Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

Finding brilliant ways to organize your kitchen so that it remains organized and clutter-free is one of the greatest pleasures one can have. If you struggle to keep the mess in your kitchen under control, then these simple and unique organization ideas will help you streamline your kitchen more efficiently.

This is a great list to keep in your back pocket when looking for kitchen organization tips. Organizing your kitchen will keep the clutter at bay and that is our goal today.


Are you feeling overwhelmed every time you walk into your kitchen?

You’re not alone. Many people feel like their kitchen is a mess, and they don’t know where to start when it comes to getting organized. But luckily, we’ve got some great organization ideas to help you get the clutter under control!

Be inspired by these ideas, and you’ll be able to find everything in your kitchen in no time. Plus, it’ll be easier to cook and entertain guests when everything has its own place. Getting organized is the key to a happy and stress-free kitchen!

Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

Are you looking for ways to organize your kitchen and keep it neat and clutter-free? Here are some brilliant and unique ways to help keep your kitchen organized in no time.

Whether you want to find a place for all of your pots and pans, store your spices neatly, or create a space for meal prep, these simple organization ideas can help you make the most of your kitchen space.

woman in red apron holding kitchen gadgets and a HELP sign copy

Before organizing the counter and turning it into your dream kitchen, there are a few things to consider.

  • Think about how you use your kitchen and what areas of the space are most important to you.
  • Consider the different tools and supplies that you use in your kitchen regularly.
  • Look for ways to streamline their storage or organization.

Once you have considered the arrangement, it is time to organize the counters.

How can I organize my kitchen?

There are many different ways to organize a kitchen, including using storage containers, organizing your tools and supplies efficiently, and minimizing clutter on your counters.

Other ways of organizing your kitchen include getting creative with DIY solutions, using existing furniture or storage areas in your kitchen, and shopping for inexpensive organizational products at thrift stores or online.

Ultimately, the key to an effective kitchen organization strategy is being resourceful and making the most of what you already have. With some time, effort, and creativity, you can have an organized kitchen that suits all of your needs without breaking the bank!

Pot Rack

Many people find a pot rack helpful. It can help make cooking easier by providing a convenient place to store pots and pans. It also helps free up some drawer space and allows one to organize other items that are sitting on the counter.

Image that shows a rack on the ceiling that holds pots.

No, this may not be the cheapest way to streamline your cookware, but it is one that not only organizes what you use the most, but it doubles as art. When you can do that, the price investment might be worth it.

Pot racks can free up a crazy amount of space and are really more affordable than most people realize.

Wire Baskets

There are many different kitchen organization solutions, and wire-woven baskets are a great option for decluttering a kitchen counter.

You can use wire baskets to store anything from snacks and spices to baking supplies. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them an extremely versatile organizational tool. Wire baskets are a very versatile storage solution that is useful in any kitchen. Additionally, wire baskets are often relatively inexpensive, so they can be a great option if you are looking to organize your kitchen on a budget.

Image that shows wire baskets to sort snacks and baking supplies.

Magnetic Schedules

Keeping a calendar and menu on the front of your refrigerator is a great way to use your space more efficiently. Add on a shopping list and errands list, and streamline more than just your cooking space.

calendar and meal planner on the front of a fridge

Upcycled Placemats

Do you have old cloth placemats that need to be upcycled? Try this next DIY placemat basket idea to help organize your kitchen.

DIY placemat baskets are a great option for organizing the kitchen. They are typically inexpensive and easy to make, allowing you to customize your organizational system according to your specific needs.

In addition to being inexpensive, these baskets are a great option if you are looking for an eco-friendly organizational solution. These cloth baskets are made from recycled cloth placemats and are great for organizing the pantry, potholders, medicines, or tea towels. To learn how to make it, check the step-by-step tutorial from The Seam Whisperer.

Image that shows a DIY placemat basket to store glass jars.

All-in-One Organizers

I like to keep things simple when streamlining an area in our home. That is why these all-in-one organizing setups are so great. Just put them in place, and you are good to go!

a basket in a kitchen cabinet with organized baking tools copy


Glass jars can be a great option; they are typically inexpensive and can easily be stored in a drawer. In addition to being inexpensive, glass spice jars are a great option if you are looking for an organizational solution that is functional and stylish. They also allow you to keep your spices neatly organized and easily accessible.

I love the idea of alphabetizing spices in a drawer. This is especially helpful if you have a large collection that you use frequently when you cook. If you are considering using alphabetized glass spice jars to organize your kitchen, be sure to keep in mind the following:

  • Identify which spices and herbs you will store in the jars, as well as how much space is available.
  • Determine the types and quantities of spices that will be stored.
  • Look for jars where you can add labels on the lid.
An image that shows labeled glass spice jars in alphabetical order in a drawer.

Etsy has some great spice jar labels that you can purchase for your own spice storage setup.

DIY Footed Tray

Oftentimes times there are some kitchen essentials that can not stay off the counter. Usually, we tend to hide these items away in a drawer only to have them out cluttering our countertops seconds later. A simple DIY footed tray can be a great solution for those items that keep ending up on a counter. They are typically inexpensive to buy, but if you want to make one, it is even easier. When you DIY a tray, it allows you to customize your organizational system according to your specific needs. Footed trays are a great option if you are looking for a modern, sleek, functional, and stylish look.

If you are considering using footed DIY trays to hold essential items in your kitchen, be sure to check out Chelsea and Logan’s tutorial. With the right planning and execution, footed DIY trays can be a great way to organize your kitchen and keep essential items easily accessible and looking great.

An image that shows an DIY foot tray that holds spices, oil bottle and a jar with kitchen utensils.

Magnetic Knife Organizer

A magnetic knife organizer is another great way to organize the tools you use routinely in the kitchen. Let’s face it, knives are pretty expensive, and keeping them in a drawer is an easy way to dull the edges up. By using a magnetic knife bar, you can keep all of your cutting tools out and the edges sharp.

You can also use a magnetic wall organizer to hold other cooking tools, such as herb scissors, conversion charts, or cooking substitutions. Just hang the bar vertically and use it to hold a number of kitchen tools in a corner or other small space.

An image that shows a plastic wall organizer that holds papers.

Soap Pedestal

Often times there are items that may have been gifted that are not used and are collecting dust. A cake stand can be one of them. A little creativity and these cake stands can help organize the cleaning supplies that accumulate on the counter. Dish soap, scrubs, and more can be placed on the cake stand and gives the kitchen a great stylish look.

An image that shows a cake pedestal that hold dish soap and a plant.

Pull Out Drawers

Not all small appliances need to be out, just in case you need to use them. The more you can store away in a close and convenient way, the more you will declutter your counters while streamlining the entire area.

Pull-out drawers are more common in new kitchen setups today, but if you have older cabinets, you can purchase this option and add it in.

an indoor grill stored on a pull out drawer in a cabinet copy

DIY Recipe Book Organizer

Recipe books are other items that can take up unnecessary counter space. A DIY rolling pin book ends can help keep the most-used cookbooks neat and tucked away in a corner. David from Modge Podge Rocks shows how to upcycle rolling pins and keep the cookbooks organized and within easy reach while freeing up space on the countertops.

An image that shows a DIY rolling pin book end that hold recipe books.

Bag Organizer

There is nothing more frustrating than plastic baggies. They tend to migrate all over a space, making a mess out of things quickly. I love these wooden baggie organizers; not only do they work great, but they look so nice in a drawer.

wooden organizer in a drawer holding plastic storage bags

Drawer Containers

Plastic drawer organizers can be a great way to organize a kitchen drawer. These organizers can be an effective way to keep smaller items accessible and well-organized in the kitchen. Some drawer organizers are also designed specifically for certain types of items, such as cutlery or utensils, which can be a great option if you want to keep things separate and easier to find.

An image that show plastic containers in a drawer to sort baking utensils.

Upcycled Kitchen Mugs

Many people receive oversized mugs, pitchers, and even crocks as gifts, and after a while, it accumulates. Upcycling these extra items as containers to hold things like spatulas, wooden spoons, or other cooking tools, condiments, or cooking tools can. give a neater look while still keeping things efficient. Additionally, using mugs to organize kitchen utensils is a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to use what you have.

An image that shows a mug used to hold wooden spoons.

Whether you are looking to get organized on a budget or simply want to maximize the space in your kitchen, these brilliant ways to organize your kitchen can help. From storage containers and creative DIY solutions, there are endless ways to keep your kitchen neat, functional, and organized. Applying these simple ideas and tricks today will allow you to enjoy a fully functional and beautiful kitchen in no time!

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