Refrigerator Command Center

If you love the idea of having a family command center in your home but you have no room to set one up, then this post is the answer you have been looking for! How to set up a refrigerator command center in your kitchen. Yes, you will have everything you need for an efficient command center to help streamline your family and home.


Does your family have a lot of things going on? Do you find it difficult to remember who needs to be where and when?

What you need is a family command center to keep everything organized. And what better place to put it than on the outside of your refrigerator?

Follow these simple steps to set up an efficient family hub and you’ll be able to keep track of everyone’s schedules, grocery lists, and more. Plus, it will make your kitchen look super organized. Win-win!

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How to Set Up a Refrigerator Command Center

What is a family command center?

A command center is also known as a family hub is a designated area that you have set up in your home. This is where you can keep your family calendar, schedules, important papers, homework, mail, and more. It is a simple way to remove the chaos that a busy family has every day and, in turn, remove some of the stress we parents have because of it.

young dad with his two kids playing in a kitchen

Step #1. Location

If you are a bit short on wall space the next best area for your command center is your refrigerator. Not only is this a nice clean area that will give you plenty of room for all the components you need for your hub, but it is also an area that every single member of your family most likely visits many times throughout the day. Next to your layout location is key to your hub being a useful tool. The more your family sees the command center the more they are going to utilize it.

Sure you can purchase a refrigerator with a computerized organizing system on the door like this Samsung French Door Refrigerator. And yet, that is an amazing idea but before you invest try things out in a more affordable way first. 😉

Step #2. Clean Slate

Before you can layout your hub you will want to start with a clean slate. Remove anything you have on the front of your refrigerator now. You can sort things into piles but do not get rid of anything just yet. You may need these items in your hub once you have things set up.

Don’t forget the top and sides as well. Take the time to wipe things down so you have a fresh clean space to work on.

cleaning the outside of a kitchen refrigerator

Step #3. Gather your Tools

Most of the things you need for a command center you may already have.

  • Magnets
  • Adhesive strips
  • Calendar
  • Grocery list
  • Weekly menu
  • Chore Chart

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Step #4. Purchase Additional Pieces

If you do not have everything you need you can add in a few extra tools to really make this area more your own. A few ideas are:

Magnet holders – These are great to hold pens and sticky notes.

Dry erase board – A great way to put notes for your family along with important reminders.

Magnetic hooks – Perfect to hold keys or sunglasses.

Step #5. Calendar

This is probably the most important part of any command center. Your family calendar needs to fit the size of your family so you can more easily include all the events and schedules you need.

Be sure to visit your calendar each morning so you can better streamline your entire day.

D/M Pro Tip: Use different colors for each family member to help everyone see where they need to be more easily.

Step #6. Weekly Menu

Another important part of your family hub is what you plan to have and make for dinner for the upcoming week. A weekly menu is a great time-saving tool and will save you money on your grocery budget as well.

Step #7. Reminder List

Everyone needs reminders and a white board is perfect for keeping the most important front and center. You can also use this board to write up weekly to-do lists or your shopping list.

Step #8. Extra Items

Looking for things can be such a time waster so when you can designate a set location for what you seem to be searching for most often that is a huge time saver.

Keys, sunglasses, permission slips, etc are all things you can house in your refrigerator command center.

Step #9. Fun and Love

All work and no play is nobody’s idea of a good time to add a bit of personality to your command center. Family photos and artwork are a great way to add some personal touches to your organizing center.

Step #10. Involve Everyone

Once you have your refrigerator command center layout finished, hold a family meeting. This is your chance to show them where everything is, why you feel it is going to help you and your family, and the best way for everyone to use it. When you include your entire family in a new system you may find everyone more on board with making it a natural part of their day-to-day lives.

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A refrigerator command center is a great way to help organize your family and home. By taking the time to set up a hub in your refrigerator, you can ensure that everyone in your family has what they need at their fingertips and can better keep track of important events and activities. By involving everyone in the process, you can create a system that works best for your family and that everyone will be more likely to use on a regular basis. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can create a refrigerator command center that will help your family stay organized and on track.

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