Organizing Hacks for the Kitchen 

This easy and helpful list of organizing hacks for the kitchen will get you on your way to streamlining this important area of your home. Create a layout that works for you so you can cook meals in a more enjoyable space.

Organizing hacks are a great shortcut on how to organize a kitchen you love to be in.


Let’s face it, our kitchens are busy!

So much happens in this one space that keeping things put away can be rather tricky. Today I am going to share with you my favorite organizing hacks that will transform your kitchen into an oasis of organization without much effort.

When it comes to streamlining a space, keeping things easy, I feel, is the best way to ensure that things stay in their homes. Not only is it easier to find the tools you need but it is just as easy to put that tool back where it belongs.

The more you can put things away when you are finished using them, the neater your entire kitchen will be.

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What is the most efficient way to organize your kitchen?

Organizing your kitchen can feel like an overwhelming task, but doing so efficiently can make meal prep and cooking much easier. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Clear the clutter: Begin by getting rid of duplicate items, chipped or cracked pieces, or and anything you no longer use or need. This will make more space available for the items you do use regularly.
  2. Group similar items together: Whenever you are organizing an area, try to group items into categories. This will help you to keep things where you use them so you can complete tasks more efficiently.
  3. Use Containers: Once you have things grouped, you can determine the best container to hold them. Things like a crock for utensils, a basket for oils, or hooks for measuring spoons.
  4. Store it where you use it: Next, keep tools close to where you routinely use them. This will make cooking and baking much more enjoyable.
  5. Label storage containers: Whenever you are organizing, labels are the secret to staying with your new system. Know what belongs where so you can more easily put things all the way away.
a wire basket in a kitchen holding measuring spoons

Decluttering Resources for the Kitchen:

No matter how chaotic your kitchen is now, a few of these organizing hacks will get you on your way to a room you love to cook in.

Organizing hacks for the kitchen

I love easy solutions to tricky situations. And that is just what a hack is. It’s meant to get you unstuck and back on track without stressing out.

This list started out as ten hacks, but as I got going, I kept thinking of more and more solutions for this super important room in our homes!

So you do not get overwhelmed, I would work down this list and choose 5-10 hacks to work on first. These tips are meant to streamline your space, find more room where you may have none, and organize the tools you have so you are more efficient when you are cooking or baking.

Hack #1. Use a tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning supplies.

Hack #2. Place a lazy susan in the fridge to maximize space and make items easier to access.

Hack #3. Attach a magazine holder to the inside of a cabinet door to store foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper.

Hack #4. Hang pots and pans with a hanging pot rack to instantly free up cabinet space.

Hack #5. Hang a shoe organizer on the inside of the pantry door to store snacks and small kitchen items.

Hack #6. Divide and conquer your drawers by using DIY drawer dividers made from cardboard or foam board. You can also purchase tension drawer dividers if DIY isn’t your thing.

Hack #7. Do a reset at the end of each day for a neater kitchen each morning. Read more on Kitchen Resets here.

Hack #8. Install a pegboard wall to hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

Hack #9. Keep your spices organized with a tiered spice rack.

Spices on a wire riser shelf organizer in a cabinet

Hack #10. Utilize an under-shelf basket to store items like bread, utensils, and plates that don’t fit elsewhere.

Hack #11. Use bins and baskets to store items like fruits, vegetables, and other small items.

Hack #12. Hang up measuring cups and spoons on the wall using hooks or adhesive strips.

Hack #13. Use a tray to hold oils and frequently used spices.

Hack #14. Use wall-mounted shelves and hooks for dish towels, utensils, or other items that can get cluttered easily.

Hack #15. Keep cutting boards stored in an easy-to-reach drawer to save countertop space.

Hack #16. Make the most of your refrigerator by using bins and baskets to store food items.

Hack #17. Use drawer dividers to separate food items from household tools and other supplies.

Hack #18. Utilize the space behind doors by using storage racks for canned goods, spices, and other smaller items.

Hack #19. Use hooks on the wall to hang pots and pans, freeing up valuable cabinet space.

Hack #20. Make use of an over-the-door shoe organizer for spices, cans, and other items that don’t have a designated storage spot in the kitchen.

Hack #21. Turn your kitchen junk drawer into an organized kitchen utility drawer. Read How to Declutter a Junk Drawer here.

A before and after of a kitchen junk drawer

Hack #22. Keep daily supplements or medications in a bin.

Hack #23. Use dispensers to hold dish soap to neaten up your sink area.

Hack #24. Invest in magnetic shelving for additional space.

Hack #31. Use a file organizer to keep your cutting boards and baking sheets in order.

cutting boards on a file organizer

Hack #26. Only keep out small appliances on your counters that you use daily. This will free up much needed space for meal prep.

Hack #27. Keep extra trash bags in the bottom of your trash bin.

Hack #28. Use zones to streamline your kitchen more efficiently. Read more on Kitchen Zones here.

Hack #29. Use a lazy susan on the table at mealtime to keep condiments easier for everyone to get to.

Hack #30. Place spices in clear jars that can easily be seen instead of keeping them hidden away in. cabinets.

Hack #31. Use plastic buckets to hold cleaners for your kitchen.

black washtub full of cleaning supplies in a bathroom

By implementing some of these organizing hacks into your kitchen, you’ll be able to keep things neat and streamlined without much effort. Get started today and see the difference that adding a little organization can make!

More Organizing Resources:

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