Stand Mixer Storage Ideas

Get ready for some really fun stand mixer storage ideas. Who says organizing needs to be boring, with little inspiration leaving you with all or nothing? Not today, my job is to help you find a new approach to organizing the tools you use in your kitchen so you enjoy baking, cooking, and preparing amazing things to eat.

Another great tool to have in your pantry organization toolbox getting you one step closer to a streamlined home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen stand mixer, then you know how much of a lifesaver it can be when baking. But if you’re not careful, those mixers can quickly become a countertop clutter source.

When I had my first kitchen, I thought all of my gadgets needed to be out where I could get to them quickly whenever I wanted to use them. And yes, for some, this is a great place to keep them.

Kitchen Gadgets that can stay out on your counter:

  • Can opener
  • Coffee maker
  • Toaster
  • Toaster oven

On the other hand, there are many appliances you should store away. This will help you to free up more counter space giving you a kitchen that has plenty of room to cook, bake, or work on food projects such as canning or soap making.

a kitchen with counters that are free of clutter and stuff

Kitchen Gadgets that you may want to store away:

  • Instant Pot
  • Crock Pot
  • Stand Mixer
  • Air Fryer
  • Indoor Grill
an indoor grill stored in a cabinet

Just because you own it doesn’t mean it needs to be out, and just because you are storing your appliances and gadgets away doesn’t mean you do not have an organized kitchen.

Open space is a great goal to work for in a streamlined kitchen and if you are still hesitant to start packing up your gadgets, start small and just store your stand mixer and see how it all works for you.

If you don’t use it every day, find it a home and put it away.

Declutter in Minutes

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your mixer organized and out of the way. Check out these storage ideas for stand mixers big and small. Whether you have a countertop to spare or are tight on space, there’s a storage solution for you. Get your bake on with these smart stand mixer storage ideas.

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Stand Mixer Storage Ideas

When you are looking to find a spot to keep your stand mixer there are a few things you will want to consider.

First, how often do you use it?

If you find yourself mixing things up daily then look for a storage spot that is nearby. Let’s face it, those mixers are anything but light! So struggling to move a heavy and awkward 20-pound mixer every other day may not be the best solution for you.

If, however, you only use your mixer every month or so then you may want to free up some of your coveted counter space and store your mixer more out of the way.

A close photo of the hands of a young woman who is spooning sugar to stainless steel soup bowl with the egg whites while the red stand mixer is whipping it.

Storage Idea #1. Out where you use it.

If you use your mixer several times a week and you have extra counter space, take advantage of it by storing your mixer on a pretty tray or cake stand. This will not only keep your mixer out of the way, but it will also add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Want to style up your mixer to match your personality a bit? You can opt for a pretty bowl or mixer cover that matches your decor.

Storage Idea #2. Close by.

If you’re tight on counter space, try storing your stand mixer on a pull-out shelf in a cabinet. This is a great way to not only store your mixer but create a workspace as well. This way, it’ll be out of the way but still easily accessible when you need it.

I just love this mixer caddy, what an easier way to move this heavy mixer around while baking.


Storage Idea #3. Rolling cart.

If you have a lot of small kitchen appliances, consider storing them all in one place on a rolling appliance cart. This way, you can keep your mixer out of the way when you’re not using it, but easily roll it out when you need it.

Storage Idea #4. Garage it.

If you have a lot of cabinet space, consider storing your mixer in a dedicated appliance garage. This way, it’ll be out of sight but still within reach when you need it.

Storage Idea #5. Out of the way.

If you only use your mixer monthly then you may opt for a truly hidden storage solution such as a kitchen pantry or closet. This way, it’ll be out of sight and out of mind until you need it. You may still want to use a cart so you can easily wheel it out without the risk of hurting your back.

How do you store mixer accessories?

Now that we have a storage spot for your stand mixer let’s talk about where to store the many amazing accessories that come with it.

Tip #1. In a Bag

Store in a mesh bag and hang near the mixer. You can install a command hook inside of a cabinet, on the wall in your pantry, or on the handle of your storage cart. Another great perk of this type of bag is the mesh will help keep the air flowing so you do not have to worry about damp items getting damaged.

Tip #2. On a Hook

If you have just a few stand mixer attachments you can use individual hooks to hang them on. Again your goal is to keep things close together so you always know where they are. This means you can have hooks in a cabinet, pantry, or another storage area.

Attachments that can hang on a hook:

Tip #3. Out of the Box

I just love this under the cabinet storage option. If you are not a fan of having them out in the open you can store them in a cabinet with these amazing attachments.

Tip #4. In a Basket (or two)

I love baskets because they work for just about anything you are looking to organize. A plastic basket will work great to hold all the attachments you have. Just a few you can use a small basket. Or go deep and big you have many options to organize. Where you keep the basket will depend on where you use your stand mixer. I suggest in a drawer near your work area is a good solution and will work well especially if you use your mixer quite often. If not, you can keep the basket where you store your mixer so everything you need is all in one place.

Attachments that can store in a basket:

Tip #5. Use Magnets

I think magnets tend to get overlooked as storage solutions which is a shame because they work amazingly well in so many different areas. For your accessories, you can use a magnetic strip near where you keep your stand mixer and hang up the attachments you use most often.

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Tip #6. Custom Stand

If you want a more set solution then a customized stand may be more your style. This is a great option especially if you use your mixture often.

Tip #7. In the bowl

If you prefer easy, then you can keep your attachments right inside of the mixing bowl on the stand. This is how I have stored my own attachments for many years. Why? Because it’s easy and it works great. I never find myself searching for my needing arm because it’s right in the bowl. Easy is my go-to style when organizing.

Finally, Use this fun organizer to keep the chord out of the way.

Now that you know some different storage options for your stand mixer, it’s time to get organized! Pick a spot that works for you and your kitchen, and start keeping your mixer and attachments tidy and out of the way. Your stand mixer is a valuable kitchen tool – make sure it’s stored in a way that keeps it safe and easy

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