How to arrange kitchen appliances on a counter

If you are looking for an organized way how to arrange kitchen appliances on a counter this is the help you need. This list of ideas are easy ones you can start using right away and they will make a big difference with your counters.

A plan that you can use for kitchen organization and streamline another area in your busy kitchen.

How to arrange kitchen appliances on a counter

Let’s face it, small kitchen gadgets can be so much fun.

Every time I see a new tool that is meant to help make cooking easier I am right there looking to see if it is something I would like to have. And, if I am being honest, I tend to purchase more than I probably should.

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Each time a new gadget that I ordered would arrive in the mail I would make space on my counter for it. Sliding down a collection of tools and gadgets making a spot where it could sit forever and ever.

To me, gadgets were meant to be out where I could get to them easily so sliding things closer together to make room for my new instant pot made sense to me.

a kitchen with lots of appliances on the counters

The problem was, the more items I forced out on my counters the more cluttered they became until cooking with all that stuff out became so frustrating that I turned to takeout more times than I care to admit.

And if you’re like most women, then I am sure you can relate.

You may just be smiling (or crying) a bit because your kitchen is cluttered with appliances too. Maybe, until now, you believed those appliances were supposed to be kept out at all times no matter how infrequently you used them.

woman in red apron holding kitchen gadgets and a HELP sign

Today we are going to change your outlook and, in turn, create a kitchen with counters that are wide open waiting for you to create fabulous meals once again. And if you’re like most busy women and you don’t have the time to figure out where to put them all I have the help you need.

A guide on how to arrange kitchen appliances so you can set up a counter for maximum efficiency. Appliances take up valuable counter space, so make sure to use this guide to make the best use of your counters.

How to Arrange Kitchen Appliances on a Counter

Coming up with a plan for your kitchen counters is a great way to streamline your entire space. Not only will it make cooking more enjoyable but it will make it easier to keep things put away.

Where to put kitchen appliances?

When you are looking for the best location for the small appliances in your kitchen you will want to choose a spot close to where you normally use them. By keeping the tools that you need near to where you perform a task you will, in turn, streamline an efficient kitchen that is less cluttered.

So, for example, if you like coffee every morning then storing your coffee maker near to where you keep your cups, coffee and creamers is a great option to consider.

a coffee maker on a counter near baskets and a cup and spoon

We are working to streamline your kitchen so it is easier to cook meals in and that means arranging your appliances where they are most often used.

Step #1. Sort what you have.

Many of us probably have too many kitchen appliances, and if we are being honest, we have more than what we actually need. Before we can get to your new organized setup you first need to see how much you have.

When it comes to tips on arranging kitchen appliances start by doing an inventory. To do this, find a wide-open spot where you can sort your small appliances and kitchen gadgets. A kitchen table will work great for this or you can set up a folding table bringing your sorting area closer to you.

Sort out your appliances into 3 sections.

  • Section #1 – Any appliances you use daily.
  • Section #2 – Any appliances you use weekly or monthly.
  • Section #3 – Any appliances you use every few months or longer.
young woman making breakfast toast bread with toaster at home kitchen

Step #2. How much space do you have?

Now that you have just about everything off of your counters, take a look at how much room you actually have.

Remember your goal is to leave as much open space available so it is easier for you to cook and prepare meals. This means you will want to be very selective as to what appliances will remain out at all times.

If you don’t use it every day, find it a home and put it away.

Declutter in Minutes

Step #3. Work on the appliances you have sorted into your daily use pile.

These are the appliances that are going to stay out on your counters at all times.

To streamline things even more efficiently work to keep appliances close to where you use them.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Keep your toaster near to where you keep the bread and plates.
  • Keep your coffee maker near to your mugs and coffee.
  • Keep your can opener near the stove.

This is called organizing using zones and it is a great way to create an efficient workflow in your kitchen.

Step #4. Work on appliances you have sorted into your weekly use pile.

If you have limited counter space, consider storing some of your less-used appliances, those that you use weekly or less often, in cabinets or on nearby shelves. This will free up valuable counter space for prep work and cooking.

Keep in mind the size and weight of the appliance you are looking to store. If it is a heavy stand mixer, for example, you will do better to keep it in a lower cabinet rather than one that this up high.

Step #5. Utilize vertical and ceiling space.

I love to find unique ways to store items in my home, especially in the kitchen.

You can hang pots and pans on a pot rack that you have suspended from the ceiling. This is a super common way to organize and store a large collection and free up more valuable space.

pots and pans hanging from a ceiling in a kitchen

Another area to consider for storage is our kitchen walls. You can put shelves out to hold small items such as spices, seasonings, or oils.

You can also install a wall organizer for storing the lids for your pots and pans.

Step #6. Work on the appliances you have sorted into your rarely used pile.

For any items that you use sparingly, you can look outside of the kitchen for storage options. This is a great tip especially if you have a kitchen that is on the smaller side.

Unique Storage Options:

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Appliance Storage Bonus Tips:

If you have not yet see an option that will work for your setup, here are a few more ideas to consider.

  1. Keep frequently used items within easy reach by storing them on sturdy wall shelves or in appliance cabinets that are located near the stove or sink. This will make cooking and cleanup a breeze.
  2. Use appliance mats or pads to protect your countertops from scratches and scrapes. This will keep your counters looking like new for years to come.
  3. A rolling cart specifically for appliances.
  4. Install a appliance garage.
  5. Use pull out trays to put appliances on and allow you to keep your counters more organized.
toaster on a slide out tray in a kitchen

Step #7. Revaluate your Layout

Using the tips above, I hope you were able to remove some of the items on your counters. Now is a great time to look at where you have things, moving items to free up more working space.

One of the biggest struggles with meal prep is lack of cooking space and that means less is more on your counters. There are a few things you can do at this point to create more open areas.

1. Group small appliances together in a hard to reach corner. This is a great way to utilize those awkward corners on your counters.

a collection of small appliances in the corner of a kitchen

2. Use baskets or trays to corral. If you can keep tools and gadgets on a large tray this will allow you to easily move things for meal prep.

3. Purchase organizers. Under the cabinets is a great space to consider when organizing. You can invest in a hanging can opener, mixer storage system, or products nets. These all work great to free up space yet keep things out where you want them.

4. Be ruthless. As you see how nice it is to have free space on your counters, you may find more gadgets that can be kept in a cabinet rather than out. Always be on the lookout for these items and keep working to streamline your kitchen.

Arranging your kitchen appliances doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little bit of planning, you can create a functional and stylish space that will make cooking and meal prep a breeze.

By following these simple tips, on how to arrange kitchen appliances on a counter so you can create a kitchen that is both convenient and functional. A room you love to be in So get organized and enjoy whipping up delicious meals in your beautifully arranged kitchen.

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