Organizing hacks for the kid’s room

If your kid’s rooms are chaotic, then these Organizing hacks for the kid’s room will fix that mess in no time!

Get control of the stuff, find a home for the important, and help your child learn habits that they can take into adulthood. how to organize your kid’s things the easier way.

Organizing hacks for the kid's room

Welcome to the ultimate guide to organizing hacks for the kid’s room!

If you’re looking for easier solutions to your kid’s clothes, toys, and random stuff, this list is sure to help. Over the years, I have found easier ways to keep the clutter under control in a child’s room. Not only are these solutions you will love but they are hacks that your child, no matter what their age, can utilize as well.

A win-win for everyone!

Organizing hacks for the kid’s room

I like to give a full actionable list, and that means before we dive into organizing, you first need to get rid of the excess. The goal is to create a bedroom that includes the things your child wants to stay. That means including them in the decision process is important.

Getting started

The first step in organizing your kid’s room is to clear out any clutter, put away what doesn’t belong, and decide what will stay. Let’s break it down.

  1. Declutter – Toss the trash, gather up dirty clothes, and recycle any cans or water bottles.
  2. Put Away – Gather up anything that belongs in another room into a basket. Walk your home putting things away as you go.
  3. Keep – Whatever is left should be the things that are going to stay. This pile right here is what we will focus on when we talk about organizers.
woman sorting through toys in a kids room

Assess the Stuff and the Room

Another step to tackle is assessing the different areas where you can place an organizer. Look at the floor, the furniture, and any area where clutter and stuff tend to gather.

Areas to place organizers:

  • Top of the dresser – Great for shallow bins to hold school papers.
  • Nightstand – A basket to hold a flashlight and a favorite book.
  • The floor – An oversized laundry bin to hold stuffed animals.
  • The wall – Put up hooks to hold pj’s, totes, a throw blanket, and even a dirty laundry bag.

Remember, the purpose of an organizer is to make it easy for your child to put things away. That is the secret to any hack being a game changer in a kid’s room. If it’s easy for them to use, they will be more likely to stick with it resulting in fewer lost items giving you a more self-sufficient child.

How to organize my kid’s room with lots of toys?

If you have a lot of toys in your kid’s room, one of the best organizing strategies is to use storage bins or baskets. Label them so your kids can easily identify where each toy belongs, and try to use clear containers if possible for easy visibility. You can also put up a toy hammock to store stuffed animals and other plush toys.

Different Organizers for a Kid’s Room

I love how many new organizing options there are that are kid-friendly. Below are a few of my favorites. Some you can purchase as is, some you can DIY, and some can be created with items you already have in your home.

#1. Toy chests

A toy chest is an easy way to quickly store toys away when it’s time to clean up. They are great for holding random toys, extra blankets and pillows, and even stuffed animals. This organizing tool is a great solution to a room that tends to have messy floors.

#2. Drawer organizers

These come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits perfectly into your kid’s dresser. The best part is this type of organizer isn’t only for clothes. You can use them to keep a drawer neater no matter what is stored inside.

What you can store in a kid’s dresser.

  • Clothes
  • Hair ties and ribbons
  • Homework essentials such as markers and paper
  • Special items that your child treasures.
  • Sports gear
  • School books
  • Shoes
  • Electronics

#3. Hanging pouch organizers

These are great for storing small items that are necessary but tend to get lost in the clutter.

How to use hanging pouch organizers:

  • To hold rolled-up t-shirts
  • For socks and underwear
  • To hold shoes
  • For stuffed animals

How to use closet hanging drawers or shelves:

  • To hold outfits: Put the outfit your child will wear on a shelf. Designate a shelf for each day of the week.
  • To hold papers: Keep magazines, coloring books, or paper.
  • To hold clothes: Use an organizer for each style of clothing. One for shirts, one for shorts or skirts, one for pants or leggings.
  • For shoes: Keep 1-3 pairs of shoes on each shelf.

#4. Shelving systems

Shelving systems are a great way to keep misc items off of the floor and dresser. since they are meant to be more durable you can keep heavier items stored in them.

What to store in shelving systems:

  1. Books
  2. Toys
  3. Games
  4. Puzzles
  5. School papers

#5. Wooden Crates

Crates are great for holding all kinds of items. They are easy to use and allow your child to toss random things inside keeping a more organized room overall. You can purchase them raw and paint them to match your child’s personality.

How to Organize with Wooden Crates:

  • For sports gear
  • Legos
  • Trucks and cars
  • Dolls
  • Books
a grey colored wooden crate full of kids books

Other Organizers For the Kid’s Room

I love using organizers in different and efficient ways. Here are a few you might love to try out in your own child’s room.

Vertical Organizers are great for holding kids’ books.

These organizers are a great way to hold your child’s favorite books or board puzzles.

kids books on a file organizer

Organizing Hacks for Toys

When it comes to toys, finding storage solutions that are both affordable and effective is key. When it comes to setting up a system for a kid’s room, it is best to set up organizers that require just one step top use. The easier it is, the more likely your kids will stick with it.

#1. Plastic Bins

These come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your kid’s room perfectly. Plus, they’re great for stacking up high if space is limited. The larger the bin, the more it will hold. This can be both good and bad, but something to keep in mind.

#2. Toy hammocks

A fun and easy way to store stuffed animals in one accessible location. Hang a toy hammock near the ceiling, and your kid can easily grab their favorite plushy when it’s time to play.

#3. Over-the-door Organizers

This is a great way to store items like board games or action figures. Simply hang an over-the-door organizer on the back of your kid’s door to keep their toys off the floor and easy to find.

Strategies for Keeping Clothes Neat

When it comes to keeping clothes neat and organized in your kid’s room, here are some strategies that can help:

#1. Color Coordinate their Closet

Designate certain colors for shirts, pants, dresses, etc. This will make it easier for your kids to find what they’re looking for quickly.

#2. Hang everything up

Hanging up clothes is the best way to keep them neat and wrinkle-free. Invest in a few wooden hangers for your kid’s closet, and make sure they’re using them.

#3. Separate their drawers

Designate one drawer for socks, another for underwear, etc. This will help keep everything organized and save your child time when it comes to getting dressed.

How to I keep my child’s room organized?

You can use a few tactics to keep your child’s room organized. Make sure everything has its own place, label drawers and closets for easy identification, and add pictures and labels to items for younger children who may not be able to read yet. Additionally, make sure your child only plays with one set of toys at a time. Reinforce the idea of cleaning up the first set of toys before playing with the next.

Other Hacks for Organizing a Kid’s Room

When it comes to organizing a kid’s room, here are some other tips to keep in mind:

– Make sure everything has its own place: Giving each item a designated spot will make it easier for your kids to put things back where they belong.

– Have an alternate plan for stuffed animals and toys: If you don’t have a toy hammock, try using storage bins or baskets to store plushies. Make sure they’re labeled so your kids can easily identify them.

– Label the closet and drawers: Labeling each item in the closet and drawers will help keep everything organized. You can also add pictures for younger children who may not be able to read yet.

Colorful kids room with beige and red walls. Furnished with single bed and desk

Organizing a kid’s room doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you break it down into manageable tasks. From hanging up clothes and color-coordinating their closet to finding new ways to store stuffed animals and toys, plenty of simple strategies can help keep the area tidy and your kids happy! With a little organization and creativity, your kid’s room will become a space they love to be in.

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