organizing hacks for the home office

If you are looking for simple ways to streamline paperwork, then this article of organizing hacks for the home office will get you off to a good start.

Home office Organization can be helpful not only in streamlining the running of your home but keeping paper from becoming a clutter source. Use these hacks to jump-start your organizing in this busy area.

organizing hacks for the home office

Not every home has an office. But every family does have loads of paper coming in every day. That is why finding ways to keep those papers organized is important. Hacks are helpful because you can pick and choose the ones that work best for you.

What is the most efficient way to organize your home office?

Organizing your office can feel like an overwhelming task, but doing so efficiently can help keep important papers for finances, kids’ schooling, and medical streamlined going forward. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Remove the clutter: Having a clear surface is the first step and a good place to start. Go through any items you have on your desk or table. Put away what you can, toss what you no longer need, and donate what you have excess of.
  2. Group like items together: Whenever you are organizing an area, try to group items into categories. This will help you to keep things where you use them so you can complete tasks more efficiently.
  3. Use Containers: Once you have things grouped, you can determine the best container to hold them. Think simple like a cup for pens, a basket for papers, or a box for receipts.
  4. Store it where you use it: Next, keep tools close to where you routinely use them. This will make bill paying easier to get completed.
  5. Label storage containers: Whenever you are organizing, labels are the secret to staying with your new system. Know what belongs where so you can more easily put things all the way away. 

Decluttering Resources for the Office:

No matter how chaotic your home office is now, a few of these organizing hacks will get you on your way to a room that is streamlined and organized.

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Organizing hacks for the office

I love easy and fast fixes to high-traffic areas. And that is just what a hack is. It’s meant to give you a simple solution and back on track.

So you do not get overwhelmed, I would work down this list and choose a handful to work on first. These tips are meant to organize our papers and bills and other office supplies as well as help you set up a bill paying and filing system for a streamlined space.

Hack #1. Set up a shallow basket to hold incoming mail so you always know where it is. I like to have one in the kitchen for quick tossing and one on our desk as well.

Hack #2. Use a Small Accordion File Organizer to hold receipts for the year.

accordion organizer with monthly sections for receipts

Hack #3. Mason jars on a lazy susan are a great way to organize pens, pencils, and highlighters.

Hack #4. Use cord holders to keep wires from getting tangled.

Hack #5. Install a wall pegboard to hold office supplies.

Hack #6. Invest in a charging station for all of your electronics.

Hack #7. Save money and DIY a simple charging station using supplies you already have at home.

Hack #8. Use a bulletin board to post schedules, to-do lists, or weekly menus for family dinners.

Hack #9. Not an organizing tip but still worth the mention. Invest in a good office chair. This is especially important if you work from home. Take care of your back now so you aren’t plagued with pain later. This Herman Miller chair is the one I have and it has helped me with my own back pain. Totally worth the price tag for sure.

Hack #10. A portable plastic file bin is perfect if you do not have room for a cabinet.

Hack #11. Over-the-door paper organizers are a great way to organize high action papers and projects.

Hack #12. Use small containers in a drawer to keep office supplies organized.

a drawer in a desk with office supplies in small containers

Hack #13. Monitor stands can create more space in your desk area. If you need more supply storage, this monitor stand is just what you need!

Hack #14. Have a routine. Daily, weekly, and even monthly will help to ensure you are on track with projects, schedules, and bills.

A few Ideas:

  • Fridays – are a great day to go over finances and pay bills.
  • Sundays – are a great day to go over schedules and your calendar for the week ahead.
  • Mondays – are a great day for making a meal plan, grocery list, and errands to run for the week.

Hack #15. Set up a bill-paying drawer. If you have a desk, you can designate a drawer for bills. This is great to have so you can toss in new bills, statements, and other documents as they come into the home. When you have a designated area for important papers, you never need to worry about a misplaced item again.

Hack #16. Set up a basket for items that you need to file. Be sure to empty this basket out at the end of each month. By having a basket for filing you can save time making your setup more efficient.

Hack #17. Use binders to hold important papers that you need to access often. Binders are easier to use than hanging files. Page through a binder is easier than looking through a stack of papers lying loose n a file.

Ideas for Binders:

  • Recipes
  • Home management
  • School
  • Decluttering Planner
  • Holidays

Hack #18. Turn a standing file organizer into a binder holder. A great way to keep your binders out where you can get to them quickly and easily.

colorful binders in a metal file folder

Hack #19. Set up an errand basket. This is a large basket where you can toss returns, appointment cards, and even coupons. Before you head out to run errands, you can either check this basket or take it with you!

Hack #20. I love clipboards! They are a great way to showcase important papers, schedules, or calendars. You can find clipboards for less than a dollar at most discount stores. Or buy them in bulk here.

two clipboards on a wall with planner pages on them

Bonus Office Organizing Tips:

1. Invest in good storage solutions: Take the time to find the right storage options for office space that will both look and keep you organized. This be anything from attractive bookcases to plastic baskets or bins.

2. Establish a filing system: Create an easy-to-access filing system for all your documents, including important papers and other items. Consider color-coding your files for easier identification.

More Paper Organizing Resources:

3. Utilize wall space: Hang shelves on walls to make use of the vertical space in your office. Shelves are great storage solutions for books or decorative objects.

4. Invest in multifunctional furniture: Choose a desk that has drawers and cabinets to store items, or even a desk with a pull-out keyboard tray. This can help you organize your office while still looking chic.

Finding easier ways to streamline busy spaces in a home can help to keep the clutter at bay. I hope you found these organizing hacks for the office the help you need to get another room in your home streamlined and organized.

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