Things to Declutter in August

Summer is winding down, and you may be looking at your house wondering what happened! This checklist is here to help. Easy things to declutter in August, keeping you right on track with where you want to be.

How to declutter the easier way, all by using a checklist. Just follow along and make progress as you go!

Things to Declutter in August

As summer slows down, so do our supplies of summer items. That is why August is a good time to go through our stock and clean out or replenish what we are running low on.

Keep making progress even when the temps are soaring outside. Remember, any step you make toward your goat of a clutter-free home is still a step in the right direction! Keep making progress no matter how small, and celebrate every win.

Things to Declutter in August

This list is meant to be easy so you can just get the stuff gone without any of the stress that usually tags along with decluttering.

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DM Pro Tip: Keep this list and all of our monthly checklists in a decluttering binder. This way you have a plan for each month of the year to refer to, keeping things from getting cluttered and messy going forward.

August Decluttering List for the Kitchen

Each month I like to work on a different area in the kitchen. This will ensure everything in this busy area gets some attention throughout the year.

• Baking Dishes – Go through your cookie sheets, baking pans, pie pans, etc. Toss any that are rusted, damaged, or no longer used.

• Measuring Cups – Keep enough that you routinely use, and let go of the excess to free up space.

• Measuring Spoons – Again, keep enough that you routinely use and let go of the excess.

• Small Appliances – A good rule of thumb with small appliances is, if you use it 1-2 times a year, do not give it space in your kitchen.

• Water Bottles – If it is damaged or you haven’t touched it in over a month, let it go. Keep your favorites and a few size options.

an organized drawer in a kitchen of measuring cups and spoons

August Decluttering List for the Bedroom

Always work in your bedroom. The more you can remove the more space you will open up, giving a relaxing atmosphere to where you sleep.

• Furniture – If you have pieces in your bedroom that are not being used as intended, this is a clue that you may not need them. Keep more of your clothes in your closet, and test drive only have one dresser or no dressers in your room.

• Books – I love books, but if you have a large collection in your home, you may want to consider finding another area. Keep a few favorites near to your bed that you can read to help you wind down after a long stressful day.

• Electronics – The less stimulation we have in our bedrooms, the better rest we will enjoy.

• Lighting – Soft lights are good for a bedroom with a good reading lap near your bedside.

night stand with a lamp lit on top

August Decluttering List for the Office

The office is one of those forgotten rooms, especially in the summertime. Let’s give this space a bit of attention now.

• Surface Clutter – Take a few minutes to clean off any papers from your desk, kitchen counters, or family tables. Put them all into a basket and set aside time to sort through each item. Toss the junk and put sticky it notes on other papers that need to be dealt with.

• Printer Ink – Check to see if your printer ink needs to be replaced. Gather up any empty cartridges and take them to be recycled.

• Calendar – If you have not done so yet, set up your new calendar for the month of August. Toss the previous month and start fresh!

• Events – Be sure to make a note of any birthdays or anniversaries for August. Make a list of cards and gifts you need to purchase so you have time to get them to their recipients on time.

• Commitments – Put front and center your family commitments being sure to leave open time for fun and relaxation. Consider saying no to the excess.

hands putting a pick sticky note on a black calendar

August Declutter List for the yard

Toys seem to multiply outdoors during the summer. I am not what it is, but the things we started out with are much less than it is this month.

• Lawn Furniture – Go through the chairs, tables, and benches that are outside. Toss any that are broken or repair any that you can.

• Pillows and Cushions – Sort through any pillows or cushions only, keeping what is free of must, mildew, stains, and tears.

Sand Toys – If you have a sandbox in your yard, this is a good time to sort the toys inside. If you have items not for sand play, remove them and put them where they belong. Toss any broken toys and remove any rocks or other misc items.

sandbox in a backyard with toys inside

August Decluttering List for the Front or Back Porch

Give a great first look to your home with less mess and clutter at the front door.

• Dust and Dirt – Take a few minutes to clean the area. Remove cobwebs, leaves, grass, dust, and dirt. If needed, change the bulbs in any lights.

• Welcome Mat – If you have a welcome mat, shake it and clean under it. If the mat is in bad shape, replace it.

• Decor – Minimalize what you have on your front porch. A chair, small table, welcome sign, and rug are all nice and inviting things to have.

August Decluttering List for the Refrigerator

Many times our fridge can get messy both inside and out. Let’s tackle that next.

• Photos and Papers – Remove everything from the front of your fridge. Keep only what you need on the front. Consider setting up a home hub for schedules, calendars, and school info.

• Outdated Produce – Remove any old produce. Make a plan to incorporate fresh produce in meal plans.

• Old Leftovers – Toss any old leftovers. Put sticky notes with dates on the front of leftovers going forward. Have a “Leftover Friday” dinner to use up food from the week.

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Now that you have another amazing list of things to declutter in August, you can work a little every day, making huge progress for the month ahead.

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One Comment

  1. This is a great list! I’d add a few more for the yard–remove dead or dying shrubbery and plants in pots. The summer heat helps clarify which plants are stressed and should be removed. This is a good time to clarify which plants thrived in your planting zone and the growing conditions around the home. For example, this year, our flowering evergreen bushes had over a third of the plants dead; when those portions were removed, the plant’s appeal was gone. Our Holly bush is thriving. The area receives full sun on the easter side of the house until noon.

    I’ve consolidated smaller plants into larger pots and made appealing groupings–recycling the pots to a local charity. Doing this reduces visual clutter and makes a greater wow factor.

    I plan to plant flowers with bulbs in that area this fall, as some we already have are thriving in another area on this side of the house. I plan to add poppies and sunflowers to the mix when spring comes.

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