Organizing Hacks for the Bathroom

Are you fed up with your bathroom looking like a tornado has torn through it? If so, don’t worry—check out this list of simple and effective organizing hacks for the bathroom and find the best solution to streamline this important space.

When looking for help on how to organize a small room like the bathroom, hacks are the way to go. So get ready for the easy button to transform your messy space for good!

Organizing Hacks for the Bathroom

It’s funny. Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our homes that are the busiest.

A lot happens in this tiny space, from showers and baths to getting dressed and doing our hair. And that means there is probably a rather large collection of tools in our bathrooms that can get chaotic if we do not have a way to keep them organized.

Today we are going to talk about hacks. Easy and simple ways to streamline your busy bathroom and turn it into a space that is easy to use and keep neat and put away.

What is the best way to organize a bathroom?

The best way to organize a bathroom is to be sure you only have the bare minimum stored in this space. The less you have to store, the more room you have to move.

Quick List for the Bathroom:

  1. Declutter – Only keep in your bathroom what you use daily.
  2. Use bins and baskets to keep things contained.
  3. Keep stuff off the floor by using deep baskets or hampers.
  4. Use your walls for more storage space.
  5. Invest in over-the-door organizers to hold bathroom supplies.
  6. Use hooks to keep things up off the floors.
  7. Set up a cleaning bucket to hold the cleaners you need.

Keep only what you are currently using in your bath area and store the extras in another area, such as a linen closet or bedroom closet shelf. By removing overstock, you will free up loads of space, making it easier to keep your room neat and put away.

Organizing Hacks for the Bathroom

To help keep things easy to read, we will talk about the different areas in the bathroom and tackle some of the clutter struggles that happen there. Work in one area at a time using the hacks that will fit your space, the size of family you have, and the time of life you are in.

Organizing Your Shower:

Keeping a shower or bathtub organized can help to clear out a space of excess stuff. Use these tips to keep bottles of shampoo and soap from taking over.

Hack #1. Use a shower head organizer to store all your shampoos and soaps.

Hack #2. Use pump bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They hold much more, freeing up space.

Hack #3. Mesh bags or buckets can hold your kid’s toys. Less is more when it comes to bath toys, only keep a small collection for your kids.

plastic bins of toys in a shower

Hack #4. Corner shelving works great if you have a tub/shower enclosure.

Hack #5. Put S-hooks on your shower curtain rod to hand loofahs and back brushes.

Hack #6. Do a monthly reset in your bathroom to ensure your tools are always clean.

Under the Sink:

Under the sink can become a black hole of cleaning supplies. You might be amazed at how a bit of organizing can help transform this area.

Hack # 7. Use stacking shelves with labels facing up to see what you have stored without having to bend over.

Hack # 8. Put a small towel rod on the inside of the cabinet door and hang cleaner bottles for the sink.

Hack # 9. Use command hooks on the inside of the cabinet door to hold misc items.

Hack # 10. Pull-out drawers made specifically for under a sink work great to organize this open space.

On the Counter:

When countertops are cluttered with toiletries and towels, it can be hard to find what you need quickly. Here are a few hacks to help keep this area more organized.

Hack # 11. Use vanity trays to hold everyday items and neaten up the sink area.

Hack # 12. A 2 tiered tray can work great to hold lotions and creams.

Hack # 13. Use a wall organizer for toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Hack # 14. Pretty glass jars work great to hold Q-tips, cotton balls, and ear swabs.

3 apothecary jars on next to a mirror on a countertop

Around the Camode:

Not only can clutter be annoying, it can also be dirty and full of germs. Having a space to keep specific things in this area will make it easier to clean more routinely.

Hack # 15. Use a standing bin to keep extra rolls of toilet paper near the toilet. If you are short on space, you can use a tank paper holder to keep a few extra rolls nearby.

Hack # 16. Keep a toilet brush near the toilet to make cleaning the bowl easier.

Hack # 17. Keep extra bags in the bottom of your trash can.

Hack # 18. Invest in a toilet seat with a slow-close lid

On the Floor:

You might find clutter on your floor simply because there is no home designated for the things that end up there.

Hack # 19. Hampers are an easy way to not only hold dirty clothes but also clean ones. Keep a supply of fresh towels in a hamper.

Hack # 20. If you have a trash can, be sure it has a lid and foot pedal. Seeing the trash inside of an open can gives a cluttered look to your bathroom.

Hack # 21. Look to see what is on the floor. Can you use hooks to help? Command hooks are my favorite hack for organizing any area in my home, especially in my bathroom. Use hooks to hold bathrobes, wet towels, bath loofahs, bags of bath toys, or other misc items.

Hack # 22. Not a fan of hooks on your wall? Then use an over-the-door hanger. You can get a hanger that only has hooks or a hanger with bars that extend down the length of the door.

How do you organize a small bathroom with no storage?

In a small bathroom with no storage, it’s best to utilize the space you have. Invest in wall-mounted shelves or hanging baskets for towels and toiletries, and use adhesive organizers for items like toothbrushes.

You can also add a shelving unit that hugs the toilet, creating loads of space you can use for storage. A great way to give more room to a tiny bathroom.

a shelving unit over a toilet seat in a bathroom

Organizing a bathroom can be tricky, but with our handy hacks and best bathroom organizers, you can make sure that each area is well-maintained and clutter-free.

Whether you’re dealing with a shower mess or countertop chaos, we hope these tips have helped to get your space back into shape!

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