Wire Pantry Shelving Organizers

When you are looking for wire pantry shelving organizers you may think there are not many out there. But after a few decades of streamlining different areas in my home, it is safe to say that pantry organization can all be fixed with a sturdy basket.

organizers for wire shelving

Not everyone can have a magazine-worthy kitchen pantry with solid oak cabinetry and marble counters. (Oh, how I wish!) Some folks, myself included, have a small skinny pantry with a few wire shelves and no extra space left for anything fancy.

I struggled at first making things work in my galley style pantry to the point that I would get frustrated enough to walk away telling myself I would find a way to make it all work later. The thing was, my pantry wasn’t bad it was just unique and because of that, I needed to find things that would remain in place even if the surface they were on was not very stable. 

There is nothing quite as dangerous as a can falling several feet to the floor with nothing to stop it but a barefoot innocently waiting down below. In most kitchen pantries this is not that big of an issue, but in a pantry that has wire shelving, it is a risk you run each and every time you go inside. 

fallen cans on a wire rack pantry shelf

If steel toe boots are not the look you’re going for, then these organizing options are your next best bet. These are ideas taken from folks all over the internet giving you a nice collection of shelf solutions so you can find the ones that call out to you. 

Wire Pantry Shelving Organizers

Whenever you are working to organize a space, rather than trying to tackle the entire area all at once, it will be easier to focus on just one shelf at a time. The shelves in your kitchen pantry all have a purpose and the organizers you use on one shelf may be different than the organizers you use on another.

Categories are your friend when organizing your food, and can be the magic ingredient to finally creating a pantry you love. 

a blue bin labeled Italian full of pasta and sauce

Keeping the pantry in order is very frustrating. It is a space that is easily disorganized when everyone in the family is going through it which makes it difficult to find anything or know what needs to be restocked. Having an organization system in place can help keep the wire pantry shelving organized.

You may be asking, “How can I keep wire shelves in my pantry more organized?” There are many ways to organize a pantry it’s a matter of choosing what works best for your space and your style. One wire shelf organizer is to add a plexiglass shelf liner on the shelf. This prevents the jars from tipping over due to the gaps in the shelf. 

Having glass jars may not be a feasible option, especially if hungry small or young children are going through the pantry searching for food. Many parents worry the kids may accidentally drop a glass jar and may injure themselves.

In this case, plastic containers with lids work best to organize the oatmeal, sugar, or chocolate chips.  

Many items in the pantry may not need to be stored inside a sealed container or jar. Kids’ snacks are a perfect example. These individually packed items are perfect to go in a wired basket with a fun chalkboard label.

It is also helpful for the little ones, as they do not need to struggle with a container’s lid when they are hungry.  

Wicker baskets are also a great addition to the pantry. These baskets can help keep small cans such as tuna organized in one place. Wicker baskets are great for the wire shelves and for those cans that are normally stacked on top of each other. 

The best part is, you probably have baskets like these lying around your home right now just waiting to be used. Gather them up and streamline your collection of canned goods. And no, baskets do not need to match which makes this option even more appealing. 

Plastic containers are another way to sort packaged rice, noodles, potatoes, and snacks. They are also great for kids’ snacks so they can serve themselves without having to bother you. If kids are younger, it may be wise to place these containers at the bottom of the wire shelves. It also makes it more visible to see if you are running low.

Baskets also help keep the items from falling through the gaps of the wired shelves solving that annoying problem in a simple and efficient way.  

My top pick for helping organize a wire shelf in a pantry is a Lazy Susan. A Lazy Susan is great to sort those small items like small bottles, spices, and baking flavors like vanilla extract, food coloring, or sprinkles.

Having small baking items organized makes them easy to find and keeps them together. You can also set up Lazy Susans for baby food, canned goods, drinks, condiments, salad dressings, and oils. 

Many people find that packaged dried goods take up to much space in the pantry. There is nothing quite as heavy as a bulk food bag of flour. Luckily there are many ways to minimize your heavy collection.

One way is to organize the staple foods on a wire shelf by using glass jars with lids. This is perfect for staple foods like oatmeal, quinoa, or rice but also for baking supplies such as flour, sugars, packing powder, and soda. Labeling the jars is key for this organizing tip and chalkboard labels look and work great.  

When you are trying to organize your pantry don’t get frustrated with the setup you have and think there is nothing you can do to make it better.

Even if you have annoying wire shelving you can still find organizers that will make each area efficient so you can make cooking dinner a breeze every single day.

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