Decluttering Your Closet

If you struggle to keep your closet organized because of all the clothes and shoes you keep in it, maybe a few simple steps on decluttering your closet efficiently can help.

Get the help you need to do a makeover with your closet and sort out what to keep in the easiest way possible. Another helpful tip on how to declutter every space in your home.


Have you ever stared at your closet and been overwhelmed by how much stuff is in there? Do you have shoes you bought a year ago that you find are still pretty but only worn once because they hurt your feet?

Or maybe you still keep the clothes you used to love since high school, hoping that someday you can wear them again. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep clothes we feel strongly attached to. I am sure more of us have at least one outfit in our closets that have been there for longer than we care to admit.

The problem is when we have more clothes than we have room for. When the mess is bigger than you have space for and getting ready is more stressful than paying your bills.

But let’s face it; clothes are tricky. We tend to use them to fill a void or to make us feel better.

How often have you treated yourself to a new outfit after a long and stressful week?

As we cling to these possessions, we tend to lose space in our closet, turning it into a messy and overly stuffed cluttered room.

Decluttering may sound hard because you may think it is only about letting go and removing your clothes and shoes. Good news, you can relax because that is not what you are going to do at all.

You can keep the pieces you love to have!

Decluttering means removing unnecessary things. Clothes you no longer need or love. And when you remove them, you will make room for a better collection of clothes and shoes you love and want to wear. 

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Hopefully, these steps will help you to discover the benefits of organizing and decluttering your closet so much so that you are motivated and even excited to get started.

Decluttering Your Closet

To make this even easier, we will break things down into fast action steps. Steps you can focus on one at a time and, by doing so, remove the stress and overwhelm that usually come with a project that we feel is just too big to handle alone.

Step #1. Have A Sorting Basket

Since the goal is to declutter your closet and make space for only the clothes and shoes you want to keep, you will need to sort them out. To do this in the easiest way possible, set up three baskets or boxes you can use as sorting containers.

Label each basket:

  • Keep – Any clothes you are going to put back into your closet once it is decluttered and cleaned.
  • Donate – Any clothes you no longer love that can be passed on to someone that needs them.
  • Toss – Any clothes that are stained, stretched, snagged, or torn.

Keep these sorting baskets nearby so you can quickly make decisions while working through your clothes. You can also put a label on the front of each basket so you can more easily remember what belongs where.

a white laundry basket with a sign that says keep on the front filled with clothes

Having sorting baskets set up will allow you to stop and start without leaving a mess to deal with later on. This is an easier way to work through the things you wear without the added pressure of a big pile of clothes.

This is called gradual decluttering, and it is a great way to organize your home without the stress.

Step #2. Decluttering Your Closet

Now that your sorting baskets are set up, you can begin sorting through your clothes.

Rather than pulling out all your clothes and making a huge pile in your room, remove one item at a time.

a hand holding a peach sweater on a wooden hanger

Ask yourself if this is a piece you:

  • Love – meaning you routinely wear it. (Keep Bin)
  • Like – meaning you wear it at least a few times a month. (Keep Bin)
  • Indifferent – meaning you do not love it or rarely wear it. (Donate Bin)
  • Hate – it is damaged, unflattering, or uncomfortable to wear. (Toss or Donate Bin)

Every time you are in your closet, make a goal of working through at least 5 items.

By doing this, you will be able to make a positive dent in your closet and build up that motivation that will help you to see this project all the way to done.

The goals of this step are to: 

  • Knowing what clothes you wear the most frequently
  • Set aside the ones you no longer wear (ex: clothes that do not fit, shoes that hurt your feet, accessories you don’t wear, etc.)   
  • Compare all similar things, pick your favorites, and donate the rest.
hands holding a green shirt over a donation box

What if I find it too hard to declutter my clothes?

Choose those clothes that make life easier, and let go of the stuff you have only worn once, old clothes, shoes that don’t fit, or any other items you no longer use by donating them.

Giving away your clothes might be a little less heavy when you know at heart that they’re going to somebody who needs them.

You can also give away your sentimental items or clothes, such as your ball dress or wedding gown, and pass them down to a relative as a hand-me-down.

Step #3. Clean

Now that you have removed most, if not all, of the items in your closet it is the perfect time to clean.

Just like any other area in our homes, our closet is also prone to dust and dirt, which can shorten the life of our clothes.

How to Clean Your Closet:

  • Wipe down any shelves you have.
  • Wipe down the rods where you hang your clothes.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the ceiling, walls, and any trim work.
  • Finally, focus on the floor.

To ensure you keep this important area cleaned, add it to your monthly or quarterly cleaning list.

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Step #4. Organize

When organizing your closet, you have one goal to keep in mind. Setting up an easy way for you to find the things you want to wear and to be able to put them back in that same space when you are done wearing them.

A successfully organized setup will keep a space neat and tidy without much effort on your end. Do your best not to overcomplicate things and you will have a closet that you love.

To hang or to fold?

How to store your things will all depend on what they are. If you find an item is wrinkled, you can always use a handheld steamer to remove them quickly.


  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Suits
  • Cardigans
  • Jumpers
  • Items that may easily wrinkle
Beautiful young woman thinking what to dress near rack with hangers


  • Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Sweats
  • Sweaters
  • Pajamas
  • Tshirts

You are doing great so far; now, all that’s left to do now is to do the last step.

Step #5. Maintain Closet Space

Just like cleaning any area in our homes, your newly organized closet will need some routine attention. This step is just as important, if not more so, as any step when decluttering your closet.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Refold any wrinkled items.
  • Remove any trash.
  • Sweep the floor.

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Sort hanging items to keep things organized.
  • Refold items as needed.
  • Declutter any items you haven’t worn in a month.

Quarterly Maintenance:

  • Dust the walls and trim.
  • Clean any light fixtures.
  • Wipe down any containers.
  • Declutter old hangers.
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Declutter and Organize Your Closet – Bonus Tips

Bonus Tip #1. It may be a bit difficult to choose what goes into your closet, but my advice is to select the clothes and shoes you wear most often. I also like saving some seasonal items for when it gets colder out in the wintertime.

Bonus Tip #2. Hanging clothes by color or size is a great way to organize and ensure your closet has the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Bonus Tip #3. You may also maximize your closet space by purchasing organizers.

4 canvas cube containers on a closet shelf copy

Here are a few examples to check out.

  • Bins – great for holding socks, undergarments, or pajamas.
  • Hooks – great for holding belts, scarves, or purses.
  • Door organizer – great for holding plants, workout clothes, or shoes.

Bonus Tip #4. You can sell your old clothes online using one of the many sites available. This is a good option if you have clothes that are designer or more on the expensive side. This is a great way to make a little extra money.

Bonus Tip #5. Lastly, toss any damaged clothes and shoes that are beyond repair and very worn down that others won’t be able to reuse.

And that’s how easy and quick it is!

Imagine how great it will feel to know how to decluttering your closet and make an impact on the community by donating while staying organized at home. Get started today and finally create a closet full of clothes you love to wear!

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