Bedroom Items Checklist

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep then having an organized bedroom may be top of your list. But how? What is the best way to streamline the items in your bedroom? Today that is what we are going to cover, a bedroom items checklist that you can use to know what items can stay and what items need to go.

Use this list as a guide to creating a more peaceful area to sleep in. Another declutter your bedroom tip from Declutter in Minutes.

Bedroom items checklist

Do you ever feel like your bedroom is a total mess?

Well, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with keeping their bedrooms organized and free of excess clutter and stuff. But luckily, there are some simple things you can do to make it a little bit easier.

Today we’re going to talk about the best items to have in an organized bedroom so that you can start getting your life together – starting today! I’ll also give you ideas on how to declutter your space, how to store your belongings efficiently, and how to create a relaxing and calming environment.

Start with the basics, remove the rest, and create an upkeep plan and you will have a bedroom that is calm, relaxing, and a joy to sleep in.

What items belong in an organized bedroom?

Usually, we only research what to have in a bedroom when we get our very first home. As the years go by the things we have tend to multiply without our even realizing it is happening. Then before we know it our bedroom is a chaotic and stuffed space that is anything but relaxing.

To start, let’s back up and talk about what you should have in a brand-new bedroom.

What items do you need in a first bedroom?

1. A bed – This is quite possibly the most important part of not only our bedroom but our entire home. Without a good night’s sleep, we are anything but our best selves. If you are sleeping on a bed that is too small or a mattress that is uncomfortable you may want to start here. Invest in a bed that you love to sleep in. This is the first step to a room you deserve.

2. A dresser – Not every bedroom needs to have one but if you are short on closet space you may want to include one in your setup. If you have a walk-in closet with loads of storage, however, consider removing your dressers altogether. This one tip alone will give you so much more space and will really brighten things up.

3. A nightstand – If you live alone one nightstand is all you need, if you have a partner then setting one up on each side of the bed is a great way to personalize our own spaces.

4. A lamp – You can have it on your nightstand or a free-standing one in the corner. When deciding on the option ask yourself, why do I want a lamp in my bedroom? If it is to read before bed then having one on your nightstand is a good idea. If it is for overall lighting then a free-standing one is the best way to go.

5. Sheets – Again, invest in sheets that you find cozy and comfortable. I suggest having 2 sets so you can remake your bed while washing your linens. Use storage bags to keep sheets stored together in your linen closet.

6. Clothes hangers – Invest in hangers that will help to keep your clothes in the best shape for the longest time. Clothes are another investment that we routinely make. Because of that storing them in a way that keeps them free of snags and stretches is a great idea. Felt hangers are a good option to try out, especially if you want to organize your bedroom closet.

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8. An alarm clock – Choose one that is gentle and not overly bright. Even if you use your phone it is good to have a backup just in case your battery dies while you are asleep. A gentle alarm clock is a great addition to have. You can also invest in an option that has a sound machine built in.

9. Decorations (optional) – I suggest keeping these to a minimum. It is okay to bring in a bit of color and personality but too much is clutter. Keep your decor to special pieces only. A family photo and a candle are great items to have on a shelf.

Man and woman putting shelf on the wall at home

10. A waste bin – A great thing to have for when you are unloading pockets at the end of the day. You can also have a small basket on your dresser to put in any items that are not trash.

11. Large basket – This is great to have for bed pillows or extra blankets. Tossing things onto the floor even if just overnight is not a good habit to have. Add a large floor basket to put these items into and keep your floor free of stuff.

Bedroom Items Checklist

Now that you have a basic idea of what is a good thing to have in an organized bedroom let’s see if we can help you to reset your room back to move-in ready. To help we are going to create a checklist that you can work your way through and watch your bedroom transform from messy to organized with each step.

Step #1. Declutter the Unnecessary.

Declutter your bedroom to only have items that are “bedroom appropriate”.

If you have anything in your bedroom that is not on the list above consider removing it altogether. You do not necessarily need to get it out of the house, unless you no longer need it or use it, but you will want to at least get it out of your bedroom.

To help you can test out what it would be like to have this item out of your bedroom. This will help you to know if removing it is going to be a help or a hindrance. Not all ideas work for every situation, testing will help you to know for sure if an idea is one that will work for you.

Step #2. Make it easy to keep dirty clothes off the floor.

If you have a habit of tossing clothes on the floor or the foot of your bed set up a solution that will keep that from happening. A decorative hamper is a great way to container dirty clothes while doubling as decor at the same time.

Step #3. Make your bed every morning.

If you are not doing this now, this is a great clutter-free habit to adopt starting today. What is one of the best things about going to a hotel room? Walking into a neat tidy area with a neatly made bed.

There is just something about a made bed that looks so comfy and inviting. Don’t you deserve to have the same treatment? If you answered yes, then all you need to do is invest 3 minutes each morning in making your bed.  

Never underestimate what 3 minutes can do for a room and your outlook!

a made bed with lots of pillows with flower pictures on the wall above

Step #4. Invest in some nice sheets and a comforter.

Along the same lines as making your bed is how the bed looks and feels. If you are not a fan of the comforter consider investing in one you love. If the sheets are not comfortable it may be time to purchase a set that is soft and cozy.

Step #5. Get rid of any old, worn-out furniture and replace it with something new.

Maybe a full bedroom remodel is not in the budget right now, but you can make a wish list of items to save up for. Start with your mattress and work your way out from there. If a new mattress is simply not in the budget right now you can invest in a mattress topper. These work amazingly well and are a fraction of what a new mattress would cost.  

We did this ourselves when we needed a new mattress but we didn’t have the money just yet. We invested in a good topper and we were able to extend the life of our mattress by 4 more years!

Step #6. Find a place for everything and keep your room clean and organized.

Our grandmothers were onto something when they would say, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” This rule will not only help you with the things in your bedroom but it will also help you to more easily see the things that belong somewhere else.

Each morning do a room reset to help you relocate any items that belong in another room. A few ideas are:

  • Dishes – in the kitchen.
  • Clothes – in the laundry room.
  • Receipts – in the office.
  • Purse/keys – in the mudroom.
  • Toys – in the kids room.

When you have a specific location for the things in your bedroom it will make it simple to keep things put away.  

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Step #7. Add some personal touches to make your room feel like home.

Setting up a room that is sterile and dull is not our goal here. We want to have a space that is inviting and relaxing. A bedroom where we can let go of the stress from the day and wind down for a night of sleep and rejuvenation.

This means bringing in just a few items things that bring joy when we see them or comfort when we use them. The key here is this, only bring in what you have room for and be sure to have a home, a specific place, where that item is kept. This will allow you to put things back and away quickly and easily whenever you do your room reset.

Here are a few ideas.

Removing the extras and keeping the essentials will go a long way to set up a bedroom you love to sleep in.

Having a bedroom items checklist is a great guide to refer to each time you need to reset your space to one that is clutter-free, organized, and easy to keep that way.

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