Step 5: Set up each self. Put a basket in the middle and put your stack of towels on each side of the bin. Same thing for sheets and pillowcases. Arrange your bins so they match your organizing personality. Not sure what your personality is? 

I love things to look nice – You love the look and that is what motivates you to keep things put away. You don’t fret too much if you have to lift a lid or slide out a box. If it looks nice, you are going to keep up with it.

I’m all about easy – You need simple, few steps, no lids or fancy and complicated storage systems. You just want to toss and go!

Step 6: Organize your closet based on the type of linen. 

  • Towels
  • Sheets 
  • Pillows 
  • Hand Towels 
  • Etc…
Woman in warm bathrobe is placing basket of rolled cotton bath towels on wooden shelf of linen closet together with bed sheets, blankets, duvet and vase against white brick wall.

Step 7: Add bins to the floor of the closet to hold larger items such as comforters or pillows. Measure out the bottom of your closet space and place one to two bins there. 

Step 8: Create tags and labels for your bins to keep items organized and easy to find. 

organize narrow linen closet

Narrow Space Organization

How Much Do You Love Your Linen Closet?

Take a step back and admire your work! How much nicer does your closet look now? Not quite there yet? Here are a few bonus tips to help!

To make it pop even more use color coordinate your linen closet to have the same complimenting colors in one area.

Use hooks to keep frequently used items easy to get to.

Don’t forget to utilize the door!

Finally, take before and after pictures. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your finished product. You won’t get to see the full picture without having a few progress photos to look back on. 

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The key to an organized linen closet is to reduce as much volume and mass inside. Large items should be placed in large bins at the bottom of the closet and items you use less frequently do best stored at the top. Finally, keep smaller items inside bins and label as much as possible!

Change it up every month or so until you find a system that is easy to use for your entire family. Change the color of the bins, test out different containers, and rearrange the shelves.

Have fun setting up an organized linen closet that is perfect for your entire family! 


  1. I like to have the sheet sets and one pillowcase inside the other pillowcase. That way everything is together and you just pull it out without having to hunt for the set.

  2. Great ideas!
    I have a 1945 house, and there are exactly 2 closets…small in the 2 downstairs bedrooms. No linen, just an alcove for coats….poor me!!! LOL!
    I’m still saving this as there are some nice ideas here.
    I eventually plan to remove the old huge tub: 69″ compared to I believe 62″ for modern tubs… which will give me another 7 inches to add to about 4 inches that I plan to have a narrow open shelf installed. Eventually. I don’t even have a bathroom counter!!! I have a very narrow opening on either side of the sink, one about 8″ one about 30″ that I have put a narrow plant stand and hallway table, open on the bottom that I have a shelf with mesh baskets for towels and under it a short rectangle basket that holds my bath rugs.
    My kitchen linens are stored in a tall drawer…
    bedroom linens are stored in Hope chests…If you’d like pictures, I could send some for those readers who have horrible storage options like me!!!

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