Do you have a pantry that is a hot cluttered mess? This list of pantry organization tips is just what you need to turn your chaotic pantry into a streamlined extension of your kitchen. Get step-by-step help that covers all areas of your kitchen pantry and makes cooking dinner a breeze. New to declutter? Get the help you need at Declutter in Minutes to create a home you love.

Let’s face it, food is expensive, and tossing food out because it is stale or expired might be the most frustrating and expensive thing ever. Knowing how to streamline all the areas in your kitchen pantry you will be able to organize your food so you are using it rather than losing it. Whichever organizing layout you chose to use in your own kitchen pantry be sure to keep in mind your family, your time of life, and any dietary restrictions you may have. These are all key parts of streamlining your food storage area so you are sure to only purchase items you need ending food waste and frustration.


Pantry Organization tips

Another thing to consider when organizing your kitchen pantry is are you using all the areas in the most organized way? Are the shelves neat but your floor is a cluttered mess? If so, no worries, I have broken it all down so you can pick and chose what to work on until you have a completely organized kitchen pantry you love to be in.

Pantry Organization Tips from Floor to Ceiling.

When you are looking to streamline a space, it is true that some areas are more valuable than others, but that doesn’t mean you should be overlooking the hard to reach! Make the most of your space, all of it, especially in your kitchen pantry.

a collection of kitchen appliances on a counter for an organized pantry

I think everyone wishes they had a walk-in pantry like the ones you see in home magazines. But most of us, myself included, are not so lucky. Take my pantry, for example, it has wire shelves, and let me just say that may be the most challenging type of shelving to have as a pantry.

It took me quite a while to find the best way to set up those shelves so my food wouldn’t topple as soon as I got near. That, in my opinion, makes me a bit of a wire pantry expert. Check out my tips and get ready to really create a pantry that even Martha Stewart would be proud to host in her magazine.

Whether you have wire shelving in your kitchen pantry or not, keeping soup cans from falling over like dominos may be a struggle you are dealing with.

What if I have a full walk-in pantry, what can I do to keep that organized more easily?

The bigger the space the harder it can be to keep organized. This is especially true with a walk-in pantry. Get my tips on how to turn this room into a streamlined extension of your kitchen that any homeowner would love to have!

What if I don’t have any pantry at all? 

Not everyone is blessed with a pantry, and not everyone has enough cabinets in their kitchens to hold all the food they like to have on hand let alone stock up on. So, what are your options? The basement! 

Not quite ready to organize your kitchen pantry?

Let’s back up a bit and work on decluttering the food you have first.

Most if not all kitchen pantries could use a little help. A few organizers to make setting things up to fit your family in a more customized way.

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