Mudroom Storage Plans

Learn how to stop your family’s clutter at the door with these mudroom storage plans and organizing ideas. Great ways to use containers, bins, and baskets to corral your kids things so they stay put and don’t end up as clutter.

How to organize the room where folks enter your home, so they are not greeted with chaos.

Mudroom storage ideas

When our kids were younger, one of our biggest struggle was the sheer amount of clutter they always seem to have on them. How such a small person could conceal so much random stuff, and junk was beyond me.

I would spend so much time emptying out pockets in the laundry room inevitably saying things like, “What the???” or “How on earth did he fit that in his pocket???” or, my favorite, “Thank God I found this before I washed it!” 

When our boys were school-aged, things really got tricky.

Each day when they got home from school, they would leave a trail of clutter from the door all the way to their bedrooms. A coat here, shoes kicked off over there,(never together mind you) a bookbag in the hallway, and socks in the kitchen.

Rather than getting better, they were getting worse, and I knew I needed to find a way to contain all of their stuff before it drove me over the brink.

family coming into a messy entryway

Lucky for me and mothers everywhere, a room was created just for us, moms with clutter-in-tow kids. And even if you don’t have a clutter bug child now, you will want to create this sanity-saving area known as the mudroom.

A mudroom, also called an entryway, depending on where you live, is a lifesaver no matter how many people are in your family or what destructive age they are at. This room has just one purpose. To contain all the extra things that come in with our people. And if your mudroom storage plans are set up correctly, they can set the tone for your entire home.

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Now, I know not everyone is lucky enough to have one of these decluttering game-changers but no worries if you don’t because we have help for you as well. Organizing ideas that you can use either in your mudroom or in another room, having it do a bit of double duty in the clutter-busting department.

Here’s the thing, our families don’t want to be cluttered messes they just need a way that is beyond easy to do what they are already used to. Tossing, throwing, or dropping their things once they get through the door. Create a place for them to toss their things, and you win.

family running into a mudroom in a home

Before we get started, you will want to first assess the area you have. To do this, go into the area and look around. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What systems do you have in place now?
  2. Are they working?
  3. Is your family using them?
  4. If not, what can you do or set up to make it easier for anyone to use?

Nest, make a list of organizers and setups that you can try out. Remember, no matter what age your family is, you need to keep things simple. Any system you set up that requires more than one step will probably not get used for long.

Keep it easy so everyone uses it so you can keep this one area in your home free of clutter and chaos.

If you do not have a mudroom, you can still set one up. To do that, you will first need to know what is the main entryway for your family. The one door that everyone uses to leave and enter your home.

Once you know that, you can then look to see what you have to work with. Go to the door and see if you have a wall, a cubby, a closet, or even a shelf. Anything that you can use to help hold the stuff your family brings in and then takes out with them again.

Make a list of ideas you can use to keep things contained and off the floor. Remember, you are looking for easy. A hook and a small basket will do wonders, and if you can get your family used to that, you can add in more things later on.

For an efficient mudroom, you will need to have 4 main items.

  1. Hooks, a hook system, or a closet to hang things like coats or bookbags.
  2. A tote, basket, or organizer to hold shoes.
  3. Misc containers to hold random items like keys, sports equipment, or mail.
  4. A bench or other place to sit down if there is room and, bonus if it has storage.

Let’s go over each item so you can better understand what the purpose is so you can choose the option that works best for you and your family.

Mudroom Storage Plans

There are different ways to set up a mudroom in your home. What you use will all depend on the space you have to work with and the size of your family.

A Storage Bench

A defining feature of any mudroom or mudroom area is a bench and preferably one with storage. Whether you store sports gear, winter boots, book bags, or pet supplies, a storage bench is an easy way to organize your family without them even realizing it.

You can custom-build one on a wall or in a corner if you have the time or space. Or you can make things easier on yourself and purchase a bench that you can then use to set up a mudroom area along a wall.

close up of a mudroom custom bench

Either option works best, just remember a few things as you decide. 

  • Choose a size that will fit the size of your family. Keep in mind all the shoes and other gear each person has. This will better help you create a bench that also fits your family’s needs. 
  • Choose an option that fits the age of your family. If you have younger children, you will want to use tools that are simple for them to use.
  • Choose an option that is pleasing to you. If you hate the look, you will hate the solution. No rule says an organizing solution can’t be pretty too!

Coat Hooks

In my opinion, there is no better organizing tool than a hook. No matter what area of your home you are struggling to keep clutter-free, a simple hook can make all the difference.

In a mudroom, however, we are looking for something more sturdy than simple Command Hooks, although these hooks will work well for lighter items such as hats and scarves. When it comes to coats and the weight of bookbags, it is best to go with heavy-duty coat hooks now, rather than being faced with replacing things later.


Luckily the sky’s the limit in design and size. You can get creative or keep it simple, the choice is yours to make. 

If you have an apartment, your coat hooks are easy to upgrade to add a classier, refined feel to your space, and you can’t beat the way they take things off of the floor.

A few ideas/options are: 

  • Pet leashes –  Command hooks
  • Coats- Coat hooks
  • Backpacks – Coat hooks
  • Hats and scarves – Command hooks
  • Handbags and/or purses – Coat hooks

Coat hooks are a simple, affordable, and essential part of a family’s mudroom area. 

Mudroom Hooks We Love:  

coats hanging on hooks in mudroom

Shoe Storage

What is it about kids and even adults when it comes to taking off their shoes? Who decided that kicking them off, allowing them to stay wherever they land was an acceptable way to store them?

I am guessing not one mom out there. So, maybe that is why shoe storage is a big item on the top organizing tools for mudroom storage plans.

Let’s face it, shoes are dirty, and when you have them just lying around in a pile, they are hard to find a matching pair. Add to that how easy they are to trip over and this might just be the top solution for any cluttered mudroom. 

If your bench has enough space, I recommend storing shoes or boots within it. My suggestion is to go one step further and use containers to house things more easily. These could be baskets, bins, or other organizers that you can then house under the mudroom bench. Be sure to take it one step further and give an organizer to each family member. This will really save time on those rushed mornings. 

a basket of shoes in a bench of a mudroom

If you do not have the room, you can instead use a free-standing shoe organizer giving each family member their own drawer. You can also purchase an additional shelf just for shoes, again giving a bin to each family member.

One final option is a run or tray that you can use to line up shoes. This works well if you are living alone or have a very small family with few shoes to deal with. 

Shoe Organizers I Love:

  • Shoe Cubby – works great if you are short on space but have a lot of shoes to organize.
  • Shoe Dresser – adds charm to a mudroom because of its furniture feel.
  • Shoe Baskets – my favorite system simply because it is super easy to use.
  • All in One – a bit pricy, but looks so great!
shoe baskets under a bench in mudroom

Storage Containers

The best part of a mudroom is the ability to store miscellaneous or highly used items all in one place. That’s why plastic, cloth, whicker, or even wooden containers are a must-have mudroom organizing tool. The purpose of a mudroom is to hold misc items needed for leaving the home and let’s face it, this can be a pretty tall order especially if your room or area is a small one. 

For that reason, baskets and bins are essential to not only, cleaning this space up but, for helping you and your family keep it that way going forward.

A few mudroom items you may need containers for:

  • Mail and daily papers
  • Seasonal shoes
  • Sports gear
  • Pet supplies
  • School supplies
  • Weather gear such as umbrellas and snow brushes
  • Returns that need to go back to the store
  • Sunglasses
  • Keys
  • Outgoing mail

Once you know just what you need to corral all that is left is to find the container that fits the item and give it a big label so your entire family will know what goes where.

purse, keys, glasses hanging on a hook system in a mudroom

Misc Storage Bins I Love:

Bonus Mudroom Storage Ideas

To really take your mudroom storage plans up a notch, there are a few things you can add to your mudroom that you might just love. Incorporate any of all of these tips and really begin to transform the areas in your home from cluttered messes into streamlined spaces.

Store Return Bin

This is something I started using a few years ago, and it really has helped to keep errand day more efficient. I like to use cube bins to corral any items that need to be returned to the store. Each week before I leave to run errands I will check this bin and take along any item that is on my store’s list.

D/M PRO TIP: When you put an item into the bin, be sure the sales receipt is with it. This will save you so much time later on and stop any hassles that you may run into at the store.

This one bin has saved our family so much money. Now, we know where to put things that need to be taken back to the store, and we are finally returning items before that return window closes for good.

Errand Bin

Similar to the return bin, this is another game-changer you might want to try out.

You can keep coupons, shopping lists, drycleaning slips, empty medicine bottles, or anything you need to help you remember just what you need to do or get on errand day. I like to take the entire bin with me when I run errands. This way I can ensure I am getting everything done that I need to while I am out.

You can also use a large tote bag with side pockets as your errand bin and keep it hanging on a hook right in your mudroom.

No matter what your family looks like, how much stuff comes along with them, or the setup of your home you can benefit from having a mudroom or mudroom area! 

Let us know if you have any mudroom storage plans must-haves or what you are planning to put in your mudroom space so you can stop clutter at the front door for good! 

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