things to Declutter in July

Wouldn’t it be great if decluttering in the hot summer was easier? Now it is! I have a checklist of things to declutter in July that makes this job a snap. Be sure to grab your free download checklist and just follow along cleaning out the stuff as you go.

How to declutter the stuff in your home one month at a time so you can create a space you love to be in.

things to declutter in July

Summer is the perfect time to do some serious decluttering of your home, garage, and even outdoors. With the days getting longer, it’s easier than ever to take on this task. To make things a bit easier, we’ve created a July Decluttering Checklist with simple steps to help you get started right away. So grab a trash bag, and let’s get started!

How do you declutter in the summer?

Let’s face it, when the weather is hot, the last thing you want to do is hard, stressful work. That can mean that decluttering is impossible in the summer. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of skipping this project in the summer, you can look for areas to work on that are easy to do. This will ensure you are making progress each month without losing your motivation when the weather gets bad.

things to Declutter in July

This list is meant to be easy, and to help; I like to have things broken down by room. This way, you can work a little at a time giving attention to every room in your home.

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DM Pro Tip: As you are going down this list, add anything that needs to be replaced to your shopping list. Decluttering is more than donating stuff you no longer need; it’s updating what you are keeping. This list is a great way to ensure your June items are in great shape.

July Decluttering List for the Kitchen

Each month I like to work on a different area in the kitchen. This will ensure everything gets my attention throughout the year.

• Medicines – With allergy season in full swing, now is a good time to go through your supply. Safely dispose of anything that is expired. Add to your list anything you are running low on.

• Condiments – Go through each of your condiments in the refrigerator and toss any that are expired adding to your list anything that you are running low on.

• Lights – Look around your kitchen and replace any burnt-out bulbs.

• Napkins – Get rid of any mismatched holiday and party napkins.

• Sink – Remove anything that you do not need for washing dishes. A clutter free sink area will give a great overlook to your kitchen.

a clutter free sink in a kitchen

July Decluttering List for the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Be selfish when it comes to what you allow to take up space in your room.

• Surface Clutter – Go through the clutter that is lying on dressers, nightstands, and end tables.

• Furniture – Only keep it if you consistently use it how it is meant to be used. An exercise bike is meant for exercising and not hanging clothes on, for example.

• Dust bunnies – Clean under your bed and get rid of any dust and dirt. This will help you to sleep better every night.

July Decluttering List for the Office

This is a great area to work on when the weather is hot. You can take a stack of files and papers to the family room, put on a nice movie and work your way through your papers sorting as you go along.

• Old files – Go through your files and pull out any papers that are from the previous year. Store them together, labeling them with the date on the outside. This will help you to know where these papers are if you need them, but also the date of the papers so you know when you can safely shred them later on.

• Coupons – Toss any that are expired.

• Gift cards – Go through your cards and write the balance on each so you know what you have left to use. Toss any that are used up.

• Finances – Go through your current files and create a system that makes it easy for you to keep things filed away where they belong.

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July Decluttering List for the Family Room

Even though you may be spending more time outside, there is still clutter you can go through inside.

• Floor clutter – Look under furniture for any clutter and dirt that you can get rid of.

• Knickknacks – Too many random items can give a cluttered look to your family room. Try to remove 1/2 of what you have out.

• Dust – If you have ceiling fans, take the time to wipe them all down and remove the dust that can quickly pile up.

July Decluttering List for the Playroom

So many times, the toys our kids have is much more than they need.

• Broken toys – Take a trash bag and look for any toys that you can get rid of that are torn, cracked, or broken.

• Games – Donate any games your kids have outgrown.

• Books – Donate any books your kids have outgrown.

• Legos – I am not a fan of donating Legos because they can be used throughout a child’s life. Instead, set up a container that will work to hold your entire supply. This will keep Legos from taking over the rest of your home.

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July Decluttering List for the Garage

Remember, the purpose of your garage is to keep your vehicles protected from the weather, even in the summer.

• Decorations – If you store your holiday decor in your garage, be sure you have a system set up to hold the totes you need for each holiday. If you have more totes than storage space, that is your clue to pare down on what you have.

• Papers – If you have random boxes of papers in your garage, make a goal to sort through one box each week.

• Lawn care – Go through the tools you have and only keep what you need and use. Consider passing on duplicates to family members that may need them.

• Misc – If you have misc boxes of random items that may have ended up here when you moved in, make a goal to sort through one box each week until you have tackled them all.

• Boxes – Remember, whenever you get a delivery, fill that box with clutter and put it into the trunk of your car and get it out of your house!

a woman putting boxes of donations in a car trunk

July Decluttering List for the Pantry

Food can easily become excess clutter if you do not keep up with your sorting.

• Spices – Go through your spices and replace anything that is expired.

• Baking – Go through your baking supplies and replace anything that is stale or expired.

• Canning supplies – Get ready to preserve your summer garden by organizing your supplies and tools. Be sure to add to your shopping list any lids, jars, or bands that need to be replaced.

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Now that you have a list of things to Declutter in July, you can get started and make progress without stressing out. Get all our decluttering checklists and set up a plan for the entire year!

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