Dressers Organizer Ideas

I just love organizers, and seeing how other folks keep things neat and tidy is even better. Below is a list of my favorite dresser organizer ideas to help keep all the clothes organized.

Keeping the dresser organized doesn’t need to be a daunting task these ideas will not only inspire you, but they will have you fall in love with your dresser again. Get ready for some unique was for how to organize every drawer in your bedroom.

Dresser Organizer Ideas

Looking for a way to organize your dresser?

Check out these genius dresser organizer ideas that I gathered up from other bedroom-organizing folks just like you. Use any of these ideas and you’ll be able to find everything you need in no time.

These tips are so simple, yet they make such a big impact on controlling the clutter. You’ll love how your dresser looks and functions once you put these ideas into action.

Folded clothes in chest of drawers closeup

Dresser Organizer Ideas

If you’re like most people, your dresser is probably crammed full of clothes, shoes, and other items. It can be tough to keep everything organized and tidy. But with a little effort, it is possible to achieve an organized and stylish bedroom dresser.

There are a few different ways that you can go about organizing your dresser. You can use organizers that are specifically made for drawers, tension dividers, or baskets to help keep things sorted. Or you can simply declutter your dresser and get rid of items that you no longer need or use freeing up plenty of space that will help to keep things neat and organized.

Whichever approach you choose, these dresser organization ideas will help you achieve the level of organization that you desire.

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Prep Work

If you feel like you don’t have enough storage space in your bedroom dresser, there are a few things you can do to create more space.

Step #1. Bins

Before you begin to organize your dresser, be sure you’ve decluttered first. First, find four baskets and label each basket with signs that say keep, give away, donate, and maybe.

Step #2. Sort

Take everything out of your dresser and sort them into baskets. I love using laundry baskets for this step. As you are sorting, be sure to get rid of anything that you don’t use, love, or need. This will free up some space in your dresser making it so much easier to keep organized.

Image that show baskets labeled as keep, give away, donate, and maybe.
Source: declutterinminutes.com

Whatever items are in your keep bin will be the things that will go back into your organized dresser.

Step #3. Clean

Once you have things emptied out, take a few seconds to wipe down each drawer. This will allow you to start clean and fresh!

a woman cleaning the outside of a bedroom dresser

Dresser Organization Ideas

Before we can look at some fun ways to organize your dresser you first need to decide what you will keep where. The answer is going to help you to really streamline each drawer in the very best way.

What should go in each dresser drawer?

One of the keys to keeping your dresser organized and clutter-free is to have a clear idea of what should go in each drawer.

Things like socks and undergarments should go in one drawer, and shirts in another. You can then keep pants in a drawer down lower with pajamas just above. You may also want to consider including sweaters, pajamas, workout clothes, and scarves in your dresser if you have the room.

If not, you can store those bulky items in your closet or in roll-away bins under your bed.

In addition to knowing what should go in your dresser drawers, it’s also essential to remember where each item belongs. This will help you keep things organized over time and avoid making any unnecessary clutter. I like to use big labels after setting up a newly organized space. These labels remind me where everything now belongs so I can keep my things put away.

You can use bright sticky notes or note cards so you are sure to see them right away.

yellow sticky note labels on a dresser

If you’re struggling to keep your dresser organized, try using these dresser organization ideas to get started. With a little hard work and dedication, you’ll be able to keep your bedroom looking neat and beautiful in no time!


Dividers are great for sorting t-shirts, pants, or sweaters.

They are easy to make and can customize a drawer to fit as many rows need. All that is required is some cardboard boxes and wrapping paper. Once it is covered use them to create sections in your drawers. This will help you keep things sorted and make it easier to find what you’re looking for since the clothes are sorted vertically instead of flat.

Image that shows a clothes in a dresser sorted by a divider and clothes facing vertically.
Source: smallstuffcounts.com


Baskets are an affordable option when it comes to sorting the dresser.

They are easy to find, you probably have a stash of them in your home right now. Baskets also come in various sizes and shapes, meaning you can find a basket for any sized drawer.

Baskets are great for sorting undergarments, sweaters, socks, or accessories. Make a good solution even better by incorporating dividers along with your baskets for the ultimate setup.

Image that show baskets sorting sweater, leggings, and undergarments.
Source: declutterinminutes.com

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are another great solution for organizing the dresser drawer, especially if the dresser drawer is used for a baby.

These inexpensive baskets can be found at the dollar store and fit comfortably in the drawer. It’s great to sort items you may have such as socks or belts but it also works great in a changing dresser to hold small toys, burning towels, and diaper creams.

Image that shows a wire basket inside a drawer with baby rattles, creams, and wash cloths.
Source: makingmanzanita.com

If you are worried about snagging things, you can quickly DIY a liner for the inside of the basket making it snag-free.

Small Containers

Another great way to organize a dresser drawer is to DIY a small container so you are using all the space you have available.

These small containers can be made out of recycled shipping boxes and wrapping paper. Measure the space you are looking to organize and create the perfectly sized solution. Once made it can be tucked in the corner of the drawer and used to organize socks, undergarments, jewelry, scarves, or belts.

Image that shows a small container inside the corner of a drawer with socks in it.
Source: jaroflemons.com

Plastic Containers

Recyclable food containers is another great option for organizing a dresser drawer. They are not as strong as the dollar store containers, but the small containers fit great in the drawer and can easily sort socks, rolled-up belts, ties, and more.

Image that shows take out plastic containers used to sort socks in a drawer.
Source: organized31.com

Collapsible Bins

Collapsible bins are another great solution to organize the dresser drawer. The containers are super affordable and easy to use in just about any space. They come in different sizes and shapes, making them a go-to solution for any drawer.

Use them for everyday organizing or to sort clothes by season.

Image that shows collapsible bins to sort seasonal clothes.
Source: domesticallycreative.com

Folding for Organizing

Often times organizers are not needed to keep a dresser drawer organized and clutter-free. All that is required is a little tweaking in how you have things stored for a better organizational system.

Folding or rolling clothes up and placing them vertically helps not only to keep a space neat and tidy but to also easily see what is in the dresser.

Image that shows clothes rolled up and sorted vertically in a drawer.
Source: declutterinminutes.com

Folding Jeans

Jeans can be bulky and, because of that, take up more space than needed. Not only that, many of us have 4 pairs of jeans or more to get inside of a dresser drawer.

When folding, do so in thirds and store them vertically so you can more easily see each pair. This will allow you to remove the ones you plan to wear without disturbing the other jeans and making a mess.

jeans folded vertically in an organized dresser drawer
Source: declutterinminutes.com

Organizing your dresser and keeping it neat and stylish may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have a small or large bedroom, plenty of great ideas and tips can help you achieve the perfect clutter-free dresser.

From using DIY storage containers to tension dividers, there are many simple and effective ways to get your dresser organized today! If you are looking for the best dresser organizer ideas, check out these inspirations and find the perfect solution that will keep your bedroom dresser looking great.

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