Organizers For A Small Pantry

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a small kitchen, except for a small kitchen pantry. Today I have a list of ideas on organizers for a small pantry that you can add to your kitchen pantry organization list. 

small pantry organizers

My first two homes did not come with a pantry. I remember trying to fit food into normal kitchen cabinets and how frustrating it would be to try to keep some sense of order. A cabinet to hold canned goods, a drawer to hold plastic wrap, and another cabinet to hold all of our baking supplies.

And no matter how hard I tried, food still spilled out into my kitchen. Bread stacked in the corner on my counter, canisters holding whatever I could stick inside, even cereal stacked on my refrigerator just to have a way to store our food. 

When it comes to storing food sometimes you need to look for unique, and genius ways to create some space where there may not be much. And that is what I have for you today. 

Genius ideas that you can use to store food in your small pantry and kitchen. You might just be surprised to find there is a bit more space than you realize. 


Having a small pantry can be a challenge as space is limited. The struggle of “How can I find more space in my tiny pantry?” is real. However, small pantries can be deceiving because using simple organizers can help make the space you have not only look larger but can be optimized to its full potential giving you more space to store more food.

One way is to use small baskets for packaged items like snacks, popcorn, and crackers ditching the boxes they came in. Not only will you be able to more easily see what you have, but you will know with a glance what you are running short on.  

 Image that shows: Snacks sorted in plastic baskets.

Let’s face it, chips can be bulky and if we are not careful, easily crushed. This simple chip organizer is perfect to keep chips from crushing and out where you can see what you have. This easy-to-make chip stand will keep the kids happy and maybe encourage them to pack their own lunches for school.

This display can hold roughly nine bags of chips but you can custom tailor a chip organizer so it fits your pantry and your family’s love of chips.  
Image that shows: DIY-Chip Storage Rack on a wood sign with clips

Taking inventory of the pantry and sorting cans, food or spices also helps optimize space. Spices can be organized by removing the bulky packaging and placing them into stackable plastic containers with lids.

Labeling the plastic containers makes it simple to identify the items and instead of having ten spice bags take up a shelf, there can be ten small containers taking up a corner of the shelf.  

Be sure to note the date so you always have fresh vibrant spices in your kitchen. 
Image that shows: Spices sorted in plastic containers stacked on a shelf.

Many people are loving the farmhouse theme for their homes myself included. If you want to add a little farmhouse to your pantry you can incorporate small crates with bold labels rather than generic plastic bins. A fun way to add a bit of decoration and order to a small kitchen pantry.   

Image that shows: Small crates to sort spices and herbs

If shelf space is lacking in your kitchen pantry, no worries! A door can always be optimized for spices, herbs, or baking ingredients. This over-the-door organizer is amazing for any small jar organizing, making it easy and visible to pick up and cook.  

Image that shows: Spice rack over the door

Keeping along the baking theme, organizing baking utensils can help streamline other areas of your pantry. Sorting these items in the pantry and keeping them together help keep your tools easier to access. You can find a large organizer to hold your measuring cups, spoons, and other baking tools. 

By keeping things close together you will save yourself from having to search throughout the kitchen each time you are working on a baking project. 

Image that shows: Basket sorting baking utensils.

Many people may not have a drawer to sort baking utensils and in this case, the cabinet door is perfect to sort the measuring spoons, or measuring cups. Some command hooks and adhesive cork boards are a genius way to create extra storage space. It also makes your cups and spoons much easier to grab whenever you need them. 

When purchasing hooks, I suggest the small wire command hooks as they will fit easier most measuring cups and spoons. 

Image that shows: Small command hooks attached to a cabinet to hook up measuring cups

Plastic containers or baskets are very popular when it comes to pantry organizers because they are both durable and incredibly sturdy. Baskets can help sort items like box dinners, heavy soup cans, jars of sauce, condiments, soup, and so much more.

Sturdy pantry baskets such as these also make it easy to take a quick shopping inventory and eliminate overstocking or purchasing something that’s not needed.  


Creating space where you may be a bit short is easy to do with a lazy Susan. Also known as turntables these organizers can also be a great way of sorting cans. A lazy Susan can help stack cans if you invest in a durable one so you are sure it can easily turn to see what cans need to be restocked.

Image that shows: A lazy Susan with canned food.

Many people find the packaging that most baking supplies come in as not only bulky but hard to keep bin tack with repeated use. An easy way to eliminate the packaging clutter is to place these goods in a labeled plastic container with lids that fit securely. Since these are items that kids normally do not reach for you can store them on an upper shelf leaving other areas for more family-friendly storage. 

Another bonus is some of these containers can even be stacked doubling your space.  
Image that shows: Stapled foods sorted in labeled plastic bins.

The pantry floor is often an overlooked area. The floor of the pantry is the perfect area to organize those big bulky items. Using laundry baskets helps organize items like bags, paper goods, chips, or even bags of rice. These laundry baskets are great because they are super easy to roll in and out and easy to move the heavy items in and out of place.  
Image that shows: Laundry hampers sorting bags or bulk items like rice

When you’re looking to organize a small space in your kitchen be sure to look at all the areas you have available. Remember, nothing is off-limits, the floor, the walls, up high, even the door can be set up to hold your family’s food.

You might be surprised at the organizers for a small pantry that is out there. 

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