Cheap Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you are looking for cheap bedroom storage ideas this is a list you really want to check out. Let’s face it organizers can be super expensive and even though these ideas are cheap that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

How to organize a bedroom without breaking the bank.

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Bedrooms are meant to be our oasis. A place to retreat to for relaxation at the end of a hard and stressful day. If we are not careful, they can easily be turned into a stressful cluttered mess and that problem can keep many folks up at night trying to find a way to organize it.

How do you organize a small bedroom on a budget?

The best way to organize a bedroom on a small budget is to use items around your home. Finding boxes, bins, totes, or baskets that you can transform into bedroom organizers is a great way to streamline a room on a budget. If you are short on decluttering supplies you can head out to the Dollar Store and see what items are there that you can turn into tools that will transform your bedroom back into that relaxing oasis.

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Cheap Bedroom Storage Ideas

Many people enjoy reading in bed. Books, magazines, and journals can all easily begin to pile up after a while if we are not careful. A great way to control the book clutter is to set up a book reading back. You can use a sturdy handmade bag that will work great to hold your favorite reading materials and things you like to enjoy before falling asleep at night.

If you find you have more books than your bag can hold, this is your clue that you have too many. Instead of making a stack, you can return the extra books where you normally keep them and save those for later reading. This is an easy-to-make cloth bag using old clothes or leftover fabric that is lying around the house. The bag can easily be hung on the headboard which keeps the books close by when ready to read.

Image that shows a cloth bag hung over the headboard and it holds books.

Scarves are items that can easily get lost in a drawer leaving them at risk of ending up all tangled in a mess. This is a simple solution that you can set up on the inside of a bedroom or closet door. It takes very little space and works incredibly well.

All that is needed is a bathroom towel bar that you can then attach to the closet door. Next, you can purchase a few clip rings at the dollar store and use those to hold and display your beautiful collection of scarves. Not only can you see all the scarves you have but now it is easier to choose the perfect scarf because they are all visible where you can see just what you have.

Image that shows a towel bars secured to the inside closet door. Shower curtain rings are used to hold each individual scarf on the towel bar.

To quickly fix a messy bedroom this task might may have a much bigger impact than you expect. Clothes tend to be on our floor and furniture when we do not have an easy way to keep them put away. This is especially true if you are limited in storage space. These next DIY storage ideas are a fabulous solution for clothes clutter and a bedroom with limited space.

All that is needed are boxes and some gift wrap both of which, I am sure, you have sitting around your house right now. The best part of this DIY storage project is you can let your creativity flow especially when it comes to gift wrap. Match the color of the room or go crazy and quirky with some really fun designs.

Attaching large labels will help you to better remember what goes where making the clothes clutter problem a thing of the past.

Image that shows boxes wrapped with wrapping paper. Boxes are labeled sweats, jeans, and pants and are stacked on top of each other in the closet.

If covering boxes with wrapping paper is not your thing or you can not find the design that fits your decor, wrapping the box with fabric is another option. When you can incorporate fabric you will give your bedroom storage solution a more elegant look.

This DIY can also solve the problem of a room or closet being short on drawer space. Don’t forget to label the boxes to better help you to know what belongs where without having to peek inside each time you are getting dressed.

Image that shows boxes covered with cloth and labeled swim. Box is placed on a wire shelf in a bedroom closet.

If your home is like mine, then you have a collection of baskets in your home just waiting to be used. Gather them up and use them to streamline your closet or bedroom. No baskets? No problem just like above you can turn a cardboard box into a lovely clothes or accessory organizing solution in the bedroom.

An image that shows wicker baskets to organize clothes.

Shoes are another item that can turn into a mess if we are not careful. When looking for storage don’t forget to check out your walls and doors for extra out-of-the-way space. Hanging organizers take up little space, cost next to nothing, and hold much more than most of us realize.

Image that shows a over the door cloth shoe rack to organize shoes.

Many items in the bedroom are small and require small organization. Items like belts and socks can be a challenge especially if you are low on drawer space.

This easy-to-make hanging storage basket can be customized, meaning it can be made as big or as small as needed. Installing a few command hooks will be just what you need to not only create more storage but add a little color to your room as well.

An image that shows hanging cloth storage baskets.
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If the closet space is beginning to get too crowded this easy bedroom storage solution is just what you need and, if I am being honest, my favorite from this list today. All that is needed is a drawer from an old dresser, some paint, casters, and handles, and voila! An under-the-bed storage solution. This genius idea is a great way to add another drawer below a dresser or give full storage under a bed or bench.


When it comes to keeping a clutter-free bedroom, storage is the key to helping you keep your things put all the way away. I hope you found some genius cheap bedroom storage ideas that you can use to streamline a bedroom you love to sleep in.

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